Super Times Pay

Posted : admin On 17.02.2021
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You have three betting options in this game: playing 1 9 pay lines / hands, 1 5 coins per hand, and a 1 coin bonus bet per hand.

The Super Times Pay slot machine is a new take on a classic that has been in Las Vegas for many years and they really have taken it to a new level. The game's new features and graphics, music and sound make it so much better. Slots - Super Times Pay Community. 58 likes 1 talking about this. Download Slots - Super Times Pay for REAL classic slots & HUGE multiplier wins! You have reached the maximum of 5,000 Players Club points per day. You can keep playing as much as you'd like, of course! Points will resume counting after midnight Pacific. Super Times Pay Hot Roll Slots. From the moment you hear the soundtrack pumping out 'Feeling Hot Hot Hot' you're hoping this slot is going to deliver on its ambitious title – and the great news is it does! If 3-reel classic looking slots aren't what usually thrill you – then prepare for Super Times Pay Hot Roll to change your mind, as it.

For reasons that we’ll explain in the pay table section, you should make the 5 coin max bet and the bonus wager on any pay line (hand) that you play to maximize payback.

This makes the maximum bet worth 54 coins when you use all pay lines, coins per hand, and 9 bonus bets.

Obviously this makes for exciting action because you have 9 pay lines with multipliers going on each turn. But it can also be really expensive for the average player.

On a quarter denomination game, betting the max on everything will cost you $13.50 per turn.

For this reason, it’s nice if you can find a Super Times Pay Spin Poker machine with a nickel denomination. This lowers the maximum bet down to $2.70 per turn.

Once you’ve selected your betting options, click Deal / Spin to start the hand. The slots reel is on a 5×3 grid, and you’ll see only see the middle reel spin on the deal.


Once the machine stops spinning, a 5 card hand will be revealed in the middle reel. Even if you’re playing all 9 pay lines, only the middle reel / hand is initially dealt.

You select what cards to keep in the middle hand, and each card that you hold will be mirrored on the other 3 lines in the grid.

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You keep one ace in your middle hand. You’ll then see an ace held in the space above and below the middle hand.

When you’re finished selecting cards, click Draw / Spin to fill out your hands. The game will spin all of the spaces that don’t have held cards to determine your final hands.

After the reels have finished spinning, you’ll see pay lines going through any winning hand that you form. The pay lines going through winning hands are helpful because you can figure out how wins occur in the 5 x 3 grid.

If you’ve played slot machines before, then Spin Poker won’t require much of an adjustment for you. The main thing that you need to focus on is making wise decisions during the draw round.

The way that payouts are made differs from traditional slot machines.

All symbols are determined from a 52 card deck, meaning you’ll never see the same card / symbol on the reels. Contrast this to slot machines, which commonly have the same symbols appear.

Other than small differences, any player can quickly pick up the slots aspect of Super Times Pay Spin Poker.

Super Times Pay Multipliers

Super Times Pay multipliers are activated by making the max 5 coin bet, along with a single coin bonus bet. If you want multipliers on all 9 pay lines, you’ll need to wager a separate coin for each line.

The multiplier is awarded randomly on wins and ranges from 2 times to 10 times.


Here’s an example of how these multipliers work

You get a 4 of a kind (25 coins) with a 4x multiplier. This would increase your payout to 100 coins.

The game’s help screen shows that you can expect a multiplier on approximately 1 out of every 15 hands, with an average multiplier of 4.05 times.

With this average multiplier, you’ll win 20.33% more money versus the 20.0% extra that you risk on the bonus bet. Given that the Super Times Pay feature offers positive expected value (+EV), you should make it on every hand.

Super Times Pay Slot Machine

Like other multi hand video poker machines from IGT, Super Times Pay Spin Poker allows you to choose from multiple variations when playing. Below you can see common variations that are available through Super Times Pay Spin Poker video poker:

Super Times Pay Poker Free

  • Jacks or Better

    This game offers one of the simplest pay tables, and the lowest qualifying hand is a pair of jacks.

  • Bonus Poker

    You receive bonus payouts for four aces; four 2s through 4s; and four 5s through kings. The lowest qualifying hand is a pair of jacks.

  • Bonus Poker Deluxe

    The bonus 4 of a kind payouts discussed above offer double the amount. The catch is that a two pair only pays 1 credit instead of the 2 credits offered in Bonus Poker.

  • Deuces Wild

    All 2s are wild, and you receive a bonus payout for getting four deuces in a hand.

  • Double Bonus Deuces Wild

    The same as Deuces Wild, except that you get a larger bonus payout for four deuces.

  • Double Bonus

    You receive double bonus payouts for the 4 of a kind hands described in Bonus Poker.

  • Double Double Bonus

    Offers even larger bonus payouts than Double Bonus.

  • Joker Poker

    Includes a joker wild card, making the deck contain 53 cards. The 5 of a kind is the second highest payout.

  • Super Aces Bonus

    The payout for four aces is actually higher than a royal flush payout when you bet between 1 and 4 coins on a hand.