Shibuya 88 Slot

Posted : admin On 06.03.2021

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Product Information


The top-of-the-line recurve sight, featuring every feature you’ve ever dreamed of. ULTIMA RC PRO’s radically redesigned carbon extension redefines vibration elimination.

Polygonal Carbon Extension【Patent pending】

ULTIMA RC PRO’s carbon extension features a radical new design redefining vibration elimination.
The ultimate goal of eliminating vibration through the shape of the carbon extension lead us to a fishing pole taper shape. Through it, ULTIMA RC PRO is able to eliminate most of the unnecessary vibration on the shot.
In simulations, the Polygonal Carbon Extension produces 87% less initial vibrations than the conventional shape.
Additionally, SHIBUYA has applied the concept of 'spine' to the extension, tailoring to a wide variety of archers' desired shooting feel by including two different stiffnesses of the Polygonal Carbon Extension in the lineup.
By targeting vibration not only through material, but also shape, ULTIMA RC PRO offers a shooting feel like never before.

Redesigned Mounting System

ULTIMA RC PRO features a brand-new mounting mechanism to achieve a more secure lock than ever.
By increasing the knob's diameter, and maximizing the contact area with the carbon extension, ULTIMA RC PRO's mount achieves a rattle-proof lock with less effort required than ever. Never worry about the knob coming loose again with this simple yet secure mounting system!

Sight Scale Plates

Both sides of ULTIMA RC PRO’s elevation bar feature metal sight scale plates. Each ULTIMA RC PRO includes a standard scale plate, as well as a blank plate for a printed tape. Left and right are interchangeable, to fit any archer’s preferred shooting style.

Redesigned Sight Pin Locker

ULTIMA RC PRO features a redesigned sight pin locker with a toolless thumb screw. Enjoy an effortless shooting experience that not only improves usability, but cuts down on the time needed for adjustments by eliminating the hex wrench for adjustments.

Double Mount & Minimized Elevation Bar

Introducing the double position mounting system. This revolutionary mount enabled us to reduce the elevation bar's length to the absolute minimum, drastically reducing the sight's target side weight. This weigt reduction results in the virtual elimination of vibration and shock upon the shot. The double mount ULTIMA PRO is the pinnacle of SHIBUYA's focus on vibration reduction!

TypeSingle Mount

520 Elevation
Double Mount

320 Elevation
Double Mount

250 Elevation
Extension Bar9' Polygonal Carbon Extension Type:A or B
Extension Bar TypeType:AType:BType:AType:BType:AType:B
Mass Weight233g221g221g208g212g200g
Aperture Distance(APD)MAX 249mm MIN 189mm
ElevationAdjustment ModelScrew Drive with No-Lock Quick Adjust Function
Length132mm(approx. 5.2')81.3mm(approx. 3.2')63.5mm(approx. 2.5')
Adjustable Range107mm59.7mm41.9mm
Adjustment Increments1回転 1/24'(approx. 1mm)
1click 1/480'(approx. 0.05mm)
Tilt Adjustmentavailable
WindageAdjustable Range5.4mm
Adjustment Increments1/32' per revolution(approx. 0.8mm)
1/640' per click(approx. 0.04mm)
CompatibleNo.8-32 threaded sight pins
ExtensionLength225mm(approx. 9')
Adjustable Range2.4'(60mm)
Adjustable Increments0.5'(12.7mm)
MaterialElevation6000 series aluminum alloy
Windage Unit6000 series aluminum alloy
ExtensionCarbon Fiber
Release Date2020年
Included AccessoriesSoft Sight Case
No.10-24 mount screws
Hex Wrenches 1.5㎜/2.5㎜/3㎜
Blank sight tape
Instructions Sheet
Warranty card, parts diagram
Separately available options220 Elevation Bar、60㎜ Double Mount

Product Information


【Patent pending】

Developed in cooperation with Japanese leading sports manufacturer MIZUNO, MZS is SHIBUYA's most sophisticated stabilizer system to date.

MZS is composed of aircraft-grade, high elasticity 60t carbon fiber to achieve exceptional rigidity, and incorporates vibration damping material weaved into the carbon layers of the stabilizer pipe. This enables it to achieve exceptional damping properties while maintaining its high rigidity.
At the same time, its slim 14mm diameter minimizes the effects of outside influences such as wind drag. Experience outstanding performance from aiming to follow through, made possible by the state-of-the-art carbon technology incorporated in MZS.

The ULTIMA EXTENDER combines SHIBUYA’s proven DirectLink construction with High Modulus carbon to achieve an optimal level of stiffness.


