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Posted : admin On 10.03.2021
  • Visit: Unibet Online Casino European gambling giant Unibet charged onto the US casino market in 2019. The esteemed company launched sites in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania within months of each other, seeking to capture the market share in an increasingly competitive atmosphere.
  • Unibet Sportsbook PA is licensed by Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. This authority has some stringent rules that the Unibet and the users using the platform must follow. For starters, the board requires the users to be present in the Pennsylvania region to use the Unibet Sportsbook.
  • Unibet PA Sportsbook Review and Welcome Bonus Unibet has arrived in Pennsylvania, partnering with Mohegan Sun Pocono for the brick-and-mortar sportsbook. The well-established company, as well as its parent company, The Kindred Group, have made its mark on the industry, especially internationally, and is headquartered in the country of Malta.

Unibet is a trusted and renowned iGaming brand that has now made its way to Pennsylvania. With an excellent reputation abroad, Unibet is the perfect platform to introduce proper online casino gaming to the state. Unibet is as legit as they come, and we can’t wait to show you everything great about this online casino.

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Although I like the overall selection of bets and live bets at Unibet, there aren’t enough differentiating factors to make the sportsbook a premiere selection. Geotechnology issues and poor navigation in the mobile app also withhold Unibet from being an above average sportsbook.

Pros and Cons for 2021

After testing 20 online sportsbooks for our 2021 review, here are our top findings on Unibet:

  • Unibet provides an above average selection of bets and live bets, including instant bets and team and player props.
  • Unibet’s mobile app is functional but could be much more user-friendly with a few tweaks. I would also be nervous signing up for Unibet after reading reviews in the App Store about its geotechnology.
  • First-time bettors will appreciate the education Unibet offers, as well as the new and ongoing bonuses and promotions.

States Supported: Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Casino: Online casino is offered only in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unibet offers over 25 slots, roulette, blackjack, and virtual poker games; however, online poker is not available. Note: This review focuses on sports betting and not casino.

Overall Summary

Overall4 Stars
Sports & Bets Offered4 Stars
Odds.1 Stars
Live Betting4.5 Stars
Mobile Betting3 Stars
Bonuses & Promotions3.5 Stars
Education4.5 Stars
Unibet pa review

Sports and Bets Offered

Unibet’s selection of sports and bets is above average, offering hundreds of bets for popular games. After DraftKings, FanDuel, and PointsBet, I would place Unibet in the second-best tier of bets offered. Unibet offers all standard wagers (moneyline, spread, total) in addition to a vast selection of team and player props, pre-built parlays, and alternative lines. Still, it doesn’t have any custom bet types like the sportsbooks mentioned above.

Prop Bets: Unibet offers a modest variety of prop bets. An example of a prop bet is, “Will Damian Lillard make over or under 3.5 three-pointers?” Another example is “What team will score more first-quarter points between the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers?”

Cash Out Feature: Like most sportsbooks, Unibet offers a cash-out feature, which allows you to amend your original bet and lock in a profit or a loss by settling your bet (or a portion of your bet) early, without having to wait for the event to finish. Knowing you can cash a bet out early incentivizes you to watch every game you bet on, or at least get scoring updates.

Bet Builder and Pre-Packs overview: Two of Unibet’s newer bet types are the Bet Builder and Pre-Packs bets. Both bet types are parlays. A parlay bet is a group of bets, typically spread, moneyline, or total bets, combined into one bet to increase the payout odds. For the parlay to win, each separate bet has to win.

Pre-Packs: Pre-Packs are just like the Bet Builder; only Unibet pre-makes the parlays instead of you. While exciting to bet on, sportsbooks like Unibet focus on getting people to make more parlay bets because the odds favor the sportsbook.



We are still collecting odds data on Unibet. Our Unibet Odds rating will be released in early 2021.

Live Betting

Live betting, or betting on games that have already started, is an area where Unibet holds its own. Like BetRivers and FanDuel who also have good live betting, Unibet offers prop bets, instant bets, a live match tracker, and live scores.

Prop Bets: Unibet offers a ton of in-play bets and prop bets. An example of a prop bet is, “How many strikeouts will Clayton Kershaw throw?” An example of a live prop bet is “Will Manchester United or Liverpool score in the next five minutes?”

Instant Bets: Examples of instant betting include betting on the next swing of a tennis match or the next drive of a football game. For football, Unibet lets users bet on the next drive of an NFL game, the first play of each drive in an NFL game. Users can bet on the next point or the next throw-in for other sports like tennis or soccer.

Live Match Tracker: A live match tracker is an animated graphic that updates in real-time as you are watching a game. A match tracker has a live clock, displays the score by quarter, and even shows which team is attacking. For NFL games, the match tracker also lists the last play, the total plays and yards on the drive, and the down and distance. Unibet’s live match tracker also lists a few statistics.

Live Streaming: Live streaming allows you to stream games live in the app. Live streaming, currently offered by a few sportsbooks, is presently limited to tennis and soccer games.


