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Right now, full-on sports betting is available legally in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico, and more states (see our map above to check your home state). More states are introducing it all the time now that the federal ban has been lifted, and, in this section, we’ll explain why.

In this article we’re going to look at the subject of matched betting with multiple accounts – and by that we mean having more than one account at the same bookmaker. This is done by holding accounts that you run in other people’s name (friends or family members), not just your own.

  • Matched betting is simply the process of extracting that bonus money, and turning it into cash, without risking a dime. In the US, where legal sports betting is still in its’ infancy, sports books have sign up offers worth hundreds of dollars; you can make a couple hundred dollars with only a few minutes of work.
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In the matched betting community, this has been nicknamed ‘gnoming’. It’s also known as ‘multi-accounting’.

Honestly, you’re not going to find this written about very openly on the internet as it’s a taboo subject, even among matched betters. But it’s clear there are people doing it. Plenty admit to it on internet forums. And, of course, it’s allowing them to make much more money than if they had just one set of accounts. So maybe it’s worth a look.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the things that you should consider if you’re going down this route.

Just a word of caution, though: this does not constitute any legal or tax advice. The below has been put together as a collection of viewpoints based on what others have told us about doing it. What you choose to do with this information is entirely your responsibility.

Is matched betting using multiple accounts legal?

In matched betting, you pose as a regular punter in order to harvest offers and freebies from the bookmakers – all the while you’re actually laying off your bets in a risk-free way so you’re guaranteed profits. Although it’s perfectly legal, some might view it as an inherently murky activity.

Doing matched betting on your own account is already not really in the spirit of what the bookmakers want you to do (and we know this, because they will close your accounts if they suspect you of being a matched better). But does the idea of running multiple accounts at a bookie – using the names of friends and family – cross an altogether different line? Might it even be illegal?

As we’ve said above, we’re absolutely not in a position to give you any legal advice on this. Whilst we haven’t seen anything definitive on the legality of operating bookmaker accounts on behalf of others – either saying it is or is not legal – if you choose to go ahead with this activity, you do so entirely at your risk. It’s extremely grey territory.

One thing, however, is clear. If you’re setting up accounts with bookmakers on behalf of other people then you must have their permission. To do so without that would be identity theft. And you won’t get far with it anyway, for the following reasons:

  • You may be asked to provide identity documents, and background checks to open accounts.
  • Bookies are likely to require you to fund those accounts using a bank account in the same name as the customer (and even if they don’t, making transfers from seemingly unrelated bank