Pokerstars Virtual Machine

Posted : admin On 15.02.2021
  1. PokerStars is an online poker cardroom owned by The Stars Group.It can be accessed through downloadable poker clients for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.It is the largest real money online poker site in the world, controlling over two-thirds of the total online poker market. A online satellite tournament produced the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) champion, Chris.
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Online Poker at: Pokerstars. Virtual Machine it is just a program it looks like how a web page looks and inside that program it looks like an entirely separate computer. PokerStars is the largest online poker brand in the world, and it now serves US customers in three states — New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan. PokerStars NJ (launched 2013): The long-awaited launch of PokerStars NJ signaled the company’s reentry into the US market as a whole. Get $30 in free-play or 100% up to $600 match bonus here at PokerStars NJ.


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Pokerstars Virtual Machine

Pokerstars Virtual Machine

Intro --->>>
1) Play Poker. Get your lazy ass in some poker tables before try to do this Job. Equity, Small blind, Rakeback, Big Blind, cash game, ante, UTG, button, raise, re-raise, steal, flop, turn, river, etc etc etc. If thouse words looks strange for you, STOP here. You will not have any sucess in this job.
2) Greedy is the worst enemy you will face. Get your greedy under control for BIGGER results.
3) Don´t be obvious in ANY circustances, otherwise and you will be caught.
4) Making and prepare a New account---
5) Software Needed: Proxifier, VMWare Workstation (Newests versions are better), SMAC V2.0.
Here goes the carded account steps:
1) Install VMWare, put a OS inside it. Windows XP, Vista, 7.. Don´t matter. Important use same OS and same Virtual Machine for each account.
2) After OS installed, install Proxifier. Put the same socks 5 ( DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use socks 4 in ANY WAY!) country matching with the credit card Owner. VPN´s are useless, will ban your account instantly. RDP´s are better than socks5. How much closer is the IP of socks5 from the region of credit card owner, bigger will be your sucessfull rate. But this is not mandatory. Do not use free socks5, buy private ones. I will put a good site for buying this in the end of this thread.
3) Spoof your MAC Adress for a Real MAC number with SMAC. For default, vmware comes with a random VIRTUAL MACHINE MAC ADRESS, wich can be tracked and banned from pokerstars security team.
4) Download Pokerstars using the socks5. (Yes, they track downloads).
5) Install, register the account with same details as CC owner.
Here Goes your Legit account steps:
1) Make the account from your PC and use 5socks. (If you used the same PC for your OWN account, make sure to Spoof your mac adress to avoid being caught by security). Older accounts -> More succesfull results.
2) Don´t need to get this account verified, but try to avoid depositing through credit cards. Deposit here using a system that don´t atract attention. This depends what country are you are from. There are so many deposit methods, just don´t use direct credit card.
3) Play for real money. Make rakeback, play in various limits, win and loose. Just don´t go straight for make the 'easy' money.
[Glossary for this thread]
Proxifier: Socks5 program manager.
SMAC: Software for Spoofing your MAC Adress. The MAC adress keeps stored in pokerstars database. Is when they find that an account linked to another.
VMWare: A software for creating virtual machines.
Site for buying socks5: They accept LR and WMZ and are good private socks5.
Ok, done all that, we are ready to start. First part of this tutorial finished. In next part: depositing in the carded account; good bins to use; chipdumping.
Good Poker Bins
There are some good restrictions here.
- Countries that don´t allow online gambling: Most of south america, north america.
- Countries with online gambling Restrictions: Italy and France for example.
With my experience, the best cards are from:
- Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Poland, Romania, Hungary. (Add countries here that you had a good experience)
Depositing in the fraud Acc
We already told about how to deposit in the 'legit' account (that will receive the money). Now lets get to the carded account:
1. Do you remember about greedy? So yes, deposit a value under $150 usd to dont attract attention.
2. Play games around PS. Don´t 'meet' straight your friend. Make a small rakeback.
3. Its good to keep the two accounts online in the same time, to looks like it have two different persons playing.
The Chipdumping
1. Don´t play Heads Up.
2. Look for a 6 handed table. Better a 10 handed table.
3. Do not raise in UTG with a 7 2 off. Even if you legit account get a KK hand. Remember, dont be obivous.
4. Be patient, wait for the right moment
5. Raise when the carded account and the legit have a good hand.
6. Give a all win with a reasonable hand! We dont want attract attention!
7. Did I mentioned do not be obvious and be patient?
8. Make a good judgment before taking actions.
9. Some people believes that Zoom poker mode is almost without people monitoring it. You can find a zoom room with just a few players to chipdump. When the two accounts faces in same table, make the chip donation.
If the carded account run out of money, don´t be afraid, load the account again. The problem is make a Big deposit in one time. Go doing deposits when the accounts breaks up until the card have limit. Its normal, happens all day long.
If everything went fine, now we should have the dumped funds in the legit account.
Cashing out methods
Since we have the fraudulent funds in the account, now we have to make the virtual money turns into real money.
Cashout Methods
1. In my opinion the best and easiest way: Sell the account with balance for third parties. People transfers for their legit accounts and then they can play or withdrawl the money. Theres a big market for this type of deal. I buy Pokerstars chipdumped accounts anytime for example.
2. Cashout to neteller or moneybookers: This is harder, but also works as a charm. For first cashout pokerstars security will ask for passport, driver licence or any shit like that. You can get fake passport here with good vendors. The good thing in this method, is that you will withdrawl a lot easier after first cashout, because the account will have the VERIFIED status in pokerstars database.
3. Find a drop to take the fraudulents funds and make a direct transfer for his account. In this case, buyer must assume the risk.