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Siru Mobile is a mobile payment solution developed in Finland in 2011, and currently available to customers in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK. It was conceived as a fast, simple and secure way to make small and medium sized purchases online using a mobile phone.

Mobile payment platforms are rapidly increasing in popularity, reflecting the fact that the majority of people now own a mobile phone. Consumers appreciate the ease and convenience of making payments with a device that they carry with them at all times. In addition, the system offered by Siru Mobile is extremely secure, as it doesn’t require the user to share any sensitive banking details either with the platform or with the vendor.

Siru Wallet
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  2. Siru is a mobile payment provider, founded in 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. Like most mobile payment processors around the world, the company has seen consistent growth as smartphones and other mobile devices continue to proliferate throughout society.

Siru Mobile is a mobile payments method based in Finland. How to bet hockey games. They are one of the pioneers in developing cloud-based payment systems, which can be experienced through Siru’s Pay By SMS function. Siru Mobile is the Twitter of digital payments and it uses the good old SMS to process its payments.

There are plenty of different ways to pay using your mobile, many of which involve storing credit or debit card information, or the use of a dedicated app. The team of developers at Siru Mobile identified what at the time was a gap in the market – a simple and secure mobile payment option that did not include any of these.

Siru Mobile is what’s known as a direct carrier billing system. All that is needed is a valid mobile phone number, either with a monthly contract or a pay-as-you-go balance. When selecting to pay using Siru Mobile, the amount will either be added to the next mobile phone bill, or it will be deducted from the available balance. There is no need to set up an account or download an app.

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Due to its security and convenience, Siru Mobile is becoming a popular way to make deposits at online casinos. More and more casinos in the available countries are adding Siru as a way to pay. First, you need to sign up at a casino which supports this payment method – for example, the best Finnish Siru mobile casinos can be found here.

When making a deposit, simply navigate to the payments page and make your selection. You will be prompted to provide your mobile phone number and decide the amount to deposit. A verification code will be provided via SMS, which is then valid for 24 hours. Upon making a call to Siru Mobile and using this code, the transaction will be completed.

There are several advantages to using this method of payment at an online casino. As well as convenience and security, the processing time is almost instantaneous and so there is no waiting for the money to appear on your account.

It is also an ideal method if you wish to set limits on the amount that you deposit at a casino account. Each transaction is limited to a maximum of 60 euro, and there is a monthly limit of 300 euro per customer. You can also track all your activity at the Siru Mobile website, so that you have a record of all your transactions and are aware how much will be added to your mobile bill. Note that this is a deposit-only method, so any withdrawals must be made via another platform.

Some users also have the option of using Siru Wallet, which works in a similar way to other e-wallets. Money is deposited in the wallet via a phone call, and can then be used at any website accepting Siru Mobile payments. Some users prefer to use this option as it can be another way to set limits on spending.

Siru Wallet For Checkbook

Siru Mobile does charge some small transaction fees, which vary depending on the payment being made. These charges are always clearly stated before the payment is authorised by the user.

Siru Wallet Account

The team at Siru Mobile are also dedicated to providing an excellent user experience, as well as accessible and effective customer support. They have been recognised for their quality in these areas, receiving nominations for customer experience at tech industry awards.

Although it is currently only available in four countries, Siru are expanding the scope of where their payment system can be used. They also hope to branch out into other territories as they continue to grow the brand.

At present, as well as an online casino payment solution, Siru Mobile is a popular method when paying for restaurant meals or food ordered online. In Finland, they are also included as one of the ways in which to pay for public transportation tickets.

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Overall, Siru Mobile is a mobile payment method with many advantages. It is fast, secure and simple to use, with no need to create an account or share any banking details. All that a user needs is a mobile which can send and receive SMS, and a contract or pay-as-you-go subscription that supports the service. Some mobile service providers are not yet compatible with Siru Mobile, so customers wishing to pay this way should check if it is available to them.