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ARENA store (shopping center Spartak, Lviv) ARENA store (shopping center Spartak, Lviv) See all works. Levi’s store, Karavan mall, Kharkov 0605. Spartak ('Spartacus') is the name of a sports society which existed in the former Soviet Union (see Spartak (sports society)) and other socialist countries. For some history of the Moscow club see FC Spartak Moscow.

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  1. Ingredients for Spartak Cream: 2 sticks (16 Tbsp) butter, softened at room temp 1 can sweetened condensed milk 8 oz package cream cheese, softened at room temp 8 oz tub cool whip, fully thawed (or make your own by beating 1 cup of whipping cream with 1.5 Tbsp powdered sugar) How to Make Spartak Cake Layers: 1.
  2. FK Spartak Moscow FC Krasnodar 2.39 3.32 3.01 +147. 08/03 Monday 1 X 2 03:00. PFK Arsenal Tula. FC Lviv 1.28 5.40 9.80 +140. FC Ingulets Kolos Kovalivka.

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Spartak ('Spartacus') is the name of a sports society which existed in the former Soviet Union (see Spartak (sports society)) and other socialist countries. For some history of the Moscow club see FC Spartak Moscow. Since the breakup of the USSR, many Spartak teams have kept their names, while usually becoming independent entities.

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Today, Spartak may refer, for instance, to:

In Russia:

  • FC Spartak Moscow, a Russian football team
  • PFC Spartak Nalchik, a Russian football team
  • FC Spartak Vladikavkaz, a Russian football team
  • HC Spartak Moscow, a Russian ice hockey team
  • Spartak Saint Petersburg, a Russian basketball team
  • Spartak Tennis Club, an elite training ground for young Russian tennis players
  • WBC Spartak Moscow Region, a Russian women's basketball team
Spartak Lviv

In Ukraine':

  • Spartak Ivano-Frankivsk, a Ukrainian football team
  • Zakarpattia Uzhhorod, used to be called Spartak Uzhhorod

In Bulgaria:

  • PFC Spartak Varna, a Bulgarian football team
  • PFC Spartak Pleven, a Bulgarian football team
  • FC Spartak Plovdiv, a Bulgarian football team
  • Spartak Sofia, a former Bulgarian football team

Kung fu symbol for fire. In Serbia

  • FK Spartak Ljig, a Serbian football club
  • FK Spartak Subotica, a Serbian football team

In Slovakia:

Spartak Lviv

Spartak Lion Cub

  • FC Spartak Trnava, a Slovak football team
  • TJ Spartak Myjava, a Slovak football team
  • FK Spartak Vráble, a Slovak football team
  • FK Spartak Bánovce nad Bebravou, a Slovak football team

In other countries

  • Spartak '96 F.C., an English football team -
  • Barnt Green Spartak F.C., an English football team
  • Spartak (Cape Verde), a Cape Verdean football team
  • FC Spartak Semey, a Kazakh football team
  • Budapesti Spartacus, a Hungarian sport club (
  • Spartak - a German rock band

Other meanings

  • Spartacus (ballet) by Aram Khachaturian

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Spartak Lviv

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