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Posted : admin On 27.02.2021
LogoGameRatingTypeCatMax WinAvailable AtPlay Now!
The Money Drop94%LuckTV£96,000
Hi Lo Gambler93%LuckHiLo£55,000+
Deal or No Deal91%LuckTV£10,000
4 Play Hi Lo Bingo88%LuckHiLo£10,000
Spin Win85%LuckNumbers£30,000+
Baltimore Drop84%LuckNumbers£2,500+
Roll Up83%LuckHiLo£100,000+
Golden Sevens82%LuckHiLo£100,000+
Arcade Hi Lo81%LuckHiLo£14,500
Virtual Dogs81%LuckSports£200,000+
Hi Lo Poker80%LuckHiLo£1,000+
Virtual Horses78%LuckSports£200,000+
Pinball Roulette78%LuckNumbers£10,000+
Nelson's Victory77%LuckKeno£100,000
Golden Balls76%LuckTV£1,200
Football Quiz76%SkillQuiz£50+
Dice Wars75%LuckDice£1,000+
Rubik's Riches74%LuckOther£250,000
Poker Bet73%LuckCasino£5,000+
Crack The Safe71%LuckHiLo£5,000
Pinball Deluxe70%LuckCasino£1,000+
Battle Cash Bonanza70%LuckKeno£100,187
3 Card Brag68%LuckCasino£20,000+
Snap Jax64%LuckCasino£2,500,000
Laser Escape61%LuckHiLo£1,000,000+
Shut The Box60%LuckDice£1,000
Let It Spin52%LuckNumbers£15,000+
Mysic Shuffle Hi Lo47%LuckHiLo$200,000
Miami Dice45%LuckDice£100,000
La Boule43%LuckCasino£1,000+
Poker Dice42%LuckDice£15,000
Black and White41%LuckNumbers£7,300
Aces High40%LuckHiLo£50,000+
Power Ball38%LuckOther£100,000+
Aztecs 'n' Adders35%LuckDice£5,000+
Killer Ace32%LuckCasino£1,000+
Tower Power31%LuckDice£150,000+
Fruity Supernova30%LuckOther£100,000+
Monopoly On A Roll28%LuckNumbers£20,000
Aladdin's Treasure26%LuckHiLo£10,000
Aztec Gold25%LuckNumbers£15,000+
Trail Blazer24%LuckHiLo£10,000+
Golden Clover24%LuckNumbers£40,000+
Roll 'Em12%LuckDice£35,000
Chain Reactors8%LuckOther£1,000,000+
Bee Happy5%LuckOther£100,000
Football: In Between4%LuckSports£710

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This page lists all of the online real money games that I have reviewed up to this point. They’ve been ordered by rating from highest to lowest to help you sort the God-awful games from the ridiculously fun and addictive ones.

How the games table works.

I’ve clearly done something terribly wrong if you can’t figure out what’s going on in the games table by simply looking at it. However, I’ve got some time on my hands so I’ll go ahead and explain the beautiful intricacies of it.

  • Logo and game. The logo and name of the game. Pretty straightforward so far.
  • Rating. The rating of the game based on 'fun-ness'. I explain how I roughly rate each game in a little more detail below.
  • Type. Either 'luck or 'skill'. Some games are completely luck based, whereas some take some skill, like quiz games for example.
  • Category. Could be 'TV', 'Sport', 'Quiz', 'Numbers' or something along those lines. I’ve tried to lump each game in to a category to help with sorting them and stuff.
  • Max Win. The maximum amount of money you can win in one game. I sometimes have to estimate this though as the maximum win either changes or isn’t all that apparent.
  • Available At. List of sites that offer the game. These are ordered alphabetically.
  • Play Now! This will take you straight to the best site for that particular game.

You may also notice that the table rows have different colours depending on what category the game is in. I hope that proves to be more useful than annoying.

Which games site has the best gambling games?

It’s no secret that Paddy Power Games is my favourite site for real money gambling games online. So yeah, I’d highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

However, if you have some spare time on your hands there is no reason why you can’t do a bit of research for yourself.

I have written reviews on all of the most popular real money games sites, so have a browse over those. Most games sites allow you to play the games for free, so why not test them out at each site?

However, after all your research I’m very confident that you will agree that Paddy Power Games comes out on top.

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What makes a good casino game?

