Usa Soccer Betting Odds

Posted : admin On 12.03.2021

Soccer betting is continuing to become more popular in the US every year.

The sport might take a backseat to NFL football and basketball, but with so many different leagues, soccer markets are expanding at American sportsbooks.

With more states offering legalized online sports betting than ever before, most are home to multiple online sportsbooks that feature a variety of soccer betting odds.

UEFA Champions League. BetUS is a fully licensed sportsbook providing a reliable and secure sports betting service to millions of satisfied online betting customers world wide since 1994. BetUS offers football betting, live and NFL odds all season long. Live and NFL odds all season long. 2022 World Cup odds. The next edition of the FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar in November and December 2022. In the interim, qualifying tournaments will be held for the six continental confederations of FIFA, and the end result will be the top 32 national teams on the planet squaring off. This event always attracts tons of interest from both a viewing and betting perspective.

Most popular leagues to bet on at legal US sportsbooks

Soccer is, by far, the world’s most popular sport overall. More than 4 billion fans follow soccer worldwide.

In Europe, there is no question of which sport is tops in popularity. Every country in Europe includes multiple professional leagues. These consist of the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

Besides the most wagered-on leagues, European teams play in club and international tournaments. The best club teams every year compete in the UEFA Champions League. The Euro is another top competition consisting of international clubs.

Domestically, many in the US wager on Major League Soccer, along with the top leagues in the world. The World Cup is another top event bet on everywhere.

For those who love soccer, most legal sportsbooks include odds on additional leagues. There are hundreds of soccer leagues to bet on when you consider the subdivisions and every nation with the sport.

Soccer betting during coronavirus shutdowns

Soccer is one of the select sports watched and gambled on in this country. It also helps that there are a lot fewer markets to bet on at the moment.

Since many US sports are postponed, soccer is one of the few live sports remaining for bettors. Several other countries around the globe are still playing matches regularly. Not to mention, these leagues are most likely available at your favorite online sportsbook.

Soccer in Belarus is now one of the favorites at some of the top books. The league gives betting platforms plenty of options for weekly matches.

Soccer matches are playing in Nicaragua as well, and Germany’s premier level, the Bundesliga, is also back.

Best betting sites for soccer

Mobile betting apps provide a variety of betting options for every soccer match. Leagues that are showcased will include multiple markets, like game and player props, in addition to standard lines.

In which states can I legally bet on soccer?

The following shows the states where soccer betting is legal and markets are available at sportsbooks:

StateIs sports betting legal?Is online sports betting legal?
DelawareYesYes, launch undetermined
MississippiYesYes, on-property only
New JerseyYesYes
New MexicoYes, at multiple tribal casinosNo
New YorkYesNo
North CarolinaYes, pending launchNo
Rhode IslandYesYes
TennesseeYes, pending launchYes, pending launch
Washington DCYes, pending launchYes, pending launch
West VirginiaYesYes

Like with most sports, soccer matches can include a wide variety of betting markets. All sportsbooks should provide the basics: moneylines, goal lines and totals.

Odds can get much more extensive, though. Depending on the sportsbook and which match you’re looking to wager, you may find player, team, and game props.

Player props could include:

  • First goalscorer
  • Last goalscorer
  • Will a player score?
  • Will a player be carded?
  • How a player scores

Team props have odds for team totals, match results, whether the team total will be odd or even, if a team wins both halves or if a team wins in a shootout.

Game props consist of picking the correct score, halftime/full-time results, winning margin or if there will be a goal in both halves.

These will vary on which betting app you’re using, and the popularity of the league and teams. MLS, along with Europe’s top leagues and tournaments, will usually feature a wide selection of betting options.

Soccer betting apps

Like with most legalized sports betting, the majority of soccer wagers are placed through mobile sports betting apps. These online sportsbooks are convenient because you’re able to bet at any time while located anywhere in your state.

Instead of traveling to the nearest retail sportsbook, you can access soccer markets from your mobile device.

Depending on which state you live in, there are plenty of great online sportsbooks. The best mobile platforms have an abundance of betting markets, including live in-game wagering.

Some of the best options available are DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM.


DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings was one of the first mobile betting apps to launch in the US. It’s had success in several states and delivers a quality sports betting product.

The DraftKings mobile app is very user-friendly and offers competitive lines for every sport. DraftKings showcases as many betting options for soccer matches as any other book in any market.

You will find every game from every league, with a range of markets for each. The online sportsbook also features extensive live betting options.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is another top sports betting app and is among the best online sportsbooks available in any market.

Like DraftKings, FanDuel has had a lot of success and is continuing to expand. It is also available in multiple states across the US.

FanDuel’s soccer markets are intricate as well. The online sportsbook lists a bunch of odds for every game, including lots of prop bets. It even gives alternate lines for total goals.

Live betting on soccer with FanDuel is great too. You’re able to choose from plenty of markets with highly competitive odds.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM has also been successful and is popping up in additional states around the US. The mobile betting app is great for wagering on soccer, as well as many other sports.

