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Posted : admin On 10.03.2021

When it comes to picking a favorite gambling room, a lot of aspects are becoming significant and important and to which you should pay attention to. If you worry about confidentiality and safety of your personal docs and other info, you are 100% in search for a reliable portal, with which you do not have to worry about unexpected fraud attacks or getting deceived by a casino itself. If your main priority is to find a wide diapason of gaming, so you could pick the best models for yourself, you will be in search for a platform that has that wide diapason. That is logical.

Vera&John Sister Sites Vera and John is quite a famous online casino that was established back in 2011 and provides a user-attractive online casino design on their site, with various online casino games being boasted on their site.

Since the Internet is becoming a better source of online portals for playing from day to day, it can get difficult to not get lost among all these variants and choose a truly worthy room if gaming. But what if we said that there is a portal that includes all the things mentioned above and even more? Would you believe us? If you hesitate, we are going to make a little review on such gaming platform called as Vera & John, which is a part and parcel of the group of the greatest sister sites.

The portal was created recently (relatively, of course), in 2010. It brought the real Internet market boom and managed to gain the sympathy and attention of numerous players all across the world. Plus, there are numerous beneficial bonuses, including welcome bonus, many free games and pleasant ambience that also put their charms on defenseless (in a good way) gamers.

  1. Vera John sister sites include Inter Casino and Finlandia. Vera John ( is operated by Dumarca Gaming Limited, The Emporium, Level 4, St Louis Street, Msida, MSD 1421. Sites like Vera John.
  2. The very first casino on our list of Vera & John sister sites is Rainbow Riches Casino. This casino offers all the Rainbow Riches games along with a wide variety of slots, casino games, bingo, Live Casino and Poker games. Win jackpots of up £100,000 by playing poker at this Vera & John sister site. Whether you are a beginner or experienced.

The Main Features

There is a tab on the official site, where the designers decided to come up with a valuable message if we can call it like this. The phrase sounds next way: the search is over now, because you found Vera and John. No doubts that numerous fans of gambling, who found this recently opened portal, discovered something really new in a world of casinos.

There are offers that most people cannot resist. Let’s test if you can stay calm and resist such seduction. So, let’s get over with the introduction part and get to the “juice” of our review!

Vera & John Appearance

The design was, is and always will be a significant part for getting the best impression from the customers. Believe, the design of VeraAndJohn is memorable and brings nice emotions, try to login and you will be impressed. Let’s talk about it a little. When you open an official site, you are obligated to take a look at the bright background performed in soft blue tones. In the upper left corner, the logo of the portal is situated. It also has soft tones, but not blue, the pink ones are used. Actually, the whole design is performed in soft, pleasant and unobtrusive colors.

On the home page, you can advertisements that propose to play certain games (some even include jackpots of considerable sums). The other advertisements can show what bonuses, promotion options and tourneys are on the offer at the moment.

Most players can worry about how the navigation goes, whether it is hard or easy. Fortunately, the navigation of Vera and John is really easy. In the upper side, you will see those sections:

  • Lobby
  • Casino (it is the only section, on which you direct with your mouse, and it shows subcategories)
  • Live Casino
  • Slingo
  • Tournaments

If you scroll down, just to the bottom, you will see everything you need, including 4 sections with subcategories for each. Those sections are:

  • About Us
  • General Info
  • Security
  • Help Centre

There is also a site map (situated at the bottom of the home page) which can help you navigate through the site much better.

Excellent Games Diapason

The leaders of software developing were creating a content for VeraJohn portal, and that guarantees the highest quality of provided free games. Those leaders are NetEnt corporation, Betsoft company, NYX institution of development and Microgaming Development Manufacturers.

They created diverse board games, among which you can discover different types of blackjack for yourself, variations of roulette, various (video) slots. There you can always join any poker room, try yourself in scratch cards or play games with a large-summed jackpots.

In fact, every single gamer will be able to find that game that they like. There are options for all tastes. There are no doubts that you will like at least one thing because of each game’s quality. Sound effects are accurate and graphic arts are bright, precise and good-looking.


