Temple Stacks Slot

Posted : admin On 16.02.2021

On the heels of announcing the launch of its new publishing division and online gaming solutions provider, Yggdrasil Gaming, has now unveiled its very first Splitz game, Temple Stacks. The Swedish provider’s first new title of 2020 and its first game to utilize its new, cutting edge mechanic, offers massive win potential. Play Temple Stacks Splitz Slot Machine by Yggdrasil Gaming for FREE - No Download or Registration Required! 5 Reels 243 Paylines 96.1% RTP Released on Jan 22, 2020.

Spin games tires. The Temple Stacks: Splitz is not out yet but there is a lot of anticipation based on all the awesome features it comes with. The look is stunning with a kind of boldness in colors you’d expect from anything Aztec-like. You will be transported to a jungle setting with a nice melody to back it up. There are also some cool animals that are in the Aztec design.

Jungle animals like birds, lizards, and snakes will creep up on the reels to bring the whole theme together. Get ready for the thrilling Temple Stacks: Splitz to make its appearance. They haven’t even announced a release date so stay tuned.


In Temple Stacks: Splitz, not only do you have a bunch of jungle animals, you also have gemstones. There are four different colors that pay out between 0.6 to x1 wins. To get a win, you have to get a minimum of three on a pay line. There is a rare stone that may pop onto the reels. It is special in the sense that it pays out more than the other gemstones. If you get 2 of them, you get a win of 1x. If you get more, the win is multiplied by 1.5, 2, or 2.5.

Temple Stacks: Splitz is one those games where you have 243 ways of winning. To gain wins, you have to create combos. When symbols match on the right pay line, you gain a win. Symbols will differ on what line they pay out on. As and example of this. the red stone needs to land on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd reel for you to get a win.

Mystery Feature

The big mystery Temple Stacks: Splitz feature is your stack symbol. When it lands in the game, it will split up to nine matching symbols. It can be as little as three or as much as nine. The feature is going to randomly reveal one of three symbols: Same symbol bar, Scatter, Hybrid Symbol.

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Every reel that has the same symbols gives you even greater chances for wins. Even in the base game, you have 59,049 ways to win. You can thank the Temple Stacks: Splitz feature for that.

  • Hybrid Re-Spin

The hybrid is a pretty cool feature in Temple Stacks: Splitz as it morphs into a few things, depending on how many land at the same time. It’s a symbol that represents your free spin. However, if you get two of them landing on the reels, it’s your wild. If you have three land simultaneously, it’s a scatter. Getting two on the reels will prompt re-spins.

They also create the sticky wild so the symbol stays put while the other reels spin away. This gives you greater odds of landing a winning combination or a greater opportunity to earn more free spins.

  • Free Spins

The hybrid is sort of a complex part of Temple Stacks: Splitz that takes a little more explaining. It’s easiest to break it down.

Getting three hybrids will activate free spins. If you get three, you win x1, get 4 and you earn a win of 10x, and if you happen to get 5 you get a win of x100 your stake. In free spins, there are a total of four levels. By triggering free spins 4 times, you level up.

Here’s the breakdown of the levels in Temple Stacks: Splitz and how many spins you get in each.

Steel Level

  • If you get 3 scatters, you get 15 spins.
  • If you get 4 scatters, you get 20 spins.
  • If you get 5 scatters, you get 35 spins.

Bronze Level

  • If you get 3 scatters, you get 9 spins.
  • If you get 4 scatters, you get 12 spins.
  • If you get 5 scatters, you get 21 spins.

Silver Level

  • If you get 3 scatters, you get 6 spins.
  • If you get 4 scatters, you get 8 spins.
  • If you get 5 scatters, you get 14 spins.

Gold Level

  • If you get 3 scatters, you get 3 spins.
  • If you get 4 scatters, you get 4 spins.
  • If you get 5 scatters, you get 7 spins.

There is also an association of the Temple Stacks: Splitz Mystery Stacks.

