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  1. Probably doesn’t RAKE it in but has a nice steady betting pot over the year with some sweet cash withdrawals hitting your bank account. Looks daily at the app they bet on for games that are on. Might place bets throughout the day on various sports they are familiar but also not afraid to give Women’s Curling a shot too.
  2. Check out these sites to get the best Super Bowl Betting bonuses on the market. Top Super Bowl Bonuses at Legal Sports Betting Apps 2021. Legal Sportsbooks. About the Author.
  3. Finding the Best Sports Betting App for You The sportsbook sites we list above either have their own app or have a comprehensive site that is optimized for smartphones. In fact, most sportsbooks are enhanced for mobile browsing so you don’t have to worry about your device slowing down when you make your bets.
Sports betting with bitcoin was one of the first use cases for cryptocurrencies that caught on. Because of anti-online gambling restrictions in countries like Australia and the United States, many punters were forced to use crypto friendly sportsbooks if they wanted to gamble on the NFL, NBA or the English Premier League. Bitcoin sports betting sites are well aware that the key to success in the smartphone era is to have a very slick betting app. As a result, they have invested heavily in sports betting apps for iPhone, Android and iPad that allow users to check scores, bet in-play and enjoy the same advanced features as apps from Bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill.
This guide to the top cryptocurrency mobile betting sites covers sportsbooks who exclusively accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and also more established sites that accept cryptocurrencies, credit cards, bank wires and other popular payment methods. We only feature bitcoin casino apps, mobile poker rooms and iOS/Android bookmakers that develop top quality mobile software for both smartphones and tablets. Some of these bookie apps offer advanced features like live sports streaming and cash-out's, while others allow you to create anonymous betting accounts from the USA, UK, Canada or Australia.

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Bovada NFL Betting Section
Bovada is gambling site that offers a wide variety of options for players looking to gamble with Bitcoin. Not only do they provide an attractive mobile site and playing interface, but they also have more options than other mobile gambling sites. This includes popular casino games, sports books, live dealer options and even horse racing.
The sign up process for Bovada requires more information than other options. While it’s not difficult to get started, you will be asked to reveal a good deal of personal information and be expected to verify that information with supporting documents. If you’re looking for anonymous gambling then this is a poor choice. To sign-up visit

The mobile interface for Bovada is excellent. Everything is very neat and easy to navigate. The top menu bar allows you to quickly swap between areas with no lag, and the icons are large and easy to read on nearly any device. Every area of the site loads quickly, and it’s actually optimized for mobile users. If you’ve ever used a site which was not optimized for mobile, then you’ll know what a relief this is.

There’s actually two menus on the mobile site, which is kind of a waste since they do the same thing. You can ignore the collapsable one for the most part, because the quick links take you everywhere you’d need to go anyway.
The cashier for Bovada is easy to use, and it works well on mobile devices. You’ll be able to easily cash in and out using a Bitcoin address or QR code. Players can choose between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and deposits are automatically converted to US dollars so players don’t need to worry about Bitcoin price fluctuations when playing.
Bovada has a large number of sports betting options available for many different popular sports like hockey and football. All of these matches are organized by sport, and after selecting a sport you’ll quickly be able to select an interesting match to bet on. Simply clicking on a match will add it to your betting slip, and by using the menu at the bottom you can edit the wager details. This set up makes it very easy to place bets or edit them, as your open bets tab is located here too. Bovada also offers one of the few bitcoin betting opportunities for horse racing. So if you’re a fan of that sport then you’ll likely feel at home here. The mobile quick links let you easily navigate between current races or bet on upcoming major events like the Kentucky Derby with one click.​

Bovada offers a wide variety of casino games which play beautifully on mobile devices. The games are actually very well done, and they look nicer than many other mobile options available. If you’re interested in trying them out before registering, you can hit play and then deny the prompt to create an account. This will allow you to do some free play to see how well the games play on your device.
Players will be able to play several high-quality and fun casino games verses a computerized dealer such as blackjack, roulette, slots and poker, but you can also play live games as well. The casino features many live dealer options and poker tables where you can play with other players, and It’s easy to browse these options on mobile too.
Nitrogen Crypto Wagering App
Nitrogen Sports is a Bitcoin based gambling site that allows players access to a wide variety of sports betting options and casino games. Their mobile site offers excellent ease of use for those looking to wager BTC on the go.