Similar to the other apps mentioned, BetMGM provides soccer bettors everything they need. It includes odds for all types of leagues and competitions.

You can choose between many betting markets, too. Beyond the standard lines, BetMGM includes a long list of props for every game.

Its live in-game betting markets are among the best, as well.

How does betting on soccer work for US sports bettors?

Betting on soccer is a little more confusing than betting on a lot of other team sports. While you can wager strictly on a match’s outcome through a moneyline bet in most sports, that isn’t the case with soccer.

Because matches can (and often do) end in a draw, most sportsbooks provide three-way moneylines for soccer.

You’re eligible to bet on either team playing, as well as a draw. Therefore, if you pick one of the teams’ moneylines to win a match and it ends in a tie, then you lose your bet.

Even if you’ve taken the underdog with long odds, you have to bet on a draw to occur in order not to lose your wager.

In a lot of other sports, typically, a draw means that your bet pushes. However, since sportsbooks give you that option in soccer, your selection must be correct to win.

Some books will give you alternate two-way moneyline odds. Cincinnati vs tulsa prediction. Of course, the odds for each side are slightly reduced. However, a draw results in a push rather than a loss.

Another interesting part is the point spread for soccer matches, also known as the goal line.

While sports like baseball and hockey always feature the same spread for each game (-1.5) with adjustable odds, soccer is different. Despite some matches being low scoring, goal lines can drastically differ.

Usually, they’re listed around 1-2 goals, but in some cases, a team could be laying as many as 5 goals.

Like with all sports, the favorite giving the goal line must cover the spread in order for you to win the wager. It’s possible to push in this scenario as well, only if the spread is an even number (-1, -2, etc.).

Betting on totals in soccer is about the same as other sports, too. You’re able to wager on how many total goals are scored in the match by both teams.

The over/under will be set at a specific number. If there are more goals scored than the set total, then the over cashes.

Another nuance of soccer betting is that most bets are designated for full-time results. So, this means that only the scoring and outcomes from the first 90 minutes of the game count.

While this usually marks the conclusion of most matches, certain games could be eligible to go to extra time. Matches that occur in competitions, like the World Cup or Champions League, could include two extra periods of play or a penalty shootout. Typically, anything that happens during the extra time will not count toward any of the betting lines.

Outside of these common bet types, soccer wagering can include a lot of other options like team, game and player props.

Player props mostly consist of just the top players for each game. You can put action down on if a player is the first goalscorer, if they’ll score at any point in the game, or if they’ll score multiple goals.

Other props involving assists, cards and how a player scores exist.

These types of soccer bets have much better odds than the regular lines provided for matches. Obviously, it depends on the player, but the majority of goal props have plus odds and can even range well over +1000.

Live betting in soccer is just as popular as it is in other sports and sportsbooks provide more than enough options.

You’ll be able to bet on updated odds for the moneyline, goal line, total and more with most mobile platforms. A lot of the best apps include a lot of other markets, like alternates for the standard lines along with some props.

Live betting for soccer should be available at every legal online sportsbook. More important matches in the elite leagues around the world will probably have more options than others.

Which soccer leagues can I bet on right now?

Since the majority of pro sports are on hold at the moment, there aren’t nearly as many soccer markets to wager on. Sportsbooks now offer betting odds for the remaining soccer leagues still playing, even if they are not nearly as popular.

Currently, these leagues are active and available to wager on at sportsbooks:

  • Belarus Pro League
  • Chinese Taipei
  • Nicaragua
  • South Korea
  • Turkmenistan

Although these leagues are helping fill the void in gambling markets, soccer fans are anxious for the major leagues to return. Here are the most recent updates for the most popular leagues in the world:

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League, probably the biggest event in soccer, consists of Europe’s best club soccer teams. The competition often includes some of the best clubs in the world like Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Juventus and Bayern Munich.

The tournament plans to come back in the quarterfinal round in July. If all goes to plan, the Champions League final will play in Istanbul on Aug. 29.

English Premier League

England’s top-flight league is one of the most popular and competitive soccer leagues anywhere. With Liverpool on the brink of their first league title since 1990, it is uncertain of when the Premier League will come back.

EPL restarted in June 2020.

La Liga

Spain’s top league has an uncertain future, as well. Barcelona and Real Madrid are both eager to return in their attempt at another title.

La Liga returned in June 2020.

Serie A

Italy’s premier league has already been cleared to begin training on May 18. Serie A restarted in June 2020.

Usa Soccer Betting Odds


The top German league is back on the field after a lengthy shutdown delay.

Bet on the Euros/World Cup 2022

Besides betting on individual games, a lot of soccer bettors place futures wagers on big tournaments. Two of the biggest upcoming events are the European Championship and the 2022 World Cup.

You’re able to bet on both tournaments several months in advance. Futures will include multiple options when the competitions are closer to starting. However, some sportsbooks already have odds posted for which team will win the title.

