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Welcome to my Solitaire Cashore review.

Recently while testing out a few new games, I came across this new game.

It seems to be another solitaire themed game where users can make money.

Now I say this early on, I am not clued up on the Solitaire game and don’t really play it as I used to years ago.

However what I saw from the advert is that they are saying you can make money, and as a result, there is going to be many people wanting to know if this is true.

If you have downloaded the Solitaire Cashore game under the premise that you will get rewarded, then I would encourage you to read this post until the very end.

There are a number of aspects that users aren’t aware of, maybe including yourself, so I am going to highlight them here.

Solitaire Cashore Review Summary

  • Owner: Tuyoo Games
  • What Are They?: Solitaire Game
  • My Worth It Rating: 3/5

What Is Solitaire Cashore?

Solitaire Cashore like the name suggests is a game based around the classic Solitaire game. There are a few variations that have based around this type I have been able to review.

This includes Solitaire Tripeaks and Solitaire Real, the latter of which is made by the same developer as the game I will be talking about today. These people go by Tuyoo Games and are one of the most well-known game developers when it comes to creating making money apps.

I say this because they do get high numbers but aren’t exactly popular since they get lots of complaints in regards to payments, but they do have lots of games to their name. To list a few you have:

Solitaire Cashore is fully released on the Google Play Store and while it was launched on the 30th of October it has 100 thousand installs in a quick space of time.

How Does It Work?

There are 121 chapters and within each one, you have 10 levels to complete.

From the second you start Solitare Cashore you are taken through a tutorial on how to complete these levels and play the game.

Here is an image of level 1:

There are three rows of cards along with a deck, the objective for you is just like it says above choose cards either one lower or one higher then the hand card.


For that above example, they are all in order so you can tap 9,10, J, Q, K, A, 2, and that will reveal the cards in the second row.

However, it won’t always be so easy, as there won’t always be a card that is one lower or higher. If this happens you will need to flip a card from the deck.

There are only so many cards in the deck though, so if you run out of them you will need to exchange 2500 coins or watch a video to be given another 5 cards.

At this point you probably get the idea of the game, you need to collect all the cards and put them into the deck. Doing this will unlock the passage to the next level.

This while also unlocking cash bonuses which I will get onto in the next section of the Solitare Cashore review.

When Can You Cash Out?

The money can be made within levels and by completing them too.

If you noticed in the images above some of the cards have cash on the corners of them.

Not each one does but if you collect that card into the deck you will receive a small bonus.

Along with that and this will be familiar if you have tried any other Tuyoo Game is you will get a level bonus.

These are the same as the games I listed above, where you can get $10+ for completing the first sets of levels.

This is before the money starts to go down as this inevitable.

How Do They Pay?

Once you have completed a few Solitaire Cashore levels you will have some money in the bank and therefore will be interested in trying to cash it out.

Well if you click on the cash icon in the top left corner it will take you to the balance tab, where you are presented with two different means of cashing out.

You can either exchange for an Amazon voucher or a PayPal card, you will need $150 click to redeem.

What You Need To Know About

1. Big There Game Up

I have become used to Tuyoo Game adverts since their advertising is distinctive to other apps. In these adverts, they often talk about how their games are different from others that don’t let your payout, and how this game will win you real money.

They have done this for every game they have released targeting those who are frustrated with playing other earning apps and then converting them to their one that also doesn’t pay.

Solitaire Game That Pays Real Money Online

Essentially Tuyoo Games are just exploiting people who have fallen for these scams already, it’s the reason why 100 thousand installs is easy for them to do.

But what you need to understand with not just these adverts but ones from other companies saying the same things is all the promises they make are false.

None of these companies could care less about helping you earn money, they just want to help themselves and get as much as they can.

2. Are You Serious Tuyoo Games?

Now going off the first point with the claims they say about you being able to receive actual money, let me tell you it’s not doable. Joy casino no deposit bonus 2019.

In-game you will likely earn quite a lot of money to begin with, in my case I got 15 dollars and 48 cents, if which I barely broke a sweat to get.

However, there is no chance I will get it or any of the users will because the threshold is considerably high at $150.

But the minimum amount set is irrelevant in this case as my best guess is that this game is just like any other one released by these people in that they don’t give anything to their users.

This threshold is in place to encourage you to keep playing the game, the longer you play the more these companies gain from you with the ads.

So even if the amount to get paid was $10 and you got that for completing the first stage then even if you redeemed it you would never get it.

A common misconception is that people believe these games should payout, but if any user looked at the terms it states clearly that virtual money has no value and therefore it only makes sense that it cant be redeemed.


This game is presented by its owners as a game that isn’t like any other and will help you earn actual money just through playing a game. Now, this just doesn’t go for Solitaire Cashore but for all Tuyoo games, as none of them do but they are all consistent with their false promises.

It’s for this reason that I recommend for any of you who became intrigued by their pitch in the ad that you don’t go ahead and get the game to make money.

If you do you will not only be disappointed but you will join a lot of frustrated users are getting to high levels within the game but only receiving cents that cant even be withdrawn.

On its own, the game isn’t actually too bad but it’s the financial aspect and of course the lies made by the owners that deter me away.

Solitaire Game That Pays Real Money Glitch

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They won’t make you lots but they can get you some extra income coming in for you.

Solitaire Game That Pays Real Money Bills

Closing Off

Thanks for reading my Solitaire Cashore review! I do hope it’s helped you out.

Solitaire Cash Games

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below 🙂