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Odibets is one of the leading betting sites in Kenya which is a fully licensed Sports Betting bookmaker. In order register or log in at OdiBets Kenya is pretty simple, also the Odibet app is easy to use and saves your time and data bundles. Odibets is designed exclusively for mobile devices. Although you can access it on your desktop computer, it looks and works best on smartphones and tablets. You can rest assured that Odibets mobile app or website is data friendly. You won’t have to spend loads of data just to place bets on your favorite sports events. The first thing you have to do is login to their website that is odibet.com and you can also download their mobile app too, that's another way to access their services. So, what next for you to do is to make selections, be careful when making your selection and re check again and login your account with your phone number and password.

Odibet Kenya is one of the most visited gambling sites in Kenya. In fact, mafans.com claims Odibets Kenya is the fifth most visited website in Kenya. The bookmarker it taking things a notch higher by delivering what they promise. The brand has tremendously grown, and the bet winners coming from the site is a clear indication that the site is stable and capable of paying.

  • 1 Login to their website or the app The first thing you have to have to do is login to their website that is odibet.com and you can download their mobile app too that's another way to access their services.
  • How to book a bet and place a bet on odibet using mobile phone. Odibet is one of the fastest growing betting company in kenya. Booking a bet on odibet is so easy provided you follow these easy steps I'm going to be showing you. The steps are as follows 1 Login to their website or the app.

With numerous sports markets including basketball, football, American football, ice hockey, cricket, tennis, rugby, and handball, this bookmarker has something for every player. They offer over 600 matches from all over the world that players can bet on.

Other features that make Odibet Kenya a gem for gamblers include:

  • Daily first free deposit;
  • A free bet for new customers/ when you create an account;
  • Availability of virtual games and live betting;
  • Win boost.

Odibets Kenya is a Kenyan owned company by Kareco Holdings Limited. The bookmarker is registered and licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board under the betting, gaming, and Lotteries act.

For more information on this gamer’s love, continue reading our guide and learn how to register, login, deposit, and withdrawal methods plus get answers to all questions you frequently ask.

Odibet Login Kenya

If you’ve already created an account with Odi bets Kenya, the login process is easy.

  1. Open the official page of the Odibet. It will take you to the login page.
  2. Enter the phone number you used to register and add your password.
  3. Select the green button, after which you’ll be taken to the homepage of Odibets.

Odibet Kenya Registration

Odi bet registration is an easy process that takes minutes. To enroll in this platform, you have two options depending on whether you have a phone with bundles or not. To register via SMS:

  1. Launch your SMS app;
  2. Enter the receiver’s number which is 29680;
  3. Type the word ‘ODI’ and make sure it’s in caps;
  4. Send the message and wait for a confirmation message welcoming you to Odibet Kenya;
  5. The message will also contain instructions you create a password. Ensure the password is strong and not guessable; otherwise, you risk losing your hard-earned money.

Note: Standard SMS rates apply, and so you need to have at least Ksh 5 as airtime.

If you prefer registering online, follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi, or your data is on.
  2. Launch your browser. It’s recommended you use opera mini, chrome, or Firefox (if you’re using a laptop or computer).
  3. On your browser, enter the following: www.odibets.com.
  4. Once the page loads, click on the yellow button on the left side corner with ‘register free.’ Tap on it to register.
  5. Enter your phone number, preferably your Safaricom number.
  6. Enter a strong password such that no one can hack it.
  7. Confirm your details and tap or click the ‘create an account’ button.

An SMS code will be sent to your phone. Enter the code. If you fail to receive the message, initiate the process again.

Odibet Betting Options

One of the reasons Odibet Kenya is a gem among Kenyan players is the availability of numerous betting options. Let’s look at some.

  • Double chance: double chance is where you bet a team will win or the match will end in a draw.
  • Draw no bet: if a match ends in a draw yet you bet on a team winning, the bet is canceled, and your stake returned.
  • Odd/even: a punter has to predict the cards/goals/ corners will equal to an even or odd number.
  • Winning, including overtime: a bettor has to predict the team that will win even when a match goes over time.
  • Asian handicap is where one team is a favorite while the other is an underdog. The underdog team is given a virtual lead while the favorite isn’t. The draw option is eliminated on Asian handicaps such that you only have two options to bet on.
  • Exact goals: you predict the number of goals a team will score and place a bet on it.
  • Goal range: you have to predict the range of goals to be scored in a match.
  • Which team to score: you bet on the team that will score.
  • 1st goal scorer: you bet on the person who will score the first goal in a match.
  • 1×2: here, you bet for either the home team (1), draw(x), or away team (2).
  • Will there be overtime: here you have to bet yes or no on whether the match will have overtime.


