Rocket League Championship Series Bracket

Posted : admin On 07.03.2021

The Rocket League Championship Series Season 2 grand finals concluded Sunday in Amsterdam, with the top teams in the world giving it their all to take the main honors home. FlipSid3 Tactics managed to solidify themselves as the best Rocket League team in the world, while the field seemed more pared down than ever. Here's a look back at how their last day went:

Just like that, League Play for Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 9 has come to an end. That means that this weekend we look forward to crowning North American and European Regional Champions as the end of RLCS Season 9 for both regions. The Rocket League Championship Series (commonly abbreviated to RLCS) is the highest level of competition in professional Rocket League. The competition comprises of two leagues, RLCS North America and RLCS Europe, as well as hosting the World Championship which comprises of the top four teams from both leagues, as well as the top two teams from the OCE Championship.

Match 1: FlipSid3 Tactics versus NRG Esports

In the first match of the day, FlipSid3 eliminated NRG Esports with a convincing 3-1 and moved on to play the winner of the matchup featuring Take 3 and Precision Z. This was a massive confidence boost as FlipSid3 came off a shocking loss at the hands of Mockit Aces on Day 1.

Match 2: Precision Z versus Take 3

Take 3 surprised a lot of people in the match featuring both fourth seeds. With a clean sweep of Precision Z, Take 3 grabbed a top four spot and had to go on to face the formidable FlipSid3 Tactics. The confident result by Take 3 made many question if the beginnings of an upset were forming.

Rocket League Championship Series Bracket

Match 3: Winners' Bracket Final

Mockit Aces took on Northern Gaming in the Winners' Bracket Final. In a surprising upset, Mockit Aces squeaked past Northern Gaming 4-3, pushing Northern Gaming into the Lower Bracket Final where they awaited the winner of Take 3 and FlipSid3 Tactics.

Match 4: FlipSid3 Tactics versus Take 3

In one of the most unsurprising results of the day, FlipSid3 Tactics dismantled Take 3 3-0 and set their path into a brawl with Northern Gaming. Take 3, the North American fourth seed, were happy to take fourth in the event, putting up a fight against teams such as Orbit.

Rocket League Championship Series Season 8 Bracket

Match 5: Losers' Bracket Final

FlipSid3 Tactics squared off with Northern Gaming and FlipSid3 were simply untouchable, taking the set 4-1 and flying into the grand finals on top of the world. Northern once again go out in third place, a result that will be saddening to many who expected better in their second season.

Rocket League World Championship

Match 6: grand finals

Mlb League Championship Series

I said it 10 days ago. FlipSid3 are the best team in the world. In the grand finals, they managed to solidify their strong season with a win. From the lower bracket, FlipSid3 Tactics dominated Mockit Aces, resetting the bracket with a 4-1 lead before running it back and dismantling Mockit 4-1 again to claim the World Championship title.

Get ready for some live, heart-pounding Rocket League action, because the Season 7 Rocket League World Championship is headed to thePrudential Center in Newark, New Jersey from June 21-23, 2019!

That means for the first time since Season 4, the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is heading back to the East Coast of the United States!

Rocket league championship live

Plus, for the first time in RLCS World Championship history, we will be moving away from the previous 'Double Elimination' bracket for a brand-new 'Group Stageto Single-Elimination'format instead. This new format will include twelve teams from around the globe, including the RLCS debut of South America, which leaves us expecting three of the best days of professional Rocket League of all time!

'Early Bird' 3-Day tickets that get you into every single day of the World Championship will be $45 (not including taxes and fees) and are going on sale starting April 12 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (5 p.m. UTC). Make sure to follow us on Twitter @RLEsports and bookmark this website for all the up-to-date news and information about the Rocket League World Championship! We'll see you there!


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