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Posted : admin On 10.03.2021
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Nba Odds Betting Philippines 2020

Filipino residents can find legal online sports betting options through licensed offshore sportsbooks. The legally sanctioned Philippines online sportsbooks recommended in this guide offer betting lines on sports from around the world, including popular American leagues like the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and the NCAA. You will find lines, odds and wagering options for all the major sports events. A few sports are more popular than others for Filipino bettors. At Philippines betting sites, you’ll see a lot of emphasis placed on basketball. The NBA is covered extensively, with a variety of standard, live, and futures markets available, while our recommended sites also offer PBA betting odds.

Daily Lines
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  • Point Spread: Commonly called the line or spread, it is the number chosen by Las Vegas and overseas oddsmakers that they feel will get an equal number of people to wager on the underdog as on the favorite. The negative value (-10.5) means the team is favored by 10.5 points. The positive value (+10.5) indicates an underdog of 10.5 points. In this instance, the favored team must win by at least 11 points to cover the spread. The underdog team can lose by 10 points and still cover the spread.
  • Total: Known as the over/under, common wisdom says it is how many points oddsmakers feel will be scored in an NBA game by both teams combined. If you wagered under 197.5, you want the combined score of both teams to less than 197 (example 100-96).
  • Money Line: Commonly used as a baseball and hockey wagering tool, basketball moneylines are popular for picking underdogs. There is no point spread linked to the moneyline. So the team you bet on only has to win the game, not win by a certain number of points. The negative value indicates the favorite, just like a point spread (-170) and the positive value means an underdog (+150). If you picture the number 100 sitting in the middle of these two values, moneylines are easier to comprehend.
  • Futures: Betting on a future event (such as which team will win the NBA title) is called future betting. Oddsmakers will update future odds during the year, shortening the odds for good teams on hot streaks and lengthening odds for slumping teams with injury problems. Example: the NBA top team could be +170 to win the championship. This translates to a $100 wager paying out a $170 profit if that team wins. A lousy team might be +2000, making a $100 wager pay out a whopping $2,000 as a longshot.

Nba Odds Betting Philippines Today

As one of the most popular sports in the world, it’s only natural that the best sportsbooks cover basketball as one of its target markets. Whether you’re looking at NBA betting or betting on international basketball, you can find sportsbooks that offer a broad range of bet types and markets. These betting markets often focus on the most popular tournaments and organizations including but not limited to International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the Euro League, and even the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) if you are betting in the Philippines.

Top Bookmakers for NBA Betting 2021

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About the NBA

Of these leagues, the most popular is the National Basketball Association or NBA in the United States. Starting as a ‘small league’ with just 11 teams in 1946, the league is now a global crowd-drawer and helps powers the sports betting industry with its popular NBA betting markets.

In the last few years, the league has grown to 30 teams representing cities and states across North America. Although the teams are based in America, they also attract the best talents from different parts of the world making the league a world-class exhibition of talents and skills. Under the league’s format, each participating team will play 82 game seasons, with 41 away homes and 41 home games.

This exciting schedule of NBA teams provides punters and players with many NBA betting opportunities. And since the majority of these games are played daily, this means that you can enjoy NBA betting daily. But if the betting markets here are not enough for you, you can always count on the wagering opportunities provided by college basketball. The rules and lingo are similar, and by following these games, you also build your knowledge in preparation for the more exciting NBA gambling opportunities.

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What are the Different Types of Bets You Can Make

Betting on the National Basketball Association can be interesting if you have a basic understanding of the online wagering and sport. Whether you want to bet on the regular-season game or NBA Finals, this essential guide will save you time from navigating through numerous NBA betting lines.

Single-game bets

Once you sign up for an account on NBA betting sites, one of the first things you’ll see are bets on the Moneyline together with the Total Bets and Spread. These are categorized as single-game bets because they involve the outcomes of a specific game. Of these bets, the most popular (and easy to play) is the Moneyline. Under this NBA betting arrangement, you simply predict the winner of the game. For example, in a game between Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers, you simply put your money on the team who you think will win the game.

Betting the spread

This bet is unique because you don’t choose an outright winner or loser. For instance, if you bet on the favorite, they have to win by a certain number of points. Conversely, if you pick on the underdog, they should not lose by a certain amount of points. In short, in this type of NBA betting, your focus is the margin between the two teams. For example, you will wager if the point spread between the Lakers and Clippers is more than 10 points. To be successful in NBA point spread betting, you must pay attention to the statistics and player performances. Additionally, spreads for an NBA game will always be more than 5 points because basketball is a high-scoring game.