Good question, and you’ve kinda put me on the spot here. I’ve been rating the games based on my own personal opinion and preferences, but if I had to list the factors that make up a game’s overall rating they would most likely include:

  • Fun-ness. I’m sure I’ve made up this word but I don’t care. This is basically how enjoyable the game is. Hopefully my sense of 'fun' is similar to most peoples’, otherwise my rating system is in desperate trouble.
  • Addictiveness. Good games always make you want to have another go.
  • Game speed. Not a huge factor, but slow games tend to be tedious. I like the games to flow well.
  • Graphics. Again not a big deal, but the attractive games can add to the overall enjoyment.
  • Maximum Win. If there is the opportunity to win big then it certainly adds to the excitement.
  • Interactivity. If you can control lots of different aspects of the game then I like it. If you’re just clicking buttons and hoping for the best each time then I’m not impressed.
  • The 'X' Factor. Only joking.

That just about covers it. If I think of any other factors that contribute to what makes a good online game for real money I’ll add them to the list.

What are the game reviews like?

Well, I’m not one to brag or anything but they’re quite possibly the best real money game reviews in the world.

I try to cut to the chase at the start of the reviews and let you know the vital information about each real money game so that you can immediately find out whether or not it’s worth your time and/or money. If the game is terrible, I will proceed to explain why it’s so abysmal.

Later on in the review I will go on to highlight how to play the game and how to win money and stuff, but the bulk of the 'reviewing' is done at the top of the page to help make your life easier.

What’s the average rating for a game on this site?

Average game rating = 56%

Money Games Real Money

So if a game is above 56% it’s doing well for itself.

  • 3.Deal or No Deal91%
  • 4.4 Play Hi Lo Bingo88%
  • 5.Bullseye86%
  • 6.Spin Win85%
  • 7.Baltimore Drop84%
  • 8.Roll Up83%
  • 9.Pachinko82%
  • 10.Golden Sevens82%
  • Bullseye86%
  • Millionaire79%
  • Golden Balls76%
  • Roll Up83%
  • Golden Sevens82%
  • Arcade Hi Lo81%
  • Darts10%
  • Football: In Between4%
  • Football Quiz76%
  • Hangman66%
  • Catchphrase27%
  • Pinball Roulette78%
  • Pyramid56%
  • Digit53%

Are The Free Money Games Real

  • Miami Dice45%
  • Poker Dice42%
  • Aztecs 'n' Adders35%
  • 3 Card Brag68%
  • Snap Jax64%
  • La Boule43%
  • Rubik's Riches74%
  • Slotblox57%
  • Bejeweled46%
RankLogoSite NameRating# Of GamesPlay Now!
1.Paddy Power92%160+

Real, Money, Games. That’s what this site is all about (as you may have already cunningly guessed). But to be ever so slightly more specific:

Money Games With Real Money

  • It's about where to play them.
  • Its about which ones to play.
  • And it's also about how to get started playing games for real money online. a shed load more of other cool and awesome information that will interest all you real money gamers.

New to playing real money games online?

I imagine that you’re incredibly excited to get started winning money from playing games, but at the same time I’m sure that you have a few burning questions that you’d like to ask before making that first deposit. I was exactly the same.

Aside from figuring out which online money games to play and where to play them, the real money games FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) should cover everything you could want to know before letting the fun begin. The FAQ answers many of the most popular questions, including ones like:

  1. What is the best way to deposit money to a games for cash website?
  2. Is it safe to play online games for money?
  3. Can you actually win money by playing games for cash on the Internet?

Check it out and let me help you put any of your beginner concerns to rest. If you still have questions, give me a shout.

Top real money games sites.

There are actually quite a few Internet sites out there on the web that will allow you to play games for real money. You probably didn’t know that seeing as you’re new to the money-games scene, so I guess you’re going to have to take my word for it.

However, as a real cash games connoisseur, I know which ones are the easiest to use and which ones have the best games.

Free Money Games With Real Money

So which games site is the best?

Taking these and a bunch of other factors in to account, Paddy Power Games is by far my favourite site to play games for real money on. You will have more fun playing the games on this site than any other, plus it’s quick and easy to get money in and your winnings out, so that victory pint is only ever just around the corner.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are other good real money games sites out there - it’s just that Paddy Power ticks all of the boxes for a good money games site. You may be interested in checking out the other real money games sites and deciding for yourself.

Play games for real money online now.

All ready to get started? Excellent.

Just visit the Paddy Power website (it’s the best one for Internet money-games) and sign up for an account. It takes about 30 seconds if I remember correctly, so there’s certainly no need for a tea-break half way through.

After creating your very own player account you can start playing the games. After that, you can make a quick deposit and start playing for actual money.

Play Game Get Real Money

Best of luck!