Steel – getting 9 of the stacks – 59,049 different ways of winning.
Bronze – 10 stacks – 100,000 different ways of winning.
Silver – 11 stacks – 161, 051 different ways of winning.
Gold – 12 stacks – 248, 832 different ways of winning.

The Temple Stacks Splitz slot from Yggdrasil is the first of a new type of video slot from this veteran game developer known for their innovation and killer graphics. The theme of the game, as you’ve probably guessed, is built around an ancient Aztec temple. As you’d expect from Yggdrasil, everything is done with excellent attention detail, high definition graphics, and just a great overall audiovisual presentation.

Temple Stacks Splitz, at its base, is a five-reel, three-row video slot machine that uses the ways to win payout system. There are no traditional pay lines. Instead, matching three or more symbols from left to right anywhere on three adjacent reels will result in a win.

Splitz Feature: What is it?

What makes this game different is the Splitz feature. On any spin, one or more reels can stop with a mystery Splitz stack. When this happens, all symbols in the stack will become the same symbol and when the stack is revealed it can split into anywhere from three to twelve symbols. Splitz can result in up to nine symbols in the base game and 12 during free spins. With the combinations that the Splitz system can generate, it’s possible to have up to 248,832 ways to win on a single spin.

Wagering & Payout

Temple Stacks Splitz Slot

All in all, there are ten regular symbols on the reels plus free spins symbols that also serve as wilds. Higher paying symbols are made up of five brightly coloured gemstones. The low-paying symbols are made up of five hieroglyphic animal symbols.

Wagering on Temple Stacks is nothing complicated. All you’ll need to do is set the coin size that you want to play with. Your final bet will be the coin size multiplied by 20. Possible coin values range from £.005 up to £1. That gives us a minimum be of £.10 and a maximum of £20.

Play the Temple Stacks Splitz Slot Here


Yes – Why To Play The Temple Stacks Splitz Slot

Temple Stacks Slot
  • The very low minimum and maximum wagers on this slot make it a perfect fit for conservative gamblers or new slot players that don’t want to spend a lot to experiment with new games.
  • Temple Stacks is also a low volatility game, meaning that you’ll see wins more often, although they will be for smaller amounts. This is also likely to appeal to new and conservative players as well.
  • The overall return to player (RTP) rate on this slot is 96.1%, which fits right in with what we’d expect from a modern video slot. Players will get a good value for the money they play on Temple Stacks.
  • You can find this and other Yggdrasil slots at most UK online casinos.

No – Why Not Play?

  • The low betting limits and volatility may not do much for players that like to gamble a bit more or prefer the higher risk and excitement that come along with high-volatility slots.
  • Although the theme is well done and in high definition, the symbols and background lack some of the character that usually comes with Yggdrasil games. Players looking for big animation and moving symbols might find themselves disappointed.
  • The free spins feature can be extremely lucrative, but it seems to be difficult to trigger. When coupled with the lower payouts, this gets frustrating.

Temple Stacks Splitz Slot Bonus Features

Aside from the Splitz feature, the big bonus focus is on the free spins in this game. It’s possible to trigger respins and free spins and there are even four different free spin modes that players can unlock and choose as they play.


Respins are triggered whenever two free spins symbols stop on the reels. When this happens, each of the two symbols will become a sticky wild and a respin will occur.

Free Spins

Landing three or more free spins symbols will trigger free spins mode. There are four different types of free spins available that will unlock one at a time the first four times that you trigger the feature. They are steel, bronze, silver, and gold.

When free spins start, you’ll get to choose which mode you want to use. Steel will give you the most spins, but lesser prizes. As you go towards gold, you’ll get fewer spins, but larger possible prizes.

Dragon Temple Slot

Three free spin symbols will get you 15 steel spins, 9 bronze spins, 6 silver spins, or 3 gold spins plus £2.

Temple Stacks Slot

Four free spin symbols will get you 20 steel spins, 12 bronze spins, 8 silver spins, or 4 gold spins plus £20.

Free Temple Slots

Five free spin symbols will get you 35 steel spins, 21 bronze spins, 14 silver spins, or 7 gold spins plus £200.