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– You get 12 different Valentine’s BINGO cards. – They print two per page and then you can cut them apart. – I recommend printing on card stock for a more sturdy card y ou can use again and again. Also print the last pages which is the Call Out pictures for this Valentine’s BINGO Game set.

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This Valentine’s Day Bingo free printable is the perfect activity for you and your family this year! Bingo is an all-time favorite because it’s easy to understand and fun to play. Download your free Valentine’s day bingo cards now! Valentine’s Day Bingo Free Printable. Download Free Printable Valentine Bingo Set (Set includes 10 bingo cards and calling cards in a single PDF file) Print out the Blank Valentine Bingo Set, which comes with a blank card (with the 'free' space already added), all 24 bingo pieces, and the calling cards. Valentine’s BINGO Instructions To get my Valentine’s Day bingo printable going, I printed, cut and laminated the game boards and the calling cards so O’s teacher can reuse them next year if she wants. (Laminating is totally optional. If you do laminate your kids’ bingo cards, they could even use dry erase markers to mark the squares! This free Valentine Bingo game printable features a total of 10 playing cards. So whether you are playing a two person game or are enjoying Bingo with a larger gathering, there are enough cards for everyone.

This fun and free Valentine’s Bingo printable is a great game for Valentine’s Day classroom parties, kids love it!

So, I looooove holiday BINGO sets. And apparently you do too. I guess I’m not the only parent who’s tired of coming up with inventive classroom party games and activities, am I right?

In my experience, kids ALWAYS enjoy BINGO. Just grab some dollar store pencils or a coupon for free time in the classroom or something to use as prizes and kids are excited to play.

I mean, we know they’re all just in it for the prizes, but that’s cool. It occupies either a small or large group, they sit relatively quietly during the game and they don’t get tired of playing because a different person wins each time.

Valentine’s BINGO also makes a good classroom party game because it doesn’t require any special supplies (I’m looking at you giant JENGA set) or have complicated rules or instructions like some of the “cute” holiday party craft ideas out there.

Just print & cut and you’re ready to go.

If you want, you can use those little plastic Bingo circles, then leave them with the teacher to be reused over and over. In fact, your teacher might already have some.

OR if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, grab a heart shaped paper punch and punch out a big pile of paper hearts to use to cover the squares. That’s a great activity for your child “helper” to do, actually.

The game boards print two to a page and the calling cards print 4 to a page. If you really want to make this easy, send the files to your local print shop and have them print them for you. They can even cut them too and then all you have to do is pick them up. Total cost will probably be under $5!

Valentine’s BINGO Instructions

Free Valentine's Bingo Printable

To get my Valentine’s Day bingo printable going, I printed, cut and laminated the game boards and the calling cards so O’s teacher can reuse them next year if she wants.

(Laminating is totally optional. If you do laminate your kids’ bingo cards, they could even use dry erase markers to mark the squares! )

Just shuffle the calling cards and call them one at a time and have the kids cover the squares they have on their board with those little bingo circles, tiny hearts, or squares of paper.

First one with 4 in a row is the winner!

Enter your email below to download and print. The game boards print 2 to a page and I’ve made two sets, one for a small group of kids and a classroom set with 30 different game boards–print one game board set and one set of calling cards and you’ll be ready to play Valentine’s bingo!!

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Valentines Bingo Printable

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Make Valentine’s Day fun for your little loves with my free Valentine bingo game printables. Even children who haven’t mastered reading yet will enjoy playing this picture-based bingo game. Make sure you stick around for the whole blog post to see all of the beautiful Valentine printables available as this month’s freebies!



I am so excited to share these printables with you for free! To access the printables, sign up for a Mad in Crafts Freebies Membership using the form above or by signing up HERE. Don’t worry, the membership won’t cost you a penny, but it WILL give you access to all of the freebies I have shared here on Mad in Crafts.

After you receive the login information for the Freebies Gallery, you will find this bingo game in the Winter section of the page.


When you download this PDF, you will be able to print off four different bingo cards so you can play bingo with your kids or students. Print the cards one to a page (8.5 x 11). The PDF also includes two sheets worth of bingo calling tiles.

Once you have downloaded the printables, load your color printer with heavy printer paper or cardstock and print the PDFs on the highest quality print settings. I recommend using heavyweight paper or cardstock for this project, especially for the tiles, so that the pieces stand up to handling without ripping or creasing. If you plan to use the game year after year, I highly recommend laminating the cards and tiles after you cut them out.

Cut the bingo tiles apart into 2″ x 2″ squares using a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer. Now you are ready to play!


This bingo game is played very similarly to any other bingo game. Start by handing out the bingo cards and placing all of the bingo tiles into a bowl.

Valentines Bingo Printable Cards

Make one player the bingo caller. He or she should pull out one tile at a time and show it to the players. Since this is a picture-based bingo game, it is can even be played by pre-readers!

Mybookie sportsbook. Players should then cover the corresponding image on their cards with a token. You can choose to substitute regular bingo tokens with fun Valentine’s Day items like candy, paper hearts, or stickers.

Keep pulling tiles until a player gets five in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This is called a bingo, and it wins the game. When one player has a bingo, have them shout out BINGO! or to let everyone know they have won. The caller can then decide whether all players should clear the board to start a new game or keep playing the round with the remaining players.


My friends and I have come together to share all of the printables you see above FOR FREE! Visit the links below to see how to download them all.


If you would like even more fun Valentine’s Day printable activities, you need to check out my Valentine Activity Bundle. For one low price, you get all of the Bingo PDFs, plus:

  • Word Scramble
  • Word Scramble Answer Key
  • Coloring Page
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