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Posted : admin On 05.03.2021
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The Wonder Woman slot machine is a standard 5 reel slot machine. It plays in a typical modern Bally fashion and in many ways, it is similar to Tarzan or Michael Jackson. Wonder Woman slot is a 5-reeler with 40 pay lines, one cent denomination and a maximum bet of 500 credits (plus a 10 credit bonus bet). Like the Gold online version, it plays with stacked mystery symbol.

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In terms of full disclosure, I was born in 1963, so the 1975 release of Wonder Woman, starring Linda Carter, excited my 13-year-old sensibilities like Carol Burnett never managed to do after years of watching her weekly variety show with my mom and sisters.

Since those same sensibilities got equally excited the following year with the 1976 release of TV’s Charlie’s Angels, I noted a trend that would last long past adolescence.

Needless to say, when I got the chance to review Bally’s slot machine honoring the iconic Wonder Woman character in Wonder Woman slots, I was thrilled.

Fear not however, I am much more steady in my “sensibilities” than 13-year old me, so I promise to keep things on a professional level.

Playing Bally’s Wonder Woman’s Basic Game

As intimidating as she may be, Bally’s Wonder Woman slot machine has breathed new life into an old super hero, and in the process has created a highly playable slot machine that is a fun experience regardless of who your 13-year old crush might have been.

As might be expected, the free online slot game is heavy on the iconography of the famous DC comic character. Indeed, players can expect to see a plethora of Wonder Woman paraphernalia to include the following:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Diana Prince
  • Major Steve Trevor
  • Invisible Jet
  • Golden Head Band
  • Golden Arm Bands
  • Knee High Red Boots
  • Lasso of Truth
  • Ace through Jack Cards

As an additional bonus, visually anyways, the game is replete with clips and images from the iconic 1970s version of the legendary super hero as she fought the dark forces of Nazism and Fascism to help deliver victory to the United States during World War Two.

Conversely, the iconic 70s soundtrack can be overbearing, and coincidently, is the only decision the player gets to make regarding the game display, and mute the music. You’ll thank me after playing for awhile. Between you and me, the soundtrack to the 70s TV show wasn’t very good.

Set on five reels with four rows apiece, the Wonder Woman slot game does come equipped wild symbols, scatter, and bonus icons that unleash the exciting bonus round. When it comes to betting on this particular game, Wonder Woman is in charge and she has limited your wagering options to increments of $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, and $2.25 per stake.

Wild symbols appear on reels two, three, and four before expanding to fill the entire reel when part of a winning spin. Keep an eye out for her signature star symbols in red, blue, and gold that appear on the first and fifth reels before triggering a potential progressive win.

Finally, the game’s scatter symbol is symbolized by the five Wonder Woman icons appearing on reels one, three, four, and five, which will trigger the bonus round.

Playing the Bonus Round with Wonder Woman

Bally played the nostalgia card with this selection, and though basic game play will captivate those fans of the show, the bonus round definitely serves to up the exhilaration gauge.

After receiving a payout for the Scatter symbols, players can choose up to 25 free spins with all purple Diana’s. A number of card symbols change to special gold Diana’s. The number of free games you choose determines how many card symbols are replaced.

Choosing eight games will replace all card symbols with gold Diana’s. Sixteen games will change symbols J through K and selecting 25 games will change only the J and Q symbols. Unfortunately, scatter symbols are not available during the bonus so no additional games may be won.

Now for something completely different for most players.

If the bonuses aren’t hitting naturally, the game also offers the option to buy a bonus. You heard me right. You can base your stake between $9.25 and $462.50, and can make their free game selection.

Where to play Wonder Woman slots in the US

Bally’s Wonder Woman slot machine is available across most of the continental United States. This includes the Borgata Casino and Spa in Atlantic City and Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

If you want to play this game online for free or with real money, you can hit up any of the following casinos.

New Jersey: New Jersey players will find this game at Golden Nugget Online ($20 free), Unibet Casino ($10 free) and Betfair Casino ($30 free). If you sign up through this site, you receive a free no deposit bonus, which means, you can play this game for real money using the cash given to you by the NJ online casino.

Pennsylvania: This game is not available for PA casino players…yet! PA online casinos are still relatively new. We do expect to see a version at either Hollywood Casino ($25 free) or BetRivers Casino.


Other states: As more states continue to roll out legal online gambling, the Wonder Woman slot machine will come online. This includes casinos in Michigan, West Virginia and Colorado.

Final Thoughts on Wonder Woman slots machine

Needless to say, as indicated in my full disclosure announcement in my introduction, I was predisposed to like this machine based on childhood memories, but I think anyone who wasn’t squirming on their couch during the opening credits of the show would still enjoy playing this slot machine by Bally.

