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The secret of the gold sovereign hides behind centuries of history: the golden sovereign has the heritage of a great nation and the size of the greatest empire in the world. These pieces have been produced in many parts of the world, often travelling around the world and representing the crown.

They were the seal of the main commercial power of the world until the beginning of the 20th century. Filled with history and emotions, the Gold Sovereign is an option of choice for investors and collectors of coins. The sovereign is a gold coin from the United Kingdom that had the value of one pound sterling.

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It was used as a legal tender from 1817, but presently it is just a bullion coin that is sometimes mounted in jewellery.

  • The coin was first designed during King Henry VII of England. The first design has the then ruler of Britain face on one side, and the reverse has the royal coat of arms on a shield surrounded by a Tudor double rose.
  • Another design of the coin includes the initials of the designer, Benedetto Pistrucci and a design of Saint George slaying a dragon on the other side. This design was done during the time of William IV, Victoria, George IV and Elizabeth II.

The name gold sovereign comes from the fact that the coin has a royal portrait on the face. Initially, when the coin was minted, it was hardly used because most people were using banknotes. However, when the banknotes were limited by law, the coin became popular. It not only became a popular circulating coin, but it was also recognized in the international market as a legal tender. The gold sovereign got its name from the royal household of Britain.

Gold Sovereigns were used not only in Britain

These gold coins were not only used in Britain as it spread to almost all part of the world. As mentioned earlier, it became recognised internationally, and it became a predominant means of monetary exchange from 1818 to the early 1900s. During this period, as the British Empire expanded, the mint factories that produced these coins were opened in different parts of the world.

Cities like:

  • Pretoria,
  • Bombay,
  • Ottawa

and some other places that were under the British rule were also producing the sovereign coin. This was done to make sure there is enough supply of the British gold sovereign available for trade.

The original British gold sovereigns were 23-carat gold and weighed 240 grains. At the time of King Henry VIII, the purity of the coin was reduced to 22 carats of gold, which in both cases is the standard gold coin of the United States and the United Kingdom. This gold-plated alloy comprises 22 parts of gold and two parts of copper. The alloy had not changed since then, except in 1887, when silver was used instead of copper in the mix.

In the course of history, the weight of the British sovereign in gold was reduced several times until 1816. The Great Law of Recovery established the weight of the British gold sovereign at exactly 113 grains, where it stayed for almost two centuries.

Over a period of a little over two hundred years, from 1604 to 1817, the British gold sovereign was removed from production and replaced by a series of coins, notably Unites, Laurels and Broads, and finally Guinea. Although more than a billion gold coins have been forged throughout history, this number is not a true record of the availability of these coins, as it was common for Victorian banks to withdraw the deteriorated coins from circulation to be melted and rebuilt. In addition to this practice, it was common for foreign governments to cast coins and convert them into gold bars.

Because of these practices, the true representation of British gold sovereigns cannot be determined, as the modern gold British sovereigns could consist of gold from ruined pieces.

Modern British gold sovereigns have been minted since 2000 only at the Royal Mint of Llantrisant, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales. These parts are minted under the watchful supervision of the Department of Defense police in a sealed area of ​​the Mint.

What are the Gold Sovereigns worth today and what does it depend on?

Currently, the gold sovereign value depends on the weight. Some people that are fortunate to inherit a large amount of this bullion coin may not know the actual value of a gold sovereign. The sovereign coin price as said earlier depends on the weight because as explained in previous paragraphs, the size of the gold was reduced from period to period.

If you are looking for how much are gold sovereigns worth today, you are at the right place to get the answer because this article will give you the breakdown of sovereign coin price and also serve as a gold sovereign price guide. However, before we talk about the price, you should know that gold sovereign coin is so named because it is made of gold. Pokerstars casino uk. Although it is not entirely gold, which is why there are different prices; you should be aware of the fact that irrespective of the type, every gold sovereign coin has quite a worth.

As the price of gold rises, so does a proportional increase in the value of a gold sovereign. Gold sovereigns can be found in several denominations, and each comes with a relative nominal value.

They are usually identified with different names, and they include:

  • The five sovereign or £5 gold crown, this weights 39.96, and the gold content of the coin is 36.609. It is sold at the rate of £1,124.13
  • The double sovereign or £2 weights 15.99; the gold content is 14.674. It is sold at the rate of £449.96
  • The full sovereign is weighing 7.99 with a gold content of 7.314. It is sold at the rate of £224.68
  • The half sovereign is weighing 3.99 with a gold content of 3.656. It is sold at the rate of £112.34
  • The smallest size is the quarter sovereign that weighs 2 and has a gold content of 1.832. It is sold at the rate of £56.28

These values indicate the different amount of gold used in minting these coins relative to other materials.

The fact that sovereigns are considered semi-numismatic coins (an interesting point for coin collectors) of course means that certain sovereigns of a given year are worth even more than their value in precious metals. The demand of these sovereigns is greatly increased by certain factors such as the scarcity, specific design or by the sovereign or mint branch in which they were produced.

Older sovereign coins tend to earn more value in good condition and thus tend to receive a premium from collectors. Collections can also be done in sets, for example by date, ruler, size or country of origin. Since sovereigns were invented for a long time in different places, the anomalies are numerous, an example of which includes identifying letters for several mints, coins with imperfections, and unique design. While this is of particular interest to collectors of some sovereigns, it should be borne in mind that this is not necessarily more valuable in itself, since a precious metals dealer always values a precious metal coin for his pure metal content.

