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Super Flip is a 5-reel video slot game from Play’n GO where you can enjoy a fast-paced game on as many as 20 lines, with reels full of colourful traditional symbols including lucky. Super Flip is een vette online gokkast van Play ‘n Go met 20 winlijnen, een Near Win Respin feature en een spannende gratis spins bonus. Retro is helemaal in (wanneer is het eigenlijk ooit uit geweest?) en die trend zien wij terug bij veel nieuwe online gokkasten. The graphic design of the Super Flip online game is smooth and bright. In Super Flip online slot you'll have the chance to activate the Near Win Respin special bonus feature. This particular feature can show up in the free spins bonus feature, but you could also see it the base game of Super Flip slot machine. You can flip books at local used book stores and online at Amazon (for a fee). Flipping books requires sourcing books, so you’re limited by your time and book inventory. But don’t let that discourage you. On The Side Hustle Show, Charlie William reported earning up to $4000 a month flipping books!

The superflip is a famous position of the 3x3x3 where all corners are solved, and all edges are in the correct location but flipped. Despite its symmetry, this is an extremely difficult pattern, which is known to require 20 moves HTM to solve (in fact it was the first position that was proven to require that many moves). No position exists that requires more than 20 moves (see God's Number).

The superflip also has a few interesting properties because of the way it interacts with the Rubik's Cube Group. If you do a commutator with the superflip and any other algorithm, you will always end up back at the solved state; the superflip is also self-inverse, which means doing it twice will bring you back to the solved state. Also, because the superflip is completely symmetrical but not solved, any move will bring it to a position that is easier to solve.

One optimal solution in HTM for the superflip is

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HTMU R2 F B R B2 R U2 L B2 R U' D' R2 F R' L B2 U2 F2

Superflip Online Slot

The superflip also requires a minimum of 24 quarter turns to solve, and a minimum of 16 slice turns. One example of an optimal solution which requires 16 slice turns is

STMS U B2 D2 M D' M2 S U R2 D M2 U B2 U S2

Another solution which requires 24 turns with STM is

STMM U' M U' M U' M U' y z' M U' M U' M U' M U' y z' M U' M U' M U' M U' y z'

This is particularly easy to remember, as it is simply (M U')x4 followed by a y z', which is repeated three times.

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Super Flip Online

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