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The Great Rhino Megaways slot game sees a firm player favourite (Great Rhino) revamped along with its creator, Pragmatic Play, being given a licence to use Big Time Gaming’s Megaways pay system. As a result, Great Rhino Megaways offers way more than your average mobile slot. The Rhino is the Wild, as expected. The Scatter is the Rhino Coin. Free Great Rhino Megaways Online Slot Paylines, Betlines, RTP As it is a Megaways slot, Great Rhino offers players with up to 200704 ways to win. Winning is made by matching symbols on the reels. There are 6 reels and plenty of possibilities.

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  • FeatureFree Spins Feature Slots
  • TypeVideo Slots
  • SoftwarePragmatic Play
  • Reels6
  • Paylines200,704
  • RTP96.58%
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The Great Rhino’s Entrance

The Great Rhino Megaways slot machine is a sequel to the hit casino game developed by Pragmatic Play. Experience the deepest vastness of the Savannah by living it up with the big animals, all apart of the kingdom belonging to the Great Rhino Megaways slot machine. Here the players can have fun and enjoy themselves with all your favourite wildlife companions appearing on a 6×3 grid. Compete against the critters for a chance of winning the golden horn by landing a right combination on one of 200,704 paylines. In the Great Rhino Megaways slot machine, there are bigger chances than ever to take it right off his nose.

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Pragmatic Play is excited to announce the slot machine Great Rhino Megaways after the success of the original game. Players loved the setting and bonuses that came with it. Now they can enjoy more special prizes included in the updated version of the slot machine Great Rhino Megaways. More chances to win high-scoring prizes can be yours when you are up to play this slot machine. Now available from all Pragmatic Play operators and licenced areas that allow full gambling registration.

What Does the Great Rhino Megaways Slot Game Reveal?

The Great Rhino Megaways slot game has a ton of new things to offer players when they come to visit the Savannah. In the farthest reaches of the African landscape, players will enjoy the authentic nature and desert areas that bring the heat of Africa right to your doorstep. In the comfort of your own room, you can experience an African adventure when you get to play Great Rhino Megaways slot game. There are tons of lovable animals to help you on your journey as well as a few tricks from them to give you a boost in odds for when you are playing. It is full of surprises to keep you on your toes for when the moment counts.

As for the gameplay, this one has a ton of new features for you to try out for yourself. Most importantly are the Megaways themselves, giving you ample opportunity to find a way to grab that magnificent golden horn of his. The gameplay elements of the Great Rhino Megaways online slot are as followed:

  • Being a six-reel video slot is the added feature of having the Megaways introduced into the game. Now the number of paylines has increased to 200,704, giving players a substantial amount of different ways for them to land a combination on and win themselves tons of prizes.
  • Cascading wins is another prominent feature when you play Great Rhino Megaways slot game. Cascading wins means that when a win has been scored, the symbols used in that combination will be replaced by the symbols above it. The symbols above that will keep falling until the top ones get replaced by entirely new symbols altogether. Cascading wins can trigger another possible win, meaning prizes can be chained together so long as a possible combination has been made.
  • The Great Rhino is the Wild of the game, which can act as a substitute for any other symbol in the game and fill in gaps for possible combinations. The Scatter of the game is his luxurious golden horn, which can reward you with free spins depending on how many you land. Up to a possible 15 free spins can be won.
  • The number of free spins will also determine the multiplier you receive on top of it. A choice of 15 free spins will only give you a multiplier of 1x, amounting to the same wins you receive normally. Five free spins, however, will reward you with a 10x multiplier. When you play Great Rhino Megaways slot game, a mystery choice will also be made available for when you wish to have a random number of free spins and a random multiplier, mixing together rewards you can receive.
  • If you wish to take even bigger risks, you can now place what’s called an Ante Bet. This lets you automatically increase your bet to 25 but makes Scatter symbols appear more frequently – bigger risks for better chances.

