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20 Dec 2020 Redeem our official, exclusive promo codes to receive the biggest casino welcome bonuses possible. There are different types of bonuses offered by online casinos in order to get new gamblers and also to keep their existing ones. Learn more about bonus online casino and casino bonuses. Read reviews of the best bonus casinos and classic gambling games. Before you decide which your next casino will be, make sure you know averything conserning bonuses, promotions and offers. No Deposit Bonus Casino 2021.

Online casino players may not always agree on what type of games are the best. While some may like online slots, others enjoy table games or live dealer games. However, all casino players will agree that claiming online casino offers can seriously improve the overall experience. No matter if you’re a big fan of free spins or a generous percentage bonus is what gets you going, a rewarding online casino bonus can make the difference. The trick is figuring out what type of bonus works best for your gameplay. If you’re newer to the whole online casino experience and feel overwhelmed with all the different online casino bonuses available out there, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find exhaustive information on all casino bonuses in the industry today, their ups and downs, and how to use them to maximize your winning chances.

What are The Different Bonuses on Online Casinos?

To help you figure out what type of bonus is the best choice according to your style and the casino games you play, we need to list them all and describe them. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover the various online casino bonus offers and determine which one is the best choice when faced with multiple options.

First Deposit Bonus

Without a doubt, the most popular casino deposit bonus out there, the first deposit bonus is pretty self-explanatory. It’s the bonus destined for new players who just opened their accounts and are ready to make the first deposit. In most online casinos out there, this bonus is also the most rewarding a player can receive. For example, if a casino’s overall bonus ratio stands around 30%, a welcome bonus can quickly go up to 100%. The first deposit bonus can be a standalone casino bonus, or it can be part of a welcome package that usually stretches over the first three or five deposits. As previously mentioned, this type of reward usually consists of a percentage bonus - around 100% as a standard. However, since there’s a lot of competition in the online casino industry, most casinos started to mix it up with packs of free spins on the most popular slots. The best first deposit casino bonuses are the ones that offer a generous percentage bonus, and a set of free spins spread over several days after claiming the bonus.The first deposit bonus can usually be claimed with deposits as low as €10 or £10 if we’re talking about a UK first deposit casino bonus. That’s another aspect that makes them very popular.

Reload Bonus

No matter if a casino offers a welcome package or advertises the first deposit bonus separate from the reload bonus, you should know that a reload bonus is the offer you get on your second deposit. As the name predicts, it’s designed for the moment you reload following your first deposit. It’s a common practice to keep the reload bonus at half the value of the first deposit bonus. Another distinctive feature of this casino reward is the lack of free spins or anything else besides the match bonus.

Refer a Friend Bonus

An exciting bonus that isn’t offered by so many online casinos nowadays. A few years back, almost any online casino out there offered a Refer a Friend reward. Not only that, such a bonus was very popular among players, but it was also a great way to promote the brand in a win-win situation. You just have to recommend the casino to another person, and when that person registered an account and made their first deposit, both of you get an extra bonus. The recommendation system varies from one casino to another. However, every venue offering such a bonus will give you exact instructions on how to receive the Refer a Friend bonus. Some players even consider this reward better than the casino welcome bonus since it can be claimed more than once.Casinos

Add Card Bonus

Now here’s a type of bonus that most casino players don’t even know exists. However, there are online casinos out there that want to encourage their customers to register a card on their account. So, they set-up a special bonus for this action. It’s not necessarily a consistent bonus. However, since you were going to register a card and make a deposit anyway, why not get an extra bonus for it? Usually, an amount of 30 or 50 free spins is issued when a new player registers a card on their account. While free spins are preferred, a small free cash bonus is also an option for the Add Card bonus. Some venues allow you to combine the online casino first deposit bonus with the add card bonus for an extra boost on your first deposit.

No Deposit Bonus

We mentioned earlier that the first deposit bonus is the most popular deposit bonus in a casino. Well, the no deposit bonus is the all-time most popular type of bonus out there. No matter the level of experience, games they play, or any other factor, all casino players enjoy a good no deposit bonus. No matter if were talking about a free casino sign-up bonus or a no deposit bonus issued for sustained activity, all players love to receive free stuff. Once again, free spins packs are preferred as no deposit bonuses. Not only that, the casino can offer free spins on several slots to give more freedom to players, but the wagering requirements on free spins are also lower compared to a free cash bonus. While a no deposit bonus seems very appealing at first, you should also know that most casinos out there tie it with a maximum cashout amount. It means that if you win a big amount and manage to finish the wagering requirements starting from a no deposit bonus, you’ll only be able to withdraw a fixed amount. That’s why we recommend to always double-check the Terms and Conditions for the no deposit bonuses you claim.

Freespin Bonus

Sticky Bonus Casinos

You’ve read about free spins and free spins bonuses in several types of bonuses we described above. If you’re not sure what the freespin bonus is, we’re about to shed some light on this notion. No matter if you call it a free spins pack or freespin bonus, the idea is the same. You get a slot, or several slots, and a fixed number of spins that aren’t deducted from your balance. This is where the term “free spins” comes from, the reels spin without extra cost, and the wins are added to your account.Freespin bonuses are also used as free sign-up bonuses for players that just opened an account and want to check some games before deciding if they want to make the first deposit.

First Deposit Sticky Bonus

After you find the best first deposit casino, it’s recommended to determine if the first deposit bonus they offer is sticky. We’ve left out this info when discussing the casino welcome offers specifically because it deserved a broader approach. The difference between a first deposit sticky bonus and a non-sticky one comes from the player’s ability to withdraw using that bonus. If with a non-sticky casino bonus you are free to withdraw the amount you are left with after meeting the wagering requirements, the sticky bonuses are simply not withdrawable. It’s clear now why we chose to approach this type of bonus separately. It’s not very often that a casino will use such a bonus, and it also makes bad publicity for an otherwise excellent first deposit bonus. However, it’s good to know such bonuses exist out there, and you should always make sure you’re dealing with non-sticky, casino welcome bonus, low wagering reward.