The signup process for Nitrogen Sports is very straight forward. Though their captcha is a tad frustrating, and sometimes the number and letter combinations are difficult to read. Creating an account is surprisingly simple though, and you won’t even need an email address to do it! Instead, you’re given a “user number”, and then you can add a username and password. The site makes it pretty simple to give as much or as little information as you want. To sign-up visit

The UI is pretty nice, and everything is easy to navigate. The only annoying thing about the mobile site is that sometimes it’s hard to go back to the main site once you enter a certain area, and you may need to reload the main page to do so. This is mostly a problem when swapping from the casino games to the sportsbook, because it transfers you to a different domain for some reason.
Once you’ve settled on a particular focus such as the sports book or the casino games, things are much smoother. The menu is contained in a collapsable section which is very good at staying out of the way but still being there when you need it.
Depositing money to play games is easy, and you can do it on the mobile site without any issues. Just generate a new address and send your Bitcoin to that address to begin playing. Withdrawals are equally simple, with a minimum withdrawal of just 0.01 Bitcoin. They even have a transfer feature which allows you to send money to other Nitrogen Sports accounts which is pretty cool for if you want to help a friend get started playing.
Using the menu, you can easily move between different sports books. Having them conveniently located all in one place on the collapsable menu makes it easy to move between areas and participate in different sports such as Basketball, Hockey, esports, ect. They also have a seperate menu which will direct you to any games which are available for live betting right now, saving you the hassle of having to look through everything individually.

The UI for the betting slips is attractive and easy to use. At a glance you can see the matches that are currently in play, and you can add them to your betting slip with one click. The accompanying box allows you to very simply select your options and then place your bets.​
The games at Nitrogen Sports are fast loading and simple. This basic interface allows them to be played easily on nearly any device, even older ones. The interface is set up in a way that you can easily access different games such as dice to start playing. However, if you’re interested in more advanced head to head style games with other players, then you can also give their Poker set up a try. As long as you have money available to play with it really is a one click operation to start searching for a seat in a game.

Interested in bigger winnings or something more challenging? Nitrogen Sports also allows you to access their tournament schedules from the mobile interface. You can browse the line up to see which games have events going and then register yourself to participate on the chosen date. Playing games in this manner is a much better experience than just playing against a computer opponent, and it gives mobile players the chance at real player to player competition.
BetOnline iPhone & Android App
BetOnline Sportsbook was one of the first online gambling sites to accept cryptocurrency, and they’ve kept up that loyalty by continuously providing an excellent mobile experience to crypto players. They offer a wide assortment of casino games, sports booking options, live play choices and even horse racing, which doesn’t get much love in the crypto niche.

The sign up process for BetOnline is pretty easy, but they will require more information than some crypto players may be accustomed to. This includes your name, phone number and confirming your home address. While there are no upfront document requirements, they do reserve the right to request them from you later, and they probably will if you try to withdraw money. To sign-up visit:

The interface for the mobile site is pretty nice and easy to use. The collapsable menu gives you quick access to all of the key areas of the site including deposits, promotions, sportsbooks and casinos. The only annoying thing about the mobile site is that until you make a deposit it will try to push you to the deposit screen, interrupting your browsing, until you give them money.
The mobile site makes good use of quick links and icons so that users can swap quickly between areas, and everything seems to load smoothly. There’s no hang ups when browsing and no dead end areas where you get stuck in the navigation chain.
CASHIER has a great cashier for mobile devices. Just hit the button up top that says deposit and select cryptocurrency as your option. They allow users to deposit using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash. Once you’ve begun initiating your deposit, the mobile app will also prompt you to take advantage of available deposit bonuses! Just select one to have it applied when you make your deposit. The withdrawal process is much the same, and BetOnline offers same-day payouts to their users.

Where BetOnline excels is their mobile sports betting. They offer a wide selection of sports that cryptocurrency enthusiasts can wager on, including hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis and horse racing, which is often excluded from many crypto betting sites.
After selecting your sport of choice, you can quickly see the available matches at a glance. Clicking on one of these matches allows you to add it to your betting slip with a clear and easy to understand pop up interface. You’ll also be able to easily select and use any free plays here that you might have available. The menu has a seperate section for live betting, making it convenient for those who are only interested in live games to find those events quickly.

