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What’s the Project?This baby shower bingo game is easy to print and play at the baby shower you are throwing. Bingo cards for boys or girls.

Throwing a baby shower for someone and need some help with the planning? I’ve got a cute, easy, free printable baby shower game idea for you. It’s baby shower bingo cards! So cute! I made one version for baby boys and one version for baby girls!

If you’d rather use free printable baby bingo boards that are blank for using during the gift exchange, grab them here.

This bingo card has 4 images, a free space and 24 words: CAR SEAT, BOTTLES, PACIFIER, BOOTIES, DIAPERS, BABY WASH, ONSIES, FOOTIE SLEEPER, CRIB MATTRESS, WASH CLOTHES, DIAPER RASH CREAM, SIPPY CUP, NURSING PADS, BREAST PUMP, BASINET, Terry Pad Cover, CRIB SHEETS, HEAD SUPPORT, DIAPER BAG, Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, BABY BATH TOWEL, BABY BATH PAD, BABY. Printable Games. Purchase our four printable games so guests can play at an in-person shower or live during a video meet-up. The four games included are: Baby Bingo, Baby A to Z, Nursery Rhyme. Baby shower bingo is a popular baby shower game that guests and the moms-to-be just simply adore. It's a fun, interactive game that's easy to play and can bring a fun, competitive vibe to the shower. Everyone loves bingo – it’s a classic favorite. And it’s an easy virtual baby shower game to play. These baby shower bingo cards have cute & modern themes – just pick the one you like best. Here’s a review from one virtual party host: I got the bingo.

Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo Cards:

Here’s the cute little baby shower bingo game for boys. I’ve put together a set of 12 game cards that are all different along with the cards to draw to play the game.

Download and print here: Caesars blackjack.

And here’s a sample of what the cute cards look like:

Now here is the girl version!

Download the cards here:

And here is what these cards look like.

Now, I know that 12 cards might not be enough for all of your guests. If you are having a large shower, I have a separate game idea for you.

Print these blank baby shower bingo cards. Then have each of your guests write a baby shower gift in each square. As the mother to be opens the gifts, the guests mark off their cards if she opens something they wrote in one of their squares. They are still seeking to get Bingo, this time it’s just part of the present opening!

Here’s a PDF filed that has 2 of the blank cards. Print as many as you need:

Hope these help make your baby shower extra fun!

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Are you looking for virtual baby shower games?

Just because your baby shower is virtual doesn’t mean that guests can’t have fun. That’s why choosing the right games is so important. You want baby shower games that will get guests involved and allow them to enjoy this unique virtual experience.

Of course, your traditional baby shower games won’t necessarily work. Requiring guests to print off games is just a hassle and mailing them off becomes a headache. So ditch trying to “virtualify” the unscramble and bingo games.

Instead, I’m going to share the 3 best virtual baby shower games that are easy to plan and execute. Did I mention that they’re fun too?

Bingo Baby Shower Printable

I’ve played them all and they make for a fun and seamless baby shower.

If you need help planning a virtual baby shower or need an example virtual baby shower agenda, but sure to read this step by step guide for hosting a virtual baby shower.

You can also check out WebBabyShower to help with planning and amazing virtual baby shower, along with games!

Here are three fun and easy virtual baby shower game ideas that you can try!

Scavenger Hunt

If you need a way to easily get guests engaged, the scavenger hunt is the perfect game. The concept of this game is quite simple. The host will have a list of baby items that the parents will need and guest will have to find items in their home to do the job.

Yep! Guests will actually have to get up and move with this game. It’ll make for an excited, interactive, and competitive game.

For example, the baby will need a bottle. The first five guests who are able to find a bottle and come back on camera with it make it to the next round. Each round has a new item and elimination until there is one winner.

Some example of items to look for include:

  • Bottle
  • Blanket
  • Toy
  • Something to carry the baby in
  • Lotion
  • Shampoo

The idea is to have items that are associated with babies but anyone can have. Encourage guests to be creative and have fun!

The Price is Right

Baby Shower Bingo Game Generator

Online Baby Shower Bingo

Everyone knows that babies are expensive. This game will test your guests knowledge of how much baby items actually cost.

Just like the show, The Price is Right, guests have to get as close to the right price as possible without going over.

To make it easy, you can use items from the parent’s baby registry or look for common items online. To keeps things consistent, you’ll want to get the most up-to-date price (without sales) from the same retailer.

When calling out items to price, you have to be very clear on what guests are pricing. For example, don’t just say diapers. Include the brand and pack count.

You’ll want to have your guests grab a pen and paper for this game. They’ll be given about a min to come up with their guess and then they must all display it on the screen at the same time.

To make things simple, you can award a winner for each item. If there is a tie, do a tie-breaker with another item.

Guessing Game

If the parents haven’t revealed the gender or baby’s name, a guessing game would make things fun. Guests can submit their vote for the baby’s gender and try to guess the baby’s name.

This is simple when you’re using Zoom to host your shower since it has a poll feature built-in. You can read this article on how to create a poll in Zoom.

Another variation of this game is to have the mom answer a list of baby-related questions beforehand that the guests have to guess the answer to.

Some examples of questions include:

  • What did you crave the most?
  • How much do you think the baby will weigh?
  • Who do you think the baby will look like?
  • Do you think the baby will come on his/her due date or later?

The person who can guess the most correct answers will win the game.

Again, to avoid any kind of cheating, all guests should write their answers down and display them on camera at once.

Virtual Baby Shower Game Prizes

You can’t have a game without prizes. But, much like the games, you’ll have to get creative. You don’t want to have to mail off gifts, so consider these options instead.

Cash prizes

Make things simple by giving cash prizes. When you have a winner, simply have them privately message the host their Cashapp, Zelle, Venmo, or even Paypal information and you can send the money right off! It’s quick and easy and I’m sure your guests will appreciate it.

The amount that you choose to give us completely up to you! I’ve personally won $20 for a game, but I encourage you to do what’s in your budget!

Electronic Gift Cards

Gift cards are another easy option for virtual baby shower game prizes. Once you have a winner, you should have them send a private message to you with their email address so that you can email the gift card directly to them.

I prefer gifting Amazon gift cards since it gives them a lot more options. However, anywhere that allows you to purchase electronic gift cards will suffice.

Gift Basket

If you still would like to award a physical gift, consider a gift basket that can be shipped to their home. Amazon has some affordable options for spa gift baskets and more.

Again, you’ll need to collect the winner’s information so that you can have it shipped to the correct location. Once you have the address, you can simply change your ship-to address during checkout on Amazon.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime already, you can sign up for their free trial just in time for the shower. This will allow the winner to get their prize the next day or two!

Online Baby Shower Bingo

Final thoughts on online baby shower games

As you can see, there are still options to play games are your virtual baby shower. These are the top games that I recommend that don’t require any printing or unnecessary work on the part of you or your guests.

For more help with planning a virtual baby shower, be sure to check out my step-by-step guide for planning & hosting a virtual baby shower.

Free Online Baby Shower Bingo

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