These odds are favorable since there are a lot of teams in each tournament and because they haven’t started yet. Most sportsbooks will continue to provide updated odds to win the matches as they progress, too.

Both events include several qualifying tournaments and matches teams must play in order to make the field. Once the teams are set, both competitions begin with every squad formed in groups.

Those teams play each other to determine which can advance. The group winner, as well as the runner-up, move on to the knockout stage. The standings are based on points and goal differential.

Euro 2020

The Euro 2020 won’t play until 2021, but will still be regarded as the Euro 2020 Championship. Twenty-four teams will play in 12 different host countries. The final is set for July 11, 2021, at Wembley Stadium in London.

World Cup 2022

The next World Cup is set to play in 2022; however, the location is still up in the air. It was originally scheduled to take place in Qatar, but bribery allegations have opened up discussions about relocating.

The tournament will include 32 teams. If Qatar remains the host country, the World Cup final is scheduled for Dec. 18, 2022.

Betting on MLS

The most popular soccer league played in the US is Major League Soccer. MLS first started in 1996 and has come a long way since then.

It now features 26 total teams and is attracting a lot more attention from fans and bettors. While wagers on MLS don’t reach the handle generated for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, they have closed the gap.

MLS is now regarded as a respectable soccer league with a lot of quality players throughout it.

It’s currently in its 25th season, with all matches postponed at the moment. Every team has only played two games, thus far. The league recently extended its stoppage until at least June 8.

Several MLS teams play in states where sports betting is now legal. Here is a list of cities with MLS teams:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Commerce City, Colorado
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • Harrison, New Jersey
  • Houston, Texas
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Miami, Florida
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • New York City, New York
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Portland, Oregon
  • San Jose, California
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Seattle, Washington
  • St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Washington, DC

Legal betting sites vs. offshore

Outside of offshore sportsbooks being illegal, there are a lot more benefits to betting with a regulated sportsbook.

The most significant factor is that you know your money is safe and secure at a legal sportsbook. You’re able to deposit and withdraw funds in a wide variety of convenient ways and you know that your money is safe doing so. Regulated sportsbooks also pay out in a timely manner and you have legal recourse should something go wrong.

You also have quality customer support options at legal sportsbooks. If you have an issue on an offshore account, you don’t have many choices.

There are many ways to bet sports. If you can think of anything to bet on, there's a good possibility you can find somewhere to pick on it. In this document on the different terms used in sports betting lines, including probabilities point spreads lines etc. One of the first aspects of sports betting every new player must learn what the different symbols mean. A plus or minus can mean different things and furious situation. They are used for both point spreads and money line bets, including the price of each jet. A point spread is the number of points projected that separate two teams. A game with a spread will have an underdog (team expected to lose) and a favorite (team expected to win). A favorite 'gives' points and is identified with the negative signs next to the point spreads. The underdog 'gets' points. The spreads happen this way in the gambling of games.

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A money line bet is on a team to win the game outright (with no point spread) at an adjusted cost. The favorite will have negative odds, while the underdog will have positive odds. The difference here is in the prize or payout, depending on which topic. The terms 'over/under' are synonymous when placing wagers. This type of bet is on the sum of the points scored by both teams in a game. The bookie sets the number for the total then you predict whether they will score less or more points than the set number. For basketball and football, the primary display will show the total and points spread. For baseball and hockey, the money lines appear before it is displayed along with the total of the game, more so happens in hockey.

Hockey Stanley Cup and Football Super Bowl Point Spreads

Understanding NFL football betting odds & weekly point spread is important. If you plan on NFL football picks, this document will be of essence. It's imperative to use live NFL odds for every spread, total and money line for the games in a given week. If the number is positive, then you bet $100 to win that amount. If the number is negative, you have to wager that amount to win $100.Sometimes it will be necessary to use a conversion chart to translate the money lines to take advantage of the betting opportunities that spreads in a week.

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NBA scoring pace calculator for over and under bets can feel complicated at times. When you bet an NBA total and want to know the current pace of play, you will need to use a calculator to estimate the NBA final score quickly. This tool is useful if you want to know how your basketball over-under bet is looking or if you want to take advantage of the bets opportunities spreads. The same applies to the super bowl and Stanley cup. Without 162 game season per team and 30 teams, MLB is the ultimate sports action for sports gaming. The best MLB betting sites include Betway and Spin palace sports. It is no secret that many people crush bet on MLB, as it has most of the experts.

Soccer Odds, British Open Championship and Premier League Betting Lines

Betting is also done in soccer. Many teams are even sponsored by bookmaking companies. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. At the moment, this is true in the United States. Soccer picks are not overly difficult, even for beginners. You have to decide on which markets to put on focus. There are different markets to welcome, including major domestic leagues such as La Liga Serie A and Bundesliga e t c.

Mexico Soccer Betting Odds

MMA UFC and College Basketball Week

The advantage of major domestic leagues is that they offer soccer picks advantages. These include:

Usa Soccer Odds

  • Attacking players are in good form
  • You can set-piece specialist
  • Defenders like to get forward at set-pieces