The RTP of the game is currently calculated at around 96.58%. For what the actual payouts are in the Great Rhino Megaways online slot, here is the full breakdown. Results are shown with the minimal bet made, ranging from three of a kind to six of a kind.

Symbol Description Symbol Value (3x to 6x)
The basic paying symbols are the traditional card numbers found in most casinos online. These are stylised in the jungle aesthetic, giving you the feeling of being in Africa with every win received.10, J, Q: 0.20 – 2.00
K, A: 0.40 – 3.00
The second tier of symbols is the various animals that live in the jungle. Many of these have their own border around and background, making them all unique.Flamingo: 0.40 – 3.00
Hyena: 0.60 – 4.00Crocodile: 0.60 – 5.00
The highest tier of symbols is the two most powerful animals in the jungle that rule alongside the main character and his regimen. The Gorilla and the Cheetah are strong and powerful, as their prizes.Gorilla: 2.00 – 10.00
Cheetah: 4.00 – 100.00

Game Slot Great Rhino Megaways

Can I Play Great Rhino Megaways Slot Online for Free?

You can play the demo version by visiting the official website for Pragmatic Play or by contacting any review site like this one that has the game made in demo format. Great Rhino Megaways free online slot is readily available for players to enjoy the content without having any of your real money be played in the process. Free gaming allows a comfortable way to learn the rules and become better acquainted with how it plays. The Great Rhino Megaways free online slot can be downloaded now. Note that to play the free online Great Rhino Megaways slot machine, you will need to have the correct software and processing power to do so.

Tips to Play for Real Money

The online Great Rhino Megaways slot machine can be viewed from hundreds of different casinos, ones that allow you to be able to play the game for real money. You can view this list of casinos connected to Pragmatic Play by visiting their website or from our own list of top-rated casinos. Many of these casinos will have this game in both mobile and desktop forms. Utilise their unique bonuses with each casino to give you more benefits whilst you are playing and better chances upon entry.

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Is the Online Great Rhino Megaways Slot Machine Safe?

The slot is about as safe as you can get thanks to the developer’s various official licences. These companies will do everything in their power to pull through and make sure that players who bet their own money engage in fair gameplay. The encryption software is utilised fully and safely for the player’s benefit. The licences give complete supervision to ensure fairness with the game and for everyone else involved.

Interesting Facts about the Game

The game is heavily based on the luxurious White Rhino. These are commonly known as the second-largest mammal in existence, originating from the Ol Pejeta province in Kenya. That is on the official endangered list of animals needing saving, and it calculated there are less than 17,000 still around. They are exceedingly rare and make the most prominent figure to be used for the game. Both are celebrating the creature and its greatness whilst also making players aware of their place in our big world.

The Conclusion

The Great Rhino Megaways slot game contains everything that you can want from a game that delivers classic casino fun with a unique African twist. The big rhino makes an incredible mascot, and adding the golden horn delivers a nice prize that you can always hope to achieve. The free spins and multipliers allow the player to customize their own difficulty and let them choose how they wish to proceed. They can also take that extra step with the Ante Bet, allowing more veteran payers to try playing with just a touch of extra risk. The game truly encourages that the harder you work, the greater rewards you receive, just like the lifestyle of the Great Rhino himself.


Does the Game Have Free Spins?

There are four total choices of free spins which you can use. Each option has a different multiplier. The fewer spins there are, the higher the multiplier.

Is the Game Available for Free Online?

There is a free Great Rhino Megaways slot machine online for players to enjoy the demo without having to bet anything different.

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What Casinos Are There Where I Can Play for Real?

Check out the list of partners made from the provider so that you can see what great deals you can take to play the game with added benefits.

Should I Download This Slot to Play?

Demo Slot Pragmatic Great Rhino Megaways

If you enjoy Megaways styled slots, then this one is the right one for you. Downloading this slot can help you get the hang of free spin choices and the number of paylines you can win off.