While the mobile site itself is nice, the interface for accessing the games is confusing. In order to play you need to actually scan a QR code to access the poker games. This adds an annoying and confusing step which many players will likely not like. In addition to this, games can’t be accessed for testing purposes at all without an account. In fact, they won’t even let you see the casino game selection on mobile without registering first, which is pretty frustrating.
Once you do get to the games however, they look quite nice and run well. If you have a decently modern device (iPhone 5 or Android 6) then you should be able to play on mobile without issue. They have a large selection of table games, slots, jackpots and live dealer games. However, they don’t seem to allow any free play to test the games which is disappointing.
CloudBet Sports Betting App
Cloudbet Bookmaker is a popular cryptocurrency betting sites that offers users a slick user interface to play with. They offer a wide variety of gambling options including a large sports book and some very attractive casino games that play great on mobile devices. It’s a great option for players looking for a great mobile gaming experience.
To sign up for CloudBet users will need only to provide an email address and a date of birth. Unfortunately, CloudBet no longer allows United States users to register, but you may be able to play with a VPN at your own risk. While they do not require any verification to deposit and play, if you try to withdraw any winnings it’s likely they will ask you to verify, and they could refuse to pay out your winnings if you are playing from an unapproved country. To start just register at

CoudBet’s mobile interface is quite slick, and it looks like it was actually designed for mobile devices. It fits the screen perfectly, and the icons have been enlarged for easier browsing. Unlike other mobile apps you won’t have to zoom or struggle to see text when navigating this site.
The collapsable menu is both handy and out of the way. A quick tap allows you access to the entire menu of games, betting options and account options, but it vanishes when you’re done so as not to take up any space whilst you are playing.
Depositing cryptocurrency at CloudBet is easy, and it works just as well on mobile as it does on the desktop version. Simply access your account dashboard and choose the currency that you want to use. You can pick from Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Generate your deposit address and send your desired currency to your CloudBet account. Withdrawals are also pretty easy, but you may be asked to verify your identity for large withdrawals.
The sportsbook is organized in a way that it’s very easy to find the particular sport that you’re looking for. The interface for games is nicely done, and the information is displayed in a way that players can quickly find the matches that they are looking for. A quick tap on the match ads it to your betting slip, and by using the menu at the bottom you’ll be able to confirm your bets quickly.

In addition to the normal matchups, the site also has a section for live sports. This is seperate from the other sections, allowing those who are interested only in live sports to quickly swap between what’s available.​
The games on this platform are nice looking and fast loading. Most users with a modern phone should be able to play them without issue. If you’d like to try them out before wagering any money, they also offer a free play mode which does not even require an account. Mobile players have access to a wide variety of slots, jackpots and table games such as roulette or blackjack.
In addition to their many computer opponent based games, mobile players can also access a variety of different live casino games as well. This provides the ultimate gambling experience for players while allowing them to play from the comfort of their homes or on the go. Players can participate in roulette and baccarat here.
    No, most cryptocurrency sports betting sites operate offshore so they would not pass Google or Apple's strict terms for getting listed in their app stores. They can, however, be installed by simply visiting each site from your smartphone or tablet.
    All the mobile bookies listed on this page allow you to deposit and withdraw with bitcoin, while a number of others also allow you to sports bet with Ethereum, Bcash, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Dash.
    Yes. Since they are browser-based, they will work on any iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Google Pixel, OnePlus or HTC.
    Yes. Apart from CloudBet, citizens of the United States are welcome at all of the mobile bookmakers listed on this page. There are no restrictions against Australian citizens. In our forum you can find a lively discussion on the best USA betting sites so that may also be a useful resource.
    Most countries like Australia and the United States make it illegal for financial institutions to interact with offshore bookies but they don't target or prosecute citizens. This is not legal advice and we recommend that you do your own research on the legality of online gambling in your jurisdiction.