Accepts Kenyan ShillingsWell-optimized websiteKenya-orientied bettingsLarge variety of Sports

How to download Odibets?

Even if you wanted to download odibets app, you wouldn’t as they still haven’t developed an app. however, you can access their site on your phone. In fact, some reviewers claim the site loads eight times faster than the top betting site in Kenya. To confirm it, we did it, and undoubtedly, loading the page takes a few seconds.

Odibets Bonuses and Promotions


Odibets Kenya offers the following bonuses and promotions to its customers:

Free bet

Once you complete Odibet registration, the platform rewards you with a free bet. To claim the bet:

  1. Choose a game you want to stake.
  2. Select either home team (1), draw(x), or away team (2) as your winning team. This way, you place a bet.
  3. Enter the phone number you registered the account with and add your password too.
  4. Click or tap ‘submit free bet.’

Note: you’re only required to register an account once. If the Odibet system notices you’re creating multiple accounts to gain free bets, all your accounts will be closed, and no winnings will be rewarded to your accounts.

Free first deposit of the day

New and existing players of Odibet earn free first deposit amounts ranging from 49 to 99 and above 200. So if you deposit Ksh 95, the amount that will reflect on your account will be 100. The bookmaker returns the charge fee, which in this case is Ksh 5.

Up to 150% multi-bet boost

This bonus is eligible for both new and existing players. The promotion is pertinent to multi bets of both pre match fixtures and live bets. You need to meet specific conditions to earn this promotion. These include:

  • You should have a minimum of 32 selections for each multiple bets.
  • Matches and events you choose should have a minimum odd of 1.5.
  • One bet in a multi bet should have a minimum of 5 selections.
  • The maximum pay-out for a multi-bet should be a maximum of Ksh 1 million.

The bonus percentage directly relates to the games completed. So if you bet on 32 games on 5th June and one of the games is postponed to 7th June, Odibet will base your wins on the completed games on your bet slip. If you choose to bet on the draw and a match happens to draw, a bonus boost of that game will be eliminated when calculating your wins.


Another promotion of Odibets Kenya is the bundles package. Follow the procedure below to qualify for bundles:

  • Register an account and bet on a single or multi bet with a minimum of Ksh 49.
  • You’ll receive 7MBs and seven free messages. You’ll also enter a draw where you can earn 2GBs of bundles the winner is selected randomly by a system)
  • If you win, you’ll receive a message of confirmation. The offer is usually valid for 48 hours from the time you receive a confirmation message.

Note: Odibets Kenya is currently rewarding players with Ksh 20 if they play the odi league option for the first time.

How to Bet on Odi Bet?

There are two ways of placing a bet on odi bets. First, the SMS method, where you send your predictions to 29680. Usually, Odibets sends some of the upcoming games to your phone with instructions on how to bet. The minimum stake is Ksh 1, and the maximum is Ksh 50,000.

To bet online, open your browser and log in to your Odibet account.

On the menu, select the sport you want to stake on, could be football, ice hockey, or any other. Alternatively, use the search function to find a specific team. If you’re betting a single bet, select your team. To bet on multiple teams, select a maximum of 32 teams.

Assuming your account already has money, enter the amount you want to stake. Click or tap on ‘place bet.’

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Payment Options

Odi bets have one payment method as per what they recommend on their official page. M-Pesa is the recommended method of depositing and withdrawing your money from odi bets. You can deposit any amount, but you have to consider Safaricom’s minimum deposit threshold. The minimum you can withdraw is Ksh 100, while the maximum is Ksh 20,000.

How to Deposit on Odibet?

Here are the steps to follow when depositing money into your Odibet account prior to placing a bet:

  1. Go to your M-Pesa menu and select lipa na M-Pesa.
  2. Choose paybill and enter Odibet paybill number, which is 290680.
  3. Enter the account name, which is either your name or ‘ODI’ then enter an amount.
  4. Your account will be credited with the amount you deposit automatically.
  5. Odibet will send you a confirmation message.

How to Withdraw?

Withdrawing from Odi bets Kenya is as easy as the other processes. Here are two procedures you can follow;


Using the number with which you used on Odibet registration, send a message –‘W#Amount’ to 29680. You’ll receive the amount to your M-Pesa account, followed by a message confirming your withdrawal.


