Shark Week Jaws Of Steel Slot Machine

Posted : admin On 06.03.2021
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The new QCC features 50% more gaming machines! Choose from a wide variety of 1,500 of the newest titles and most exciting games with the highest cash-back. Whether you’re here for entertainment or a life-changing jackpot, there’s MORE TO LOVE at the new Q! Jaws of Steel - Shark Week. Jinse Dao - Dragon. Shark Week Jaws of Steel™. Frequent wilds create BIG WINS in a 9 reel with lots of anticipation. MULTIPLIER WILDS during spins add huge upside potential. California Will Allow Some Theme Parks to Reopen April 1, State Officials Say For the moment, most SoCal theme parks are in counties with the most restrictive pandemic tier, but several will.

Play the latest slot themes from IGT, Scientific Games, Aristocrat, Everi, Ainsworth, Aries and Bluberi. The newest games from the best manufacturers are constantly being added to our 200,000 square foot gaming floor. It’s not often that we get to review a slot machine based on a documentary series, so we’re thrilled with the arrival of the Shark Week video slot from Everi. This slot machine is licensed to the famous Discovery Channel brand, making it something of a unique game. You can sink your teeth into Shark Week at land-based casinos across the US and beyond, although like much of the Everi range, it isn’t found at online.

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ALL FEATURES on the Shark Week slot machine by Everi!

Sit back and relax for my longest slot video ever on Shark Week, where we see it all! I just love this game and previously did a Premier Stream on it which was a great session, just like this one!

Shark Week - Jaws of Steel is a very fun game with great graphics and music where you win by landing winning paylines on Everi's iconic 3x3 unique reel set. The primary bonus is triggered by landing Bonus symbols on the diagonal for 8 free games although each bonus symbol can optionally have +4 or +8 spins for even more spins! During the bonus, any wild symbol that lands will transform into a 2x or 3x wild symbol giving you a shot at that Big Win or Jackpot!

Every 4 to 6 minutes, you may enter what is known as 'Shark ‎Alert Mode' for a period of 78 seconds. During this time, after each spin you have a random chance to trigger the 'Shark Award Feature' where sharks will eat a certain number of snacks for credit awards. I tend to play at regular speed during this mode although it may be smarter to play as fast as possible, giving you more chances to trigger the Shark Award Feature, as long as you were going to play that amount of games anyway - I will do further research on this in the future!

After each bought game, randomly a shark may swim by and then randomly one of two special features may be triggered:

  1. What did the Shark Eat? Feature

  2. Wheel Bonus

In the 'What did the Shark Eat?' feature, you are presented with 3 choices where each will have a credit value between 200 and 500 multiplied by your bet multiplier and if you choose correctly, your award will be multiplied by 3!

In the Wheel Bonus, you get one spin for either a Credit Award, the Jackpot Progressive (if betting max, otherwise still a great win) or one of 3 bonuses:

Shark Week Jaws Of Steel Slot Machine

Fish Grab: You pick fish for credit awards. All picking is just for fun: you get what you get and it will be between 1000 and 3000 credits multiplied by your bet multiplier.

Break the Cage: You tap a cage for credit awards until the shark finally eats its prey with the end result ranging from 500 to 2000 credits multiplied by your bet multiplier.

Great White: Credit awards are awarded for each time the shark tries and break through where you will be awarded between 2500 and 25000 credits multiplied by your bet multiplier: this is the bonus you want!

All and all, I loved it all and did it all in this Longplay Extravaganza, Enjoy!


You can push the stop button to get those bonuses. LOL I am sitting here screaming at the screen so I thought I would just tell you.

TA Channel

I love this livestream video! This is cool!

Neia Roland

What am I supposed to do when the shark alert happens?

The Slot Scrapbook

Watched every bit of awesomeness and I had been digging for a video of the great white breaking the glass at the end. I got that bonus over the weekend but I was playing the minimum at the moment so I ended up with $100. I wanted to see that same bonus at max bet and you delivered! Thank you!

Kween Bee Slots 👑🐝🎰😘

Are we doing movie length you tube videos now ?! 😅😲😂😂😂 that was absolutely EPIC Tim !

TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos

Can't get enough of Shark Week? Check out my Premier Stream Video with an equally impressive run: and it's also part of my Premier Stream Series: Jackpot! Pontoon rules genting poker. Slot Adventures with The Big Payback - they are all special in their own way:

Slot Doctor

Love Shark Week but only played in’s not a local. LOL I watched your whole video, over an hour! So many fun features and came up frequently. This is how I found the game to play, keeps you entertained for long time. I always sit at it too long and lose tho!! All the best, stay safe!

Elizabeth Quintero

That ending was amazing 😱😱😱😱😱😱😊😊😊😊😊😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Elizabeth Quintero

I am a big fan of machines like this one with many different features and bonuses often . Specially when u make the kind of profit u did in this one almost 5 times what u started with .😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Play Shark Week Slot Machine

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Longest video ever and greatest video ever! Seriously an hour and 43 minutes of pure entertainment and I watched every second, so perfect how your bankroll kept accumulating as you went on longer and longer. I always have like the 3x3 reels sets as I feel it’s a good change of pace from the normal 5 reel set. Great long play and fun big wins Tim! By the way (except for the bonus video which I know was in a different session) was this all played in the same day?

Free Shark Week Slots


Good job Tim how do you feel about the MGM casino? Do you go there and do you have luck which casino in our area do you visit most?

Big Bouncer

It’s amazing when you can play a slot this long and just continue to win. This was fun to watch and thanks for sharing. Continue to remain safe.


Wow! Great ending! I needed a nap badly but had to watch until you got that white shark. Love your videos. Huge fan!

Keenan Handy

Shark Week Slots Online

played this game at Winstar, was down to my last hundred and won about $900. Usually play every time I go and usually never disappointed.

Shark Week Slot Machine Rules

Cat Stewart

Fun video! Believe it or not I was on the edge of my seat for the whole hour and forty eight minutes. I’ve seen this game played several times but never as exciting as your session! Was the bonus video during the same session?

Shark Week Jaws Of Steel Slot Machine


Whether it's coffee in the morning or a glass (or 2) of wine at night, you are keeping us entertained. Thanks Tim! Stay safe .It's mind boggling to think what the casinos are loosing everyday. Your thoughts? Will casino industry just pick up where it left off?