The Rise Of Mobile Sports Betting

The iPhone and later Android smartphones completely changed the way that we interact with the world. Sports betting is one industry that was completely turned on its head thanks to devices like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy or iPhone X. Anyone who could afford one of these new gadgets now had access to a sportbook in their pocket. It was no longer necessary to visit your local betting shop or phone a bookmaker to check what odds were available on any given day. You could now bet on NFL football, English Premier League soccer or even horse racing from the palm of your hand. These mobile sportsbooks offer live betting odds on thousands of sports events from around the world, you could wager in-play via your favourite bookmaker app and even watch a live stream of the sporting event for free.
​Sports betting apps have improved greatly over the past decade and are now even small bitcoin sportsbooks are offering iOS and Android mobile betting software to rival what is available from major betting sites like Bet365, Ladbrokes and William. In this section, our aim is to provide you with a guide to the best crypto sports betting apps for Android, iPad and iPhone. ​​

Here is our list of the best sports betting apps for iPhone. Early on, bookmaker apps were really basic and didn't offer very many features. If you, wanted more functions than the ability to place a bet, you would have to go to the website. Nowadays, though, sports betting apps can offer news, tips, live scores, audio commentary, and live video streams of sporting events and horse racing.

20 Feb 2021, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

This is one of the best horse racing betting apps.

Guaranteed Tip Sheet featuring Horse Racing Radar provides horse racing tips and picks for most North American thoroughbred and quarter-horse racetracks. Through this horse betting app, you can view picks for each race, see daily BEST BETS and view an entire past history of tip sheets and results.

Best Sports Betting App Colorado Reddit

  • One FREE track daily
  • Top 6 picks for each track
  • Daily BEST BETS for each track
  • Past results for each track handicapped
  • Wagering calculator built-in (standard and Dutch) and much, much more!!!

ScoresAndOdds is a college football score app - the leading website for the latest odds and lightning fast scores comes to your phone! You’ll get the opening lines, up-to-the-minute current odds, halftime lines and live scores for NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, Baseball, Hockey and more. You can use the personalized My Games page to easily follow your hot games and all your favorite teams on one page. ScoresAndOdds exclusive Betting Trends show you where the smart money is going. In-depth matchup reports give you head-to-head stats for every game. And it’s all FREE!

  • Lines
  • Betting trends
  • Compare odds
  • Future props
  • Matchup content (records, team trends, team stats, injuries etc.)
Scores and Odds app review: a handy help for all your betting needs 2021

Place a bet with Barstool Bets the Barstool Sports betting app. Follow all the sports betting and gambling action at Barstool Bets with live video, podcasts, and blogs from people that actually bet on sports. Big dollar no deposit bonus 2020. El Pres, Big Cat, and an army of gamblers bring you sports betting content 24/7. Plus you can join fantasy free-to-play betting contests related to the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, college football and much more. With a cult following of fiercely loyal fans, Barstool Sports and now Barstool Bets is a driving force in sports, betting, entertainment and men’s culture.

  • Be entertained by various sport events by Barstool Sports
  • Gamble responsibly with Barstool Bets
  • Place a bet – participate in a contest
  • Be informed of what is going on in a range of contests
  • Watch contests and sport events live

Here’s a cool app that makes Sports Betting easy, fun and efficient. There’s a welcome bonus for new players and you can bet on all of the major sports. It covers thousands of professional and collegiate events. There are multiple betting options, real time coverage with live scores, loyalty rewards with daily bonuses, alerts for when games start and end, a smooth interface and simple navigation. Millions of users have downloaded this sports betting app and have made it their go-to option for betting on sports. It’s available in many different languages and designed for the sports enthusiasts.

  • Limited time matching bonus for new players
  • Real time coverage with live scoring
  • Bet on professional and collegiate sports
  • Thousands of events, Game Alerts
  • Smooth interface, Simple Navigation, Loyalty Rewards

Get everything you need to help you pick winners with the Timeform Horse Racing Mobile App. That’s horse racing form, race cards, results, statistics, analysis and tips for every runner in every race in Great Britain and Ireland from the experts you can trust. Play Smarter! Get the Timeform App to help make your sports betting more profitable!

  • Racecards: Includes form for up to the last 8 runs for every horse, plus our Analyst’s comment on each runner.
  • Betting & Free Bets: Once you have picked which horse/s you are going to back, you can now place your bet without leaving the App!
  • Results: Keep up to date with the latest action with a super-fast live Results service.
  • Tips & Features: Let our team of experts do the hard work for you! Find the best horse without the stress!