  • Open your browser on either your phone or computer.
  • Type odibet.com.
  • This will take you to the Odibet login.
  • Add your number and password to log in.
  • On the top left corner, select the menu and choose ‘withdrawal.’
  • You might be requested to enter your first and last name.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw but should be a minimum of Ksh 200.
  • Press’ request withdrawal’.

Odibet Support Contacts

Odibet Kenya is one of the most active bookmarkers on social media. Players that contact them via social media get their queries correctly answered and fast. The most reliable channels to reach Odibets Kenya include:

  • Phone: 0 709 183-680
  • Official Facebook page: https://facebook.com/odibets
  • Official twitter handle: @odibets

Questions about Odibet Kenya

  • What is an odibets freebet? +
    Odibets Kenya freebet entails you betting on the bookmaker’s account. They give you ksh30; you place the bet probably on a game with an odd of 4.50. If your selection win, Ksh 30 is multiplied by 4.50, so you earn Ksh 135. The bookmaker then subtracts their Ksh 30, and the remaining amount is sent to your odibets account. If your game loses, it’s not your loss.
  • When you have a freebet, a freebet banner will appear on the screen of the app or website on the browser. Click on the banner to find out details regarding your free bet.
  • Once you’re through with Odibets registration, Odibets Kenya offers you a risk-free bet of Ksh 30. Here, you find a match where you have to choose the team that will win (could be home team, draw or away team). Select the team that will win, and your Ksh 30 will be multiplied by the odds of that team.
  • Yes, you can withdraw winning from your freebet if they exceed a 100. Follow the two steps above on how to withdraw, to get your cash.
  • Are there restrictions on how you use freebets? +
    You should be 18 or older to place a freebet. Odibets Kenya has to also choose a match for you; then, you select a team to win.
  • Yes. Odibet is a legally licensed gambling site in Kenya under license number 0000116. The Kareco Holdings Limited Company in the crescent lane in parkland that operates odibets is licensed by the BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board) and thus can run gambling platforms.
  • If you want to activate the Odibet account in the context of creating an account, follow the process of registering a new account. If, however, you’ve been inactive after creating an Odibet account, log in. Odibet doesn’t inactivate your account because you’re not using it. It remains safe and logged out. If you don’t recall your password, head to the login page and click ‘forget password.’ You’ll be asked to add the number you used to register and a four-digit code via SMS. Enter the code and enter a six-digit password, confirm, and log in.
  • If you happen to forget your Odibets Kenya password, you can reset it. Here is the procedure;

    1. Ensure you have a stable internet connection, launch your browser, and type in odibet.com.
    2. Wait for the full page to load before clicking the ‘login’ option.
    3. Ensure you have the number you used to register the Odibets Kenya account. Also, make sure the Simcard is active and on as the confirmation message will be sent to it.
    4. Tap or click on the forgot button. You’ll be taken to a new page.
    5. Meanwhile, a four-digit code will be sent to you via SMS. Enter the code on the new window.
    6. Create a new password and make sure it’s something you can easily remember, yet no one can hack it.

Odibets is one of the most discussed bookmakers among the sport fans in Kenya, although it started operating in our country in the end of 2018 year. The bookie has become popular, thanks to its sponsorship to Mathare United, at one hand, and, on the other, because of the big number of large profits lots of punters have made to earn in the website by using the good odds and the affordable bonuses. Only during the last couple of months several cases with Odibets customers and their profits – close to the maximum profit that can be earn on the platform, 1 000 00 Ksh – have been registered. If you want to get a chance to win such a big profit, too, just don’t stop reading this material…

Mobile betting

Currently, Odibets uses only web-based platforms. In other words, you can use the website only via browsers regardless whether they are mobile, or desktop.

We hope, in future we can see applications to be added to Odibets services as they are useful for giving you notifications in time. We will inform you as soon as Odibets app becomes a fact.

Up to then, you will probably feel convenient enough in the current situation, too, because Odibets mobile website has high speed and it works 100% faster than the platforms other bookies in our country offer. A recent study has shown that Odibets mobile platform doesn’t just work faster than any other competitor’s mobile website, but it also requires less mobile data to be used.

We should note that to a certain degree, these excellent results from the study are due to the fact that the mobile platform is comparatively poor in content and with fewer graphical add-ons. The betting company prefers the fast loading and the easy navigation rather than an attractive design.

SMS betting

Currently, the betting house’s option for SMS gambling is not active (there’s a mention in the website for such a function, but it’s not clear when it will be available), but some other services can be performed, though, via SMS messages. For instance, by sending a short message you can register on the platform, make deposits and claim for withdrawals. We would say, though, that it would be easier for you to do these things through the website as long as you have internet connection. We don’t mean this, however, for the withdrawals, which are objectively easily to be claimed through an SMS message.

