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Play Music Bingo via Zoom! Invite your players, and choose your playlists. Please complete the form below to invite your Zoom game players. After completing the form. Bingo Music is a music tool finding videos.Through top songs and trends discovering your favorite.Played with small window can bring you a different music experience. ☆ Key Features-Clean.

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Online Musical Games

Play free bingo

Play the Strings & Woodwinds

Click on each instrument below to hear it play. Once you’ve explored, take our fun quiz to see if you can match the instrument with its sound – or save the quiz for another day and keep listening to your heart’s content!

Musical Memory

Play this fun memory game online right now or print a downloadable version here to play at home. You can also purchase them on our merch store to have a beautiful, packaged set mailed directly to you.

Play the Brass & Percussion

Click on each instrument below to hear it play. Once you’ve explored, take our fun quiz to see if you can match the instrument with its sound – or save the quiz for another day and keep listening to your heart’s content!

Compose With Us Now

Check out this easy composition game that will have you creating new music in no time! When you’re done composing, click “share” to get a link you can send to friends. Click to share it with us as well – you just might get to hear your very own composition performed by professional musicians in a special project we’re working on!

*If your composition won’t play back for you, give it a try in full-screen mode.

Online Rhythm Composer

Get creative with our online rhythm composition activity to compose your own rhythm pieces at home.

Going Further

  1. Play along with your music as you play it back.
  2. Practice with the recording until you’re able to play it on your own.
  3. Give your piece a title and write words that go along with the rhythms.

Music Maps

Music Maps are great advanced listening tools for kids to work on independently from elementary school and up. Depending on the age of your kid(s), they’re likely already familiar with the concept of story maps – visual representations of what happens in a story, from beginning to end. We’ve put our own musical spin on it with Music Maps. Music Maps will ask your child to focus and be attentive to what they’re hearing as they map out the progression of the music. Here’s how it works:

  1. Press play to listen to the piece of music. Listen once through before starting the music maps activity.
  2. Drag and drop the tiles, each depicting different music events, to reorder them in the order that they happen in the music.
  3. When you think you have the order correct, click “Check My Music Map” to find out.

What’s Musical Bingo?

Musical Bingo is a fun way to help learners young and old to recognize the sounds of the instruments. Your musical ears will really be put to the test as you work towards being able to shout out BINGO in victory!

Musical Bingo is the same as regular Bingo, except instead of marking off the numbers that someone calls out, you’ll listen to music samples and mark off the instruments you hear. If you want to train your ear a little more before you play, head over to our blog posts about the string and woodwind and brass and percussion families to listen to every instrument one by one.

Play Online

Pick the Parts

To help kids understand how musicians work alone and as a team, we have an interactive activity with some of our wonderful musicians playing from home at your command!

  • You can turn the sound and videos of each musician on and off by clicking on them.
  • Listen to what parts different instruments play and how they work together.
  • Try as many combos as you like!

NOTE ON TECHNOLOGY:Please use Google Chrome for this activity. Since Apple will only allow one video to play at a time on an Apple device, visit this page from a non-Apple device to do the interactive activity. If you are on an Apple device, you’ll still have access to the full performance video.

Online party, corporate event or club night, turn your playlists into a bingo zoom party. When players hear a song on their digital Musingo Bingo card, tap until “Musingo!” they’ve won.


Whether it’s 90s pop, Prince’s greatest hits, grime or Disney theme tunes, it’s all about playing your sounds, your way, bringing everyone together under a virtual roof and most importantly having fun.

All you need are some great Spotify playlists and you’re ready to play.


Whether it’s a special lockdown birthday party with friends, corporate work socials or a virtual hen do, bring your Zoom party to life with Musingo Bingo.

Sign in here to host your party.


Play Bingo Online Australia

Invite guests with a URL code which becomes an automated Musingo Bingo card on any device that opens it.

If they don’t know the song, there is a handy ‘?’ button that reveals the title and if they love it, a fire button, so the host knows to hit rewind.

Bingo For Free To Play

The first person to hear all 12 songs on their card is the winner and their card will flash up with “Musingo!”



We have collaborated with brands including Mediacom, H&M and CBRE. Our press coverage includes BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex,, Come Wine with Me and The Imposter’s Club Podcast.

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2 rounds, 15 players

you host



6 rounds, 45 players

Music Bingo Creator

you host


Play Music Bingo Online Bingo

32red online casino australia. £150+

20 rounds, unlimited players

you host



20 rounds, unlimited players

Musingo hosted

Each Musingo Bingo round takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on how long you play the song and how many players start dancing

Musingo Bingo

Play Music Bingo Online Games

Founded in 2020 by Emmanuel & Yvadney Davis, a London-based techie and a creative who combined believe in the power of love, music and bingo to put a smile on people’s faces.

Music Bingo Printable

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