Lengths30' / 28”/ 26'
15' / 12' / 11' / 10'
Mass Weight30':approx.139g / 28':approx.132g / 26':approx.126g
15':approx.88g / 12':approx.78g / 11':approx.75g / 10':approx.72g
Outer Diameter of Carbon Pipe14mm diameter
Compatible thread sizesBow5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
V-Bar5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
Weights5/16-24 or 1/4-20
MaterialBushing2000 series Aluminum
PipePitch-based 60t high modulus carbon fiber (front end blended with viscoelastic body )
ConstructionZONE DAMPING construction utilizing viscoelastic body 【Patent pending】
ColorMatte Black
Release Date2020
Included AccessoriesConversion stud 5/16-1/4
ULTIMA Stabilizer Bag
Instructions Sheet

ULTIMA Extender

Shibuya 88 Slots

Size6' / 5' / 4' / 3'
Mass Weight6':approx.63g / 5':approx.57g / 4':approx.51g / 3':approx.45g
Outer Diameter of Carbon Pipe18㎜ diameter
Compatible thread sizesBow5/16-24 minimum thread depth 12㎜
V-Bar5/16-24 maximum thread length 12㎜
MaterialBushing2000 series aluminum alloy
PipePAN High Modulus Carbon Fiber
Direct Link2000 series aluminum
ConstructionDirect Link Construction
ColorMatte Black
Release Date2020
Included Accessories17×12 Spanner Wrench
ULTIMA Stabilizer Bag
Instructions Sheet

Product Information


The ULTIMA Sight Scale Magnifier mounts to the flat shelf indicator’s groove, enabling higher precision elevation adjustments than ever.

Mass Weight4.7g
Factor of Magnificationapprox. 2x
Adjustment Range6mm
Compatible SightsULTIMA CPXⅡ
Attachment Screw SizeM3×6
MaterialBracket2000 series aluminum, color anodized.
LensAcrylic Resin
Lens CoverPolycarbonate
Release Date2020
Included AccessoriesM3x6 Button Cap Screw
M3 Washer

Product Information


Shibuya 88 Slot

This state-of-the-art compound scope was developed with utmost care for balance, enabling it to fit to any configuration. The brand new Gravity Shift technology enables the scope to compensate for shifting center of gravity when using the large variety of accessories, such as sun shades and decal rings. OKULUS strikes the balance for a wide array of use cases.

Various accessories available. ※Sold separately.

Usable with genuine accessories, such as Sun Shade, Back Sun Shade, Decal Ring, and Fiber Kit.

Gravity Shift

Compensates for the weight of the optional sunshades and decal rings by shifting the scope housing’s center of gravity.

Superior glare reduction

OKULUS features anti-reflective grooves, as well as matte anodizing to minimize glare inside the field of view.

Compatible with Sight Lights How to play rummy card game for 2.

Shibuya 88 Slot Machine

OKULUS features multiple 8-32 threaded attachment holes for popular sight lights. The 45-degree angled mounting hole enables the archer to aim the light at the center of the lens when using a reticle decal.

Three popular fiber sizes

The ULTIMA OKULUS Fiber Kit (sold separately) is available in .010”, .019”, and .029” to fit a wide variety of shooting styles. Protective tubing included.

Shibuya 88 Slots

mass weightHousing Set33.7g (Lens not included)
Front Sunshade11g
Back Sunshade8.2g
Decal Ring7.2g
Active (inside) diameter29mm(27mm when used with front sunshade)
Compatible SightsSights with No.10-32 scope thread
Scope AttachmenAdjustabilityAvailable (GRAVITY SHIFT)
Adjustment increments2mm
Adjustment Range4mm
Sight Light Attachmenth Anglesvertical, 45degrees angled
LensTypeFeather Vision Vitri Lens,Verde Plus Lens (sold separately)
Lens Diameter32mm
Lens Diopter+.50, +.75, +1.00(+.25, +.37, +.62, +.82 available for special order )
MaterialHousing2000 series aluminum, color anodized.
Machined anti-reflective grooves.
Lens Retainer Ring
Front Sunshade
Back Sunshade
Decal Ring
Scope RodStainless Steel
LevelYellow (Red available separately)
Release Date2020
Included AccessoriesGRAVITY SHIFT Balance Plate A, B
Scope Rod (short, long)
No. 10-32 Hex Nut
3/32' Hex Wrench
Dual Color Dot Package
Instructions Sheet
OptionsFront Sunshade
Back Sunshade
Decal Ring
Fiber Kit (thicknesses: 0.010', 0.019', 0.029')
Scope Level RED