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Wonder Woman first appeared as a DC Comics character in 1941 and has grown to become one of the most famous and iconic super-heroes on the planet. In the mid to late 1970’s, Wonder Woman hit the small screen, with three series featuring Lynda Carter as the lead character. The first series was set during World War II, while the second and third series bought the character into the modern age.

Bally now have the license to offer Wonder Woman slots around that original series and offer a range of games, including Wonder Woman Wild, Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets, Wonder Woman Golden Lasso and the most popular of all, Wonder Woman Gold. For the purpose of this review, the focus will be on Wonder Woman Gold available at Michigan BetMGM Casino.

Free Wonder Woman Gold Slots

You can find these slots at live casinos in Detroit and around Michigan. Select titles are also available at the new real money online casinos in MI. You can play at these casinos via your desktop computer – or use your iPhone / Android smartphone and play via online casino apps.

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Setup: How Wonder Woman Gold Slots Work

Wonder Woman is a five-reel online slot game featuring 4 symbols on each of the reels at the end of a spin. The game has a total of 40 win-lines that pay from left to right and each spin comes at the cost of 25 credits.

The game features Bally’s ‘Mystery Stacked Symbols’ format. Each reel contains a lot of blank symbols, which are all replaced by a randomly chosen symbol at the start of each spin. This creates spins where one symbol will be dominant, and therefore increasing the chances of a big win – potentially seeing all of the reels with the same symbol.

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman’s civilian alter-ego) is the highest paying symbol in the game, worth 75 coins if you land five in a row. Steve Trevor Jr (portrayed by Lyle Waggoner) is next on the pay table, paying 30 coins.

Alongside the two characters, there’s Wonder Woman’s craft, her tiara and cufflinks and her long red boots. Playing card characters, A, K, Q and J complete the pay table.

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A wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 will expand to fill the entire reel, showing a full-length Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Gold: Jackpot Bonus Feature

Wonder Woman Slots Game For Free

Wonder Woman Gold is interesting due to the fact that you can win one of three jackpots directly on the reels of the slot machine. There are mini, major and mega jackpot prizes. Each of the jackpots have their own symbols that can appear on reels 1 and 5. If you land the same jackpot symbol on each of those reels during the same spin, you are instantly awarded that progressive prize.

Choose Your Added Symbols: Free Games Feature

The free games bonus symbol shows Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on a gold coin backdrop. This bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 only and if it appears on each of those reels, you enter the free spins feature (as well as an immediate reward of your stake back).

There is now a strategy choice before the feature begins:

  • 8 free games with any A, K, Q or J symbol replaced by the Diana Prince symbol.
  • 16 free games with any K, Q or J symbol replaced by the Diana Prince symbol.
  • 25 free games with any Q or J symbol replaced by the Diana Prince symbol.

This makes for an interesting choice. The 8 free games option is the high-variance choice – you will not have too many spins, but there’s a good chance you’ll win big. The 25 free games is the safer option, as you’re bound to win regularly, but those huge wins are less likely. Many will opt for the middle ground 16 spins option.

Wonder Woman Slot Game App

Buy a Bonus Feature

If you are the type of player who becomes impatient for a bonus, you do have the option at this game to opt straight in. This comes at the immediate cost of 37 standard spins. An interesting choice, which brings the most entertaining part of the game into play whenever you want it.

Blue, Red and Gold – Wonder Woman Gold Slots Design

Wonder Woman Slot Game Ipad

Wonder Woman Gold features a high energy and colorful design. To the left of the reels stands Wonder Woman herself, in front of the title that features shooting stars. The reels themselves have a black background, allowing the colorful symbols to take center stage. Any time you land a win with either of the characters in the game they will come to life with video footage, while the very 1970’s Wonder Woman theme tune plays throughout in the background.

Play Wonder Woman Slots Live and Online in Michigan

Wonder Woman Slot Game

The Wonder Woman series works brilliantly in slot format. The images are instantly familiar to generations of players – and there are plenty of ideas available for the bonus games. Stacked symbols mean that your biggest wins will come when you cover all of the reels in a higher paying symbols. Jackpots can be won on any spin, which definitely adds to the excitement. With many more high prize symbols in the free spins, this is the ideal time to trigger those huge line hits.

Wonder Woman Slot Games Online Play

You will find Wonder Woman slots in casinos around Michigan, including BetMGM and Caesars Online Casino. If you want to check out these games either for real money or in demo mode, head to the new regulated online casinos.