If you do not trust us or the casino itself, you can read the reviews of real visitors. The casino has nothing to hide, so if you want, is ready to present you written impressions of the gamers that have been playing in this place.

Also, do not forget that the spectrum of games that is already presented is not the final point. New products keep appearing and increasing the quantity of that spectrum. Login and update the website all the time. Maybe, you will be one of the first visitors who try new models out. Who knows?

If we start talking about how all models are divided, it is worthwhile to create a listing of categories by which you can find the needed models. Among these categories, there are:

  • All Games Section
  • Provided Ones
  • Monthly Provider
  • Table Gaming
  • Recent Hits
  • Classics
  • Slingo
  • VJ Favorites
  • TV Shows
  • the other categories

To see the full listing, go to the home page and see for yourself.


If you surf the official site and go to the tab named “Tournaments”, you will see the phrase written which says that those tournaments are held every day of each week. Before you join the competition, you need to get acquainted with “Terms & Conditions” of a chosen tourney. If you are agreed with those terms, you can join it and start playing. You will be pretty lucky if you manage to win prizes. We wish you good luck with this!

Bonuses, Promo Codes and Free Spins

Some casinos offer a no deposit bonus option within the frequent flyer programs. Frankly speaking, there is not any such thing as no deposit bonus, but VeraAndJohn has even better bonus systems. For example, when you deposit and when the amount is €100, you are receiving a bonus that is 100%. That means if you deposit €100, you will gain €100 that will come into your bonus funds. You can consider it a welcome bonus for which you do not need any promo codes and bonus codes, depositing only.

If you are interested and curious, there also completely other kinds of frequent flyer programs, such as redepositing bonus, voucher bonus, closed bonus, gifts that are given to VIP clients and numerous other systems.

But still, you have to sign up, because otherwise you will not be able to gain all those prizes. Also, let us give you some tips. Before you start using the privileges and deposit funds to take advantage of those privileges, we strongly recommend getting acquainted with the rules, with the terms and with the conditions of gaining every single gift.

The most wanted bonuses of all times are free spins that can come in diverse amounts. For example, there are such types of free spins (those are not all, just examples):

  • Super Spins (they can be brought to you in various options and amounts, such as 10 free spins, this can also be 20 free spins or 30 free spins)
  • Pick Spins (in this case, you will need to pick a sum of wagering and spins number; you must be wise while choosing the amount because no matter what you gain, it will be yours)
  • Top Spins (in case with this type, you can play and gain 20 free spins as a total sum)

All this info can be found on the official website in the “About Us” tab, if to look deeper, into the subtab “Our Casino Bonuses”. Read and check the terms of each present and only after that start gaining it.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money Transmissions

Let’s agree on one thing. If a person visits a casino site that interested him/her, he/she will not stay if there is not at least one suitable payment method and currency. To make the client stay, VeraJohn set an aim to provide the customers the right to choose one of the most commonly used payments methods and currencies.

If to talk about payments, you can use the services of EcoPayz PS, Neteller PS, Visa/Maestro, Skrill (former Moneybookers), Trustly and a couple other methods. If to talk about currencies, we should say that you can use dollars ($), pound sterlings (£), Swedish kronas (SEK), Norwegian krones (NOK) and a couple others. Indian bank fixed deposit interest rates. An accurate information is always available on the official page of the portal. Check this out, because some info can differ from time to time.

The casino administration set a rule in accordance with which, you can replenish your profile in the sum from $10 to $500 at once. Please, take into account the fact that not all methods are available for every country’s residents. This info must be checked twice and ensured.

Software Companies and Security Measures

What do you know about Betsoft? Have you ever heard of Microgaming corporation? Did your ears hear about NetEnt of NYX companies? If yes, you are definitely aware of the best, the leading corporations of development that guarantee the highest quality of created games.

So, what is this all about? Why did we name all those companies? Everything is simple. All those institutions (and, of course, their representatives) were working tirelessly to provide Vera John Casino with the best software models ever. They were working, so you could enjoy your time spent in this online gambling room.

