Pokerstars Slots Rtp

Posted : admin On 17.02.2021
Pokerstars Slots Rtp

RTP comparison reveals the best paying slot machines in Nevada.

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When it comes to gambling, people have developed conceptions over theyears as to how and where they can achieve better odds of winning.Some say it’s the games you play. Others say it’s the casino in whichyou play them. I (and everyone else with a higher education ingaming) say it’s both. But if there’s a specific game you want toplay, location is everything!

I’m talking specifically about slot machines. Everyone knowsthese aren’t the best paying games overall. If you want the highestpossible RTP, you have to play blackjack or video poker with aperfect strategy. That takes time and mental energy that some playerssimply aren’t willing to expend.

Slots fans play for the simplicity and entertainment value above allelse. For these players, you won’t convince them there’s a betteroverall game out there. And since choice of game is out of thequestion, location becomes the primary focus. And with that, we’vedrug up statistical data that reveals…

…the best paying slot machines in Nevada.

Pokerstars Slots Rtp

Las Vegas, Nevada is the gambling mecca of the westernhemisphere. When we think of casino hubs, The Vegas Stripis the first place that comes to mind. But it’s not the onlyplace in the Silver State that caters to gamblers. There’s many more– some more famous than others. Downtown Vegas, North Las Vegas,Reno, Carson City, Henderson, Laughlin, Boulder Strip, SilverSprings, the list goes on and on.

When you compare the best paying slots from one area to the next,there are two locations that rank highest, appearing consistently onthe list more than any others, Downtown Vegas andBoulder Strip. And then there’s the two obvious choicesto compare – Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip.

If you think Las Vegas and The Strip are the same thing, think again.As far as reports from the state’s gaming regulators are concerned,Las Vegas refers to the casinos that are “off the Strip”.Downtown Vegas is the area North of the Strip, including FreemontStreet. The Boulder Strip isn’t a single location, but rather aseries of 30+ casinos that appear along a long strip of the BoulderHighway, from Downtown Vegas to Henderson and beyond.

Now that you know where they are, let’s compare the average slotmachine RTP (return to player) between these four locations, based onrecent data from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB). For absoluteaccuracy, we’ll divide the payout ratios by coin denominations (pennyslots, nickel slots, quarter slots, etc).

Highest Paying Slots by Denomination

LocationRTP of 1¢ Penny Slot Machines
The Strip 88.38%
Las Vegas 90.88%
Downtown Vegas 89.15%
Boulder Strip 90.38%
LocationRTP of 5¢ Nickel Slot Machines
The Strip 91.64%
Las Vegas 95.29%
Downtown Vegas 93.40%
Boulder Strip 96.21%
LocationRTP of 25¢ Quarter Slot Machines
The Strip 89.35%
Las Vegas 96.41%
Downtown Vegas 94.25%
Boulder Strip 96.13%
LocationRTP of $1 Dollar Slot Machines
The Strip 92.43%
Las Vegas 95.39%
Downtown Vegas 94.63%
Boulder Strip 96.13%
LocationRTP of All Slot Machines Combined
The Strip 91.96%
Las Vegas 93.53%
Downtown Vegas 92.67%
Boulder Strip 94.34%

Best Paying Slots are Off The Strip and Off theGrid

The table above clearly shows that the Las Vegas Strip is, in fact(and as rumored), the worst place to play slot machines. The bestpaying slot machines in Nevada are found on the Boulder Strip, withOff-Strip casinos in Las Vegas coming in a close second.

Not surprisingly, the penny slots are the worst of all. No matterwhere you play them, the best average RTP in the reporting period wasonly 90.88%. The highest average, 96.41%, was found on quarter slotsin off-Strip Las Vegas casinos. But overall, Boulder Strip casinoshad the highest RTP average out of all categories.

On a final note, you’ll find similarly high RTP slot machinesentirely off the grid. The online casino industry is famous forhousing the highest paying slots of all. For the month of May 2019,RoyalVegas Casino recorded an average slots RTP of 96.87%. That’shigher than any of the slot machine RTPs recorded by the NGCB in asimilar time frame.

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