High Roller Bonus

If you’re depositing a high amount in one go and are looking for the best first deposit bonus casino, make sure to pick one that offers a high roller bonus. This is usually a variation of the first deposit bonus, adapted for higher amounts. For example, if a standard casino deposit bonus is set at 100% up to €200, a high roller bonus can go up to €1,000. In some cases, the high roller bonus can come with a slightly better percentage as well, however, the main idea behind it is not to limit the players that would usually deposit much more than the maximum amount of the bonus.

No Bonus

Yes, you read that headline right. Sometimes, the best casino bonus is no bonus. May sound like an anecdote but we can assure you that’s not the case. If you’re not a big fan of wagering requirements, or always having to check Terms and Conditions to make sure you’re not dealing with a sticky bonus, just playing with your own funds is a solution as well. Of course, just as we mentioned in the introduction, there are players out there looking for the biggest casino bonus that can’t picture playing casino games without a bonus. However, it’s an alternative for those that want to take their shot at the slots or table games without strings attached. You are sure that what you win is immediately withdrawable and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What are Bonus Wagering Requirements?

You must’ve noticed by now that even the best online casino sign-up bonus comes with wagering requirements in most cases. There are only a handful of casinos out there that don’t apply wagering requirements on their bonuses and that only happens for the first deposit bonus. However, all others use wagering requirements as some sort of safety net. While they allow you to improve your winning chances by giving you up to 500% bonuses on your first deposit, or seriously boosting other deposits, they also need a way to make withdrawing not so facile. The wagering requirements came as the answer to this dilemma. The wagering requirements tell the number of times you need to bet the bonus you received before being able to withdraw.For a clear example, let’s consider you claimed a 100% bonus with 30x wagering requirements with a €20 deposit. Now, your balance is €40, however, before you can withdraw the cash balance, you will have to wager ( place bets in total value of this amoun ) €20 x 30 = €600. Even though it may seem like a lot, you must not see the €600 as an amount you have to lose. For example, when you place a €5 bet, €5 is deducted from the wagering requirements and you can win another €100 on that, giving you enough balance to place other 20 €5 bets. And so on, until the wagering requirements are met and you can withdraw your balance. The wagering requirements are most of the time applied to the bonus amount only. However, some casinos out there still apply it to the deposited amount as well, which makes it even harder to request a withdrawal. The online casinos we recommend on our page of top casino bonus offers are only applying the wagering requirements on the bonus amount.

What is the Biggest Casino Bonus?

Defining the biggest casino bonus is quite subjective because every player likes different things when it comes to bonuses. However, generally speaking, a big bonus is one that comes with an above-average percentage or with a generous amount of free spins. For example, King Billy casino gives you the opportunity to start with a €1,000 welcome bonus and 200 free spins to go with that. LeoVegas also comes with a welcome package that enables you to double your first four deposits and comes with 200 free spins. However, these 200 spins offered by LeoVegas aren’t your regular spins. These are cashspins, meaning that all the winnings from them go directly to your cash balance, with no wagering requirements attached.If you’re after a really generous percentage bonus, the 200% match bonus offered by Dream Vegas will certainly catch your attention. Not only that you get this high percentage bonus that can go up to €400 but the wagering requirements are among the lowest among casinos with such an appealing first deposit deal. And since we spoke about a high roller bonus earlier, it’s time to see one in action. Spin Rider is the online casino that offers it as their standard first deposit bonus. A 200% up to €3,000 is up for grabs by all new players registering an account here.

Can I Get a Bonus Only for Live Casino?

Of course! If most casinos design their offers for either online slots or table games, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great deposit bonus for live dealer games. LeoVegas is one of the best online casinos out there offering an up to €500 bonus destined for live casino games. Of course, this bonus wouldn’t be available without the innovation from Evolution Gaming, making it possible for players to enjoy the live dealer tables with bonus funds as well. Keep in mind that the wagering requirements for live casino games are usually higher than the bonuses for table games and slots.

What You Should Look Out Before Signing up for a Casino Bonus

NonAfter going through the most common types of bonuses, you should have a clear idea of what’s the right one for your style. However, before we end this article, we want to give you a final bullet list with things you should check out before you commit to a certain bonus.
  • Always pick a non-sticky bonus - maybe you’re not playing for that big win necessarily. However, withdrawal is always welcomed when enjoying casino games. To avoid the situation in which you won’t be able to select a withdrawal, always go with a non-sticky bonus.
  • Check shelf life - sometimes a great bonus comes with a very short validity period. Always check its shelf life before committing to it, especially if we’re talking about a high-percentage bonus. Otherwise, there’s a good chance you won’t have enough time to finish the wagering requirements before it expires.
  • Check wagering requirements - no matter how appealing a bonus can be, ALWAYS check the Terms and Conditions and especially the wagering requirements. There’s no point in claiming a huge bonus if the wagering requirements are above standard.
  • See what games are eligible - especially for free spins bonuses - but with match rewards as well - you get a list of games that you can play with the given bonus. Make sure to check this list and see if your favorite games are on it. Otherwise, playing a great bonus on games you don’t like can lead to a frustrating experience
  • Check if your payment is accepted - especially when claiming a first deposit bonus, make sure that the payment method you’re about to use is accepted by the casino. Most ewallets, especially Neteller or Skrill will not award you the first deposit bonus in the vast majority of casinos.

Non Sticky Bonus Casinos

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