Unibet Mobile App

The Unibet mobile app is not as well-designed as other top sports betting apps such as DraftKings or FanDuel. Numerous bettors from multiple states have reported issues with the app’s geotechnology in both the Apple and Google app stores.

Likes: Once you select a game, navigating to different bets for that game is easy as they are clearly labeled.

Dislikes: Navigating to the sport or team you want to bet on is a pain. Unlike most apps, there is not a menu at the bottom of the app. Typically these bottom menus take you to your betslip, allow you to view all sports, view promotions, or other helpful locations in the app. Unibet is one of the only sports betting apps not to offer this.

App store complaints: Customers in each state Unibet operates in (IN, NJ, PA) have left negative reviews about Unibet’s geo-targeting technology, reporting long wait times or inaccurate readings. Sportsbooks have to use geotechnology to ensure you are in a jurisdiction that offers sports betting. Unibet has received more complaints for its lack of functioning technology than any other sportsbook I’ve reviewed.

Statistics: Unlike leaders such as DraftKings, Unibet does not offer any pre-game statistics in its mobile app or website.




Education is a strong suit for Unibet. The sportsbook offers an educational betting guide that explains moneyline, spread, total, parlay, teaser, live betting, cash outs, future betting, and prop bets. Examples are used for each bet as well as pictures. There is enough detail in the guide for new bettors to understand each bet type. Lady luck free spins.


Bonuses & Promotions

Unibet offers promotions for first-time bettors and a variety of ongoing promotions for existing customers. Unibet’s promotions are decent. However, I found there to better promotions available with BetRivers and DraftKings.

New customer bonus: For new sports bettors, Unibet offers three $10 risk-free bets and one risk-free bet up to $250. For new casino players, Unibet provides a $10 free bonus and a 100% casino deposit bonus up to $500. Note: While I have not experienced this, there have been many complaints that Unibet defaults bonuses to the casino bonus, and customer support makes it difficult to switch after the matter. Unibet is the only sportsbook I’ve seen with this issue. Be sure to double-check what bonuses you are signing up to receive.

Existing customer bonus: Unibet offers a good variety of promotions for existing customers. Examples of bonuses include parlay boosts, live betting boosts, and casino points. Unibet typically provides 5 – 8 ongoing promotions, which is above average.


Final Thoughts

Despite offering a good selection of bets and live bets, Unibet doesn’t have enough strengths to compete with some of the best online sportsbooks. Especially when you consider the geotechnology complaints early app-users have experienced.

About Unibet

According to Wikipedia, Unibet, a part of the Kindred Group (OTCMKTS: KNDGF) has over 11 million customers in over 100 countries. Unibet launched its first online website in 1999 and has expanded to over 100 countries since then.

What states is Unibet legal in?

Unibet is legal in Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

What deposit methods does Unibet offer?

Bettors can currently deposit via credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, PayNearMe, prepaid company cards, or E-Check.

Minimum Deposit$10
Total Deposit Methods6
No Debit/Credit Card Deposit FeesNo
Deposit Min/Max - Debit/Credit Card$10/Varies

What withdrawal methods does Unibet offer?

Minimum withdrawals at Unibet are $10 for all methods accept via check, which is $100. Withdrawal options vary based on what state you are in.

Minimum Withdrawal$10
Total Withdrawal Methods5
Check Payout Speed is < 10 daysNo
No Withdrawal Fees - CheckNo
Withdrawal Min/Max - CheckN/A

What is the minimum deposit at Unibet?

The minimum amount required to open an account at Unibet is $10.

What kind of customer support does Unibet offer?

Unibet offers email support, phone support, and live chat support available from 8 am until 11 pm, seven days a week. While my Unibet customer support experience is limited, I have read several negative reviews in the app store complaining about customer support requests timing out due to a lack of a response.

What sports can you bet on at Unibet

Unibet currently offers bettors the following sports and leagues.

Total Sports Offered17
Aussie Rules (AFL)Yes
Baseball (MLB)Yes
Basketball (NBA)Yes
Basketball (NCAA)Yes
Football (NFL)Yes
Football (NCAA)Yes
Golf (PGA)Yes
Hockey (NHL)Yes
Horse RacingNo
Rugby (League)Yes
Rugby (Union)Yes
Soccer (EPL)Yes
Soccer (MLS)Yes
Sports & Bets Offered4 Stars


For the BettingBuck.com annual best online sportsbooks review published in 2020, a total of 2,300 data points were collected over six months and used to score sportsbooks. Additionally, odds data was collected for each sportsbook on over 1,400 bets to give each sportsbook a comparative odds ranking.

Sports betting sites were scored across seven core categories to computer an overall rating: total number of sports and bets offered, odds, live betting features, mobile apps, educational resources, ease of use, and current bonuses.

Learn more about how we test.

About the author: Joey Shadeck Joey Shadeck is the lead writer for Moneyline.com and content strategist for Michigan-based Reink Media Group. He has closely tracked sports betting in the United States for the last two years, compiling hundreds of data points across dozens of sportsbooks. He has 6 years of online betting experience with hundreds of bets placed during that time.