Betting on upcoming events

Odibets can brag about having one of the widest selection of events in comparison to all of the rest bookies in Kenya. In this gambling platform, the top preferred and basically mandatory football, rugby, tennis, basketball and ice hockey bets are complemented with a few more favorite matches from sport disciplines like boxing, cricket, handball, baseball and American football. We cannot say, though, that the service is completely perfect, because it’s easy to see events, which would be interesting for us to meet, but are not available here – for instance, horse races and bets on special events outside of sports world and even digital sports gambling.

Which are the most intriguing bets you can place in Odibets Kenya?

  • Range of performed corners – 0-4, 5-6 or 7+
  • Bets for cards with a special point system
  • Correct score for the first half time
  • Multiscores (for instance, a bet for scores between 1 and 6)
  • First half time / End result and correct number of scores


Odibets is one of the bookies from Kenya with really good odds. If we should be more specific, the profit margin here is around 7%. Of course, this is definitely not the highest achievement you can make in the country, but it’s definitely high enough to let the ordinary customer not to see easily the difference and to have all the chances for a big profit. As an example for a high odd we can give one standard football match for which we’ve seen the following odds: 2.90 for the host, 3.00 for a draw and 2.70 for the guest.


Live bets

There’s a Live section in Odibets, but please, have in mind that here you should reconcile with lower odds. If you have ever placed bets in a European bookmaker, then in this betting house you will miss the useful stats and graphics without which the live bets seem more boring these days. On the other side and excluding these disadvantages, Odibets live service is fine enough and we don’t have any remarks to do regarding the quality of the platform or the matches in the section – they are as satisfying as the pre-match bets are.

Can we close our bets in Odibets Kenya?

The extra options are definitely not the things that determine the strong points in Odibets and due to these the punters stills cannot use, for instance, the popular function such as the Cash out. Hence, we should note that the betting company has been definitely taking the right direction for a progress and in September this year, it added an option for betting history deletion (or part of the history).


In Odibets you can make a registration through any of these two methods:

  • By sending SMS message. You should send two messages in a row – one for an order to register and one to confirm the registration
  • Through a web-based registration. Here you should fill in password and your mobile phone number. You will be sent verification code on your mobile phone. Note that without this code you cannot complete your registration.


Mpesa and nothing else! That’s how we can conclude the deposit methods in this website. The deposit should be at least 49 Ksh, although the minimum bet amount is Ksh 1.

Principally, there’s a small fee for any transaction you make with M-Pesa, but Odibets will reward you by covering the fee for one deposit per day. This is an offer only for deposits between 100 and 199 Ksh, though.

Deposit bonus

FreeBet is an offer that’s depending on your first deposit as an official customer in the website and it includes the following parameters:

  • Bonus amount – Ksh 30 fixed amount (there’s no matter how big your deposit amount is)
  • How to use it? – By placing one bet on any sport event
  • Should I play it? – In case your bet is successful, it’s not necessary to play the received amount to claim it for a withdrawal

Please, note that if you haven’t verified your profile up to 7 days after your web registration you will lose the chance to use this promotion.

Odibets Kenya – frequently asked questions

What are the limits for a bet in Odibets?

Each bet should be between Ksh 1 and 50 000 Ksh, while the maximum possible amount here is 1 000 000 Ksh

What types of an entertainment does Odibets bookmaker offer?

Besides sport bets we have discussed up to now, this betting operator offers a whole section where there are stimulated football events and you can place bets on them, too.

Are there any other bonuses?

Alongside with the deposit bonus, Odibets provides a bonus for the first bet in the football stimulator, as well as increasing profits in case of big accumulators, guaranteed free messages and mobile data after registration and many more other promotions.

Odibet Mobile App Phone

How to make a deposit in Odibets?

You can use either your Mpesa account, or to open Odibets platform at first and then through the black sidebar in the website or the menu in the left section to enter the desired amount for a deposit.

Why Odibets is a worth it to be checked out and used bookmaker?

Odibet Mobile App Download

As all of the rest bookies, Odibets has its strong and weak points. This betting house might be, though, suitable to all of you, who prefer the big sport program and the high odds rather than the modern function and the sophisticated design (of course, the gambling website is also suitable for Mathare United followers, too, because the company is a sponsor to this football club team). Odibets provides one simple and easy to be understood platform with convenient services for sport bets and these are both: the operator’s strong and weak points.