Where to sell your Gold Sovereigns?

The information provided above has answered the question of how much gold sovereigns are worth today, and it has also thrown more light on gold sovereign value. However, this value may not be absolute as it depends on where you are going to buy or sell your gold sovereign. Nevertheless, these values will serve as a guide on how much a gold sovereign is worth.

If you have a gold sovereign, and you’re considering selling it, you need to find a place where you will get maximum value for it without getting cheated because you can actually get shortchanged if you don’t know how to go about it. is a platform where you can trade your coins without getting worried about being scammed, and of course, you will also get the best value on your gold sovereign. See it for yourself by contacting us!

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(sŏv′ər-ĭn, sŏv′rĭn)n.1. One that exercises supreme, permanent authority, especially in a nation or other governmental unit, as:
a. A king, queen, or other noble person who serves as chief of state; a ruler or monarch.
2. A nation that governs territory outside its borders.
1. Self-governing; independent: a sovereign state.
2. Having supreme rank or power: a sovereign prince.
3. Paramount; supreme: Her sovereign virtue is compassion.
a. Of superlative strength or efficacy: a sovereign remedy.
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(ˈsɒvrɪn) n
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person exercising supreme authority, esp a monarch
2. (Currencies) a former British gold coin worth one pound sterling
3. supreme in rank or authority: a sovereign lord.
5. of, relating to, or characteristic of a sovereign
6. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) independent of outside authority: a sovereign state.
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2. a person who has sovereign power or authority.
3. a body of persons or a state having sovereign authority.
4. a gold coin of the United Kingdom, equal to one pound sterling: went out of circulation after 1914.
5. belonging to or characteristic of a sovereign or sovereignty; royal.
7. supreme; preeminent; indisputable: sovereign power; a sovereign right.
9. being above all others in character, importance, excellence, etc.
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Noun1.sovereign - a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right
crowned head, monarch
Carlovingian, Carolingian - a member of the Carolingian dynasty
czar, tsar, tzar - a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)
chief of state, head of state - the chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government
king, male monarch, Rex - a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; 'swayer of the universe'
Shah, Shah of Iran - title for the former hereditary monarch of Iran
Adj.1.sovereign - (of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces; 'an autonomous judiciary'; 'a sovereign state'
free - able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint; 'free enterprise'; 'a free port'; 'a free country'; 'I have an hour free'; 'free will'; 'free of racism'; 'feel free to stay as long as you wish'; 'a free choice'
2.sovereign - greatest in status or authority or power; 'a supreme tribunal'
dominant - exercising influence or control; 'television plays a dominant role in molding public opinion'; 'the dominant partner in the marriage'
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1.independent, autonomous, self-governing, free, non-aligned, self-determiningThe Russian Federation declared itself to be a sovereign republic.
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3.excellent, valuable, efficient, helpful, reliable, worthwhile, unfailing, efficacious, effectualwild garlic, a sovereign remedy in any healer's chest
1.monarch, ruler, king or queen, chief, shah, potentate, supreme ruler, emperor or empress, prince or princess, tsar or tsarinathe first British sovereign to set foot on Spanish soil
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Having political independence:
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fullvaldakonungur; drottning


1. (= supreme) → soberano
with sovereign contemptcon soberanodesprecio
2. (= self-governing) → soberano
sovereign stateestadomsoberano
2. (Hist) (= coin) → soberanom
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n(= monarch)Souveränm, → Herrscher(in)m(f); (Brit, old: = coin) → 20-Shilling-Münzef
(= supreme)höchste(r, s), oberste(r, s); state, powersouverän; contempttiefste(r, s), äußerste(r, s); the sovereign power of the Popedie Oberhoheit des Papstes; our sovereign Lord the King(old)unser gnädiger Herr, der König
a sovereign remedy(lit, fig)ein Allheilmittelnt(for gegen)
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(ˈsovrin) noun
a king or queen. koning, koningin مَلِك أو مَلِكَه върховен глава soberano panovník, -ice der Souverän monark ανώτατος άρχοντας, ηγεμόναςsoberano monarh پادشاه؛ ملكه monarkki souverain/-aine מלך, מלכה अधिराट, अधिराज, शासक vladar, monarh uralkodó raja atau ratu konungur; drottning sovrano 君主 군주 valdovas, suverenas monarhs; valdnieks raja vorst konge/dronning władca پادشاه soberano su­veran монарх panovník, -čka, vládca vladar vladar monark, regent ผู้มีอำนาจสูงสุดของประเทศ hükümdar 君主,國王 монарх مطلق العنان فرماں روا، بادشاہ nữ hoàng, hoàng đế 君主,国王,元首

Sovereigns Definition

(of a country) self-governing. a sovereign state. selfregerend ذات سِيادَه независим soberano suverénní souverän selvstændig αυτόνομος, ανεξάρτητοςsoberano iseseisev, sõltumatu خود مختار täysivaltainen souverainריבונות प्रभुसत्ता-सम्पन्न, सर्वसत्ताक nezavisan, suveren szuverén berdaulat fullvalda sovrano 独立の 자치의, 독립의 suverenus suverēns berdaulat soevereinsuveren, selvstendigsuwerenny پادشاه soberano suveran суверенный suverénny samostojen suveren suverän เกี่ยวกับอำนาจสูงสุด bağımsız, egemen 獨立自主的 суверенний, незалежний خود مختار có chủ quyền 独立自主的
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