Wondering what the best poker games are right now with Unibet? Although there’s no dedicated poker product for Pennsylvania (PA) or New Jersey (NJ) residents, you can still choose from this selection of casino games.


  • 7 Unibet Online Casino FAQs

DJ Wild Stud Poker – watch out for the joker

This isn’t just your average video poker game – there is a pack of cards containing 53 instead of 52 cards, with one added joker to the pack. You are going head to head against the dealer in this one, and much like you would do in regular poker, you are trying to beat your opponent. In this case, the opponent is the dealer, and the player with the best five-card hand wins.

This game has an RTP of approximately 99%, and it has been developed by the software provider, Scientific Games. Like other games you will see in this list, DJ Wild Stud Poker has its own unique spin on video poker. In this one, the joker card as well as deuces (2’s), substitute as a wild symbol and will change into the card that will give you the best hand. The maximum payout for this game is 1000-1, which is rather high indeed!

Bonus Poker – higher payouts than just any old poker game

This game has been developed by Game King, a provider who absolutely excels when it comes to video poker. As the title of this game might suggest, this is another video poker title that isn’t just your average everyday poker game. To start with, the RTP for this game is 99.16%, which is one of the highest we’ve seen with any video poker game.

Beyond the impressive RTP, bonus poker operates in the same way that a Jacks or Better would do. Basically, you have to make a pair of at least jacks or higher to receive any payout at all, and you can always hold your cards or go for an entirely new set. The difference for this game is that for certain hands you will get a bonus payout, but there is a particularly high payout for hands consisting of four-of-a-kind.

Double Bonus Poker – twice the bonus, twice the fun

If you thought bonus poker was a game with some exciting bonuses, you’d expect Unibet Double Bonus Poker to be twice as rewarding, right? With an RTP of 99.10% and jumping straight from the catalog of the leading software provider IGT, there’s a lot to get your teeth stuck into with this game. To put it simply, you can get far more rewards in the Double Bonus Poker game through a series of quite impressive multipliers.

You can actually participate in a hand of Double Bonus Poker for just 10 cents, and just like other video poker games, you can hold or burn the cards you are dealt in exchange for a new set. The multipliers here are 160 times your stake for four-of-a-kind, and a rather huge 800 times your stake for a royal flush.

Jacks or Better – hold or burn, the choice is yours

For those who are a bit unfamiliar with video poker, it’s a little different from how regular poker tournaments work. In regular poker, if you land a pair, this is a solid hand, especially if it’s towards the higher end of the scale. In Jacks or Better video poker however, you will only win any money if your pair is Jacks or higher. This means that if you get a pair of Queens, a pair of Kings, or a pair of Aces, you’ll get paid out.

The beauty of this game is that it’s one of the simplest you can play. Like the other games, you’ll initially receive five cards on the screen (face down), and you can then just choose how much you’d like to bet then turn the cards over. The payouts here can be quite large, and of course, you may hold your Jacks if you get dealt them to guarantee a payout. We almost forgot to mention – the RTP for this game is a staggering 99.54%!

Unibet Three Card Poker – live dealer action

Please note live casino games are not available through Unibet / Mohegan Sun Casino in Pennsylvania (PA). The below game is currently restricted to NJ residents.

Unlike every other game we’ve mentioned so far, Three Card Poker is a real-life poker game that can be enjoyed in the Unibet live casino. This is a game that has been designed by Evolution Gaming, one of the masters of live casino games right now. Since this is a live game, you really are going up against a live dealer here, so you get all of the competition experienced with other poker games in a much more immersive environment.

The dealer in Three Card Poker will only play if they hold at least one Queen in their hand, and essentially it is the person with the best three-card hand that wins. One notable rule here is that unlike real poker where a flush beats a straight, it is reversed in this game. You can bet anything from $1 to $5000 per hand here as well, so it’s suitable for both beginners and high rollers.

How to sign up with Unibet and lock in the welcome bonus

After visiting either the Unibet desktop site or mobile app, you can sign up by following just a few short registration steps. You will be asked to provide details including your full name, date of birth, and residential address to open up an account.

As a brand new casino customer, you will get $10 completely free, which can be used on a casino game of your choice. You can also get a 100% deposit match on your first deposit, where the maximum bonus here is $500.

A Unibet PA promo code can be entered when signing up.

Unibet Online Casino FAQs

What is the minimum I can wager to play these games?

For some of the video poker games like Bonus Poker, you can play a hand for as low as just 10 cents.

What other casino games does Unibet have?

Besides poker, there is a fully populated live casino with games like roulette and blackjack, but there is also a selection of video slots too.

Unibet Pa Reviews

Does Unibet have any other products?

Yes, they have quite a solid sportsbook on offer.

Are there any live casino games?

Unibet Pa Reviews

Yes – within the live casino you’ll find games like Slingshot Roulette, Classic Blackjack, and Baccarat.

Unibet Pa Review

How can I fund my Unibet account?

After logging in you can choose from methods like PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa to fund your account.