Are you a sports bettor that fancies the ponies? Perhaps, you are just looking to start your sports betting journey into the world of horse racing. If yes, then check out 2minutes2post! This horseracing management system is designed to collect and analyze a wealth of horse racing information that can be very useful when looking to place bets. After the app analyzes the data, it will provide scores for the horses. This makes it incredibly easy for you to decide which horse to bet on. The app does all of the heavy lifting for you in creating a reliable horse betting system. It’s up to you to decide which horses to pick. There is an in-app purchase to access the full features of this app.

  • Analyzes a ton of horse racing information
  • Assigns scores to horses for each race
  • Covers all the races in the United States
  • A powerful horseracing management system
  • Easy to use, In-app purchase required

Bettingexpert Live is a soccer betting app that focuses on in-play wagers for soccer. The developers of the app took a common betting concept and have turned into quite the in-game betting experience. Prior to placing any bets, users can find tips from the pros and follow their predictions. Users can also see what these pros and other members are betting on in real-time then jump on the bandwagon and place a bet with just a tap of the screen. View live match stats, get push notifications, post your own tips, win cash prizes, monitor your betting history, earn badges and challenge others in a weekly competition. This app makes in-play betting a fun and exciting experience.

  • In-play betting with enhanced features
  • Get tips and predictions from pros
  • Push notifications for tips, scores, outcomes and more
  • See what others are betting on in real-time
  • Quickly and easily place a bet
Bettingexpert LIVE app review: a premier betting tips app 2021

Onside Sports developers say this app is the only sports betting app you will need. It has live scores and odds for national and international leagues, push alerts that let you know about injuries, scoring plays, line moves, and more, and virtual sports-picking competitions and leaderboards. You can chat with experts in the Onside Sports community, track your betting performance, and see player stats, odds, and in-depth matchup analysis. There are lots of players picking games and many of them are skilled. This is a must-have app for sports wagers or people who are serious sports fans. Scores and Odds app review

  • Live scores and odds for national and international leagues
  • Push alerts
  • Virtual sports-picking competitions
  • Chat with experts
  • Free with in-app purchases for more features

Sports Action Odds & Scores is one of the best apps for providing real-time lines and action. It’s clean, fast and simple to use, which is why so many sports betters love it. The real-time dashboard provides in-line play by play, live in-game and halftime lines. Easily track your bets, unlock value plays and predictions, get real-time odds rom over 40 sports books and more. Best of all, this is a free sports betting app to use without any banner ads. There are in-app purchases for professional sports betting picks.

  • Monitor all of the lines and odds in real-time
  • A clean, simple, fast and reliable app
  • Track your bets, Real-time odds and lines
  • No banner ads, Free to download
  • In-app purchases for professional sports picks

Best Sports Betting Apps Canada Reddit

Live Scores & Odds offers just that! This app offers real-time odds from 20 top sports books. You will be able to get live scores and odds for all NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL, EPL, and more. You can easily add any game to your list, which lets you view all their scores and odds all at the same time. The app currently offers lines from sportsbooks like Sportbet, Bovada, Pinnacle, Intertops, William Hill, 5 Dimes, and more. You'll also get access to free and paid picks from some of the top handicappers around. Check out our review for more details.

  • Lines from 20 sportsbooks
  • Add any game to your tracking list
  • Access to free and paid picks
  • Lives scores and odds
  • Free with in-app purchases to upgrade or subscribe

Best Sports Betting Mobile Apps

Live Odds app review: your sports betting companion tool-2020

MYBOOKIE is your own personal bet manager and a good iphone betting app. You will bet on real matches with virtual currency using real Las Vegas odds. Use MYBOOKIE live scores to keep track of sports results, build up a winning streak, and win big! All major sports are featured including MMA/UFC, soccer, football, hockey, tennis, basketball, boxing, and baseball. This is a fun way to practice your betting skills without risking any real money. It's all free and there are no limits on bets.

  • Turn your iPhone into your own personal bet manager
  • Use virtual currency to bet on real matches
  • Use real Las Vegas odds
  • All major sports are featured
  • Free sports betting app for iPhone