NBA Totals

To pick a totals bet, you have to wager on whether the combined final score will strike Over or Under a certain number of points. Let’s take for example the New Orleans Pelicans facing off against the Houston Rockets, and this is how the NBA betting odds will appear: Over (220) and Under (220). If you select the Over, then you need the total points to exceed 220 for your wager to win. However, if you pick Under, then you need the total score to be 219 or less to win your wager. There’s also a chance that your NBA betting option will not end up in Over or Under. There’s a possibility that your bet can become a ‘Push’.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are those that determine the occurrence or non-occurrence of specific events or highlights that might not directly relate to the results of the game. For example, how many assists will Player A have against the New York Knicks? Or how many points will Cleveland Cavaliers score in the first quarter against the Indiana Pacers? In short, you’re betting on a proposition or a specific event happening in the game.

NBA Betting on Futures and Outright

In NBA public betting, you also have the option to play the futures and the outright NBA betting markets. In these types of NBA online betting, you are focusing not on the next match but for the future results of the tournament. For example, you will wager on the team that will become the Eastern Conference Winner, the Western Conference Winner, or even the NBA Champions. In this type of NBA betting, you can also put your money on the Finals MVP and the NBA Most Valuable Player.

Although you are making the bet in advance, it doesn’t mean that you no longer need to follow the games and check the statistics. In futures and outright NBA betting, you still need to check the games and the results regularly. You still need to know if the teams (or the players) you have bet on are doing great and can help you collect a lucrative payout at the end of the season.

How to Improve Your Chances in NBA Betting

Your success on NBA betting hinges on several factors including access to the right kind of information. If you want to take NBA sports betting seriously, then you should start by understanding the different types of bets. More than knowing the bets, it’s also important that you know when these bets are perfect to play.

Also, there are a few more recommendations that can help you enjoy NBA betting. Described below are some popular tips and strategies that can help you understand and enjoy the betting services.


Research on the different teams, player statistics, and match-up. Just like in other types of betting, your access to information is critical in making a successful bet. Before you bet, it’s important to review the team’s statistics and match-ups between the teams. Access to previous results and match-up history is particularly important in making your Moneyline bet. In NBA betting on moneyline, you don’t just randomly bet on a team. Your choice should be based on information like scores, history, and statistics.

Use the NBA Betting odds to your advantage

Sports betting odds are important terms you should master if you want to boost your chances in NBA online betting. In betting, the odds will tell you the likelihood that an event is happening. For example, the odds can tell if you if the Lakers are expected to win or not. Also, the odds will give you an idea as to how much you’re going to collect if your wager wins.

Betting odds are displayed in different formats, with decimals, fractional, and moneyline as the most popular. In many Asian sportsbooks, the most common format used is decimal. If a team has 1.50 odds, it means that your wager of $100 will win you $150. In short, reading the odds can help you make an informed bet. So before you place your bets in your preferred sportsbook, make sure you read first the NBA odds today.

Explore the different NBA Betting strategies

To improve your NBA betting experience, you may want to explore the different betting strategies. A popular strategy that you can use is parlay betting. The NBA parlay is simply a combo bet where you bet on several teams and incorporate them into one wager. In this betting arrangement, the risk is less but you are positioned to greater payouts. However, all teams included in the wager should win before you can collect a payout.

Place your NBA bets in a reputable online sportsbook

Of the different tips available online, this one is the most important. The quality of your NBA betting experience ultimately depends on your chosen sportsbook. As a responsible punter, it’s important that you carefully choose the sportsbook where you will place your money. Make sure that the site is fully licensed, accept players from your country, and offer competitive NBA odds. Furthermore, this sportsbook should also offer you with lucrative bonuses like free spins that can enhance your NBA betting experience.

Betting on NBA games can be fun, lucrative, and stress-free if you’re prepared and understand how the industry works. Before you sign up, make sure you read about the different types of bets and familiarize yourself with the sports lingo. Once you have access to tools and information, then that’s the time you can enjoy the fun and profitable side of NBA betting.


⚖️ Is online NBA betting legal?

Yes, online betting on the NBA is legal. All online bookmakers that accept punters from the Philippines are offering this betting market. All you have to do is pick a gambling operator and register.


💰 What is a moneyline bet?

Moneyline bet is the easiest kind of bet you can make in any sport including the NBA. Basically it means betting on a specific team to win.

🏀 Is it difficult to bet on the NBA?

Nba Betting Odds

No. You just have to know the sport and the available bets. Don’t start betting before you know what are you betting on.