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Posted : admin On 19.02.2021
Do you savor life or let everyday stresses control you? In other words, how mindful are you?
The practice of mindfulness has been linked to happiness, health, and psychological well-being, but many of us may not know exactly what it is, let alone how to cultivate it.
The quiz below draws on a mindfulness scale developed by researchers at La Salle University and Drexel University, led by psychology professor Lee Ann Cardaciotto. Please answer as honestly as possible about how frequently you experienced each of the following 20 statements over the past week.
When you’re done, you’ll learn more about what mindfulness is, how much you currently practice it, and how you can promote more of it in your life.
Any responses submitted here will never be shared with any organization outside the Greater Good Science Center under any circumstances, ever. All responses are anonymized and only used in aggregate for evaluation purposes.

Source: Cardaciotto, L., Herbert, J. D., Forman, E. M., Moitra, E., & Farrow, V. (2008). “The Assessment of Present-Moment Awareness and Acceptance: The Philadelphia Mindfulness Scale.” Assessment, 15 (2), 204-223.

  • Mindfulness Bingo for Grades K – 6 It’s Mindful May Begin on May 1st and choose as many activities as you can. Each activity with help you to feel focused. Bring this Bingo back to school on May 31st.
  • Play randomly generated mindfulness Bingo in a browser. BuzzBuzzBingo is home to the popular Buzzword Bingo Party Game! Turn your next TV watching gathering into the ultimate couch party or spice up your classroom with a fun game for all! Print and download free mindfulness Bingo Cards or Make Custom mindfulness Bingo.
  • Some of the most popular mindfulness apps are offering free content right now and other mindfulness apps have content that is always free. Try a daily mindfulness practice (even if it’s just a minute.
  • If you’ve had a difficult day, focusing the mind on challenging tasks can relieve stress and inspire you to think creatively. Print out and complete the mindfulness puzzles below. The puzzles and brain-training.
Mindfulness Bingo Free

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Mindfulness Bingo Cards

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Mindfulness Bingo Free

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