What about security? Many, we would even say, all customers have at least the slightest fear of getting misguided and deceived by frauds that have the main aim in the form of stealing your personal data. It is pretty clear that your main aim is to protect that information, because confidential things must stay confidential. Though, with the perfect work of Vera and John casino, it is not going to be your aim anymore. When you start playing with this platform, it is this platform that automatically becomes responsible for keeping your personal documents.


All information, including your personal docs and checks for money transmissions, automatically gets encrypted with the help of SSL-technology. The 256-bit protocol is at your disposal to keep your info safe.

Vera John Casino Sister Sites Caught

Also, many players can be afraid that the results of the games are not fair. To ensure the opposite, Vera John uses RNG. In turn, this mixes all the numbers and generate random ones. That guarantees that the results are never faked and are always fair. By the way, Maltese Authorities would not give this portal a license if it was not a reliable service.

Players Support

Picking a casino to play in was never the easiest thing in the world, especially when it comes to picking a reliable service, the one that takes care of customers fully and well. VeraJohn service of care for the clients is available in a few methods. Among those methods, we must mention the following:

  • A player can contact the staff of support section by email (the address is displayed on the site; also, the administrations gives a promise that the answer will come from 60 minutes to 180 minutes)
  • The other option is to contact the staff by calling via the phone (the mobile number is displayed on the site; also, the administration gives a promise that the answer comes within 30-60 secs and that the service works from 9 am to 11 pm)
  • The third possible option lies in contacting the staff through live chat that works from 9 am to 12 pm (also, the administration promises that the answer comes within 30 secs)
  • The last, but not least option is to check the section of FAQ, where the administration collected the most commonly worrying questions and answers to them

So, as you can see, the range of possible support options is wide and considered to the details. The staff took care of every client and tried to make its best, so the customers could find the most suitable way to get help among all other ways.


That is going to be the last part of our review on Vera & John gaming portal. Making a conclusion will be the most appropriate thing to do know. Let’s agree. We create a listing of advantages and you decide whether it is worth your attention or not. Ready? Let’s get it started!

Vera John Casino Sister Sites Videos

  • This platform is well-designed, which is (as we know already) half the battle, a recipe for success. Soft blue and soft pink tones please the visitors’ eyes and make the players fall in love from the first sight.
  • The navigation is easy and initiative, so it will not make any problem to surf the website from one page to another page. Moreover, all sections are accompanied by the most accurate names. They are displayed on the left side and always seen, which is a very convenient thing.
  • The great spectrum of available methods to contact the staff of service for supporting customers. You can get in touch with the staff using phone, email or live chat that are always at your disposal and answer pretty fast. Is not it one more excellent feature that plays an important role while choosing a casino to gamble with?
  • One of the main advantages is a diapason of excellent gaming models that keeps growing every day and every hour. The casino has different types of blackjack, variations of baccarat, varied (video) slots, numerous poker rooms and other free games of diverse genres and for every customer’s taste. You will definitely find the one for getting yourself satisfied.
  • The site is accessible on laptops and computers as well as on mobile phones and tablets. Many players worry about how laptop and mobile versions look like and whether curvatures are present or not. We are hurry to please you, the designers worked hard to make the versions on all devices look smooth. The interface is flexible and compatible with all gadgets. Plus, you can change the language of the site. The full listing of available ones is displayed on the portal’s site. The most commonly used one is Eng version.

Vera John Casino Sister Sites Free

  • Lots of gamblers (read: all) like getting prizes and money for free. There is also a possibility to enter bonus codes or promo codes and get additional prizes and rewards. The casino can also offer free spins within the bonus program. To get to know the terms of bonus getting, it is great to go com and check those terms out. If you have any coupons, it is also better to check if they still work.
  • The administration and casino developers wanted to provide the gamers with a good range of methods of paying. The most commonly used systems cowork with this casino. Among them, there are Skrill (former Moneybookers) and Neteller, for example. The whole list can be observed on the site.

Vera John Casino Sister Sites Online

So, we guess, this is it. Let’s finish our review on the best app in 2021 on this positive note. Thank you for reading this article to the end. We wish you to become an unbreakable part of gaming world of the Internet. Test your skills and take the winnings!

Author: Jose U. Blunt