Secrets Of Christmas

Posted : admin On 05.03.2021

In the days of the early Church, the Gnostics were among the first to posit and push a counterfeit Christ that effected how the true meaning of Christmas was understood. Yep, this Christ was in some sense God. Deity, after all, had to remain accessible to those who sought it. But the Gnostic Christ wasn’t and couldn’t be, true man. The Gnostics argued that ​ matter and flesh are pretty low on the value chart. Maybe even evil in itself, and therefore absolute deity could never join itself to anything so at odds with the truly spiritual. God might take on human appearance perhaps. Or, more likely to them, a man searching for transcendence might grab hold of the divine and so realize the divinity already inherent in his nature. But God could never take on 'fleshly humanity'.. God could never claim human flesh as His own. Not as the gnostics see it anyway.

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Secrets Of Christmas

In the early 4th century, the Arians also offered up their revision of Christ. He was God’s Son, but only by adoption. In fact, this Christ was a kind of demigod, the greatest of all creatures and the one through whom the Father made everything else. The Father alone was truly God, the Arians said. But being transcendent in His essence and infinite in His perfections.. this Unitarian God was incapable of true communication or self-revelation. Addicted to online bingo. By nature ineffable, He couldn’t reach out to His finite creatures. Even the Son couldn’t understand Him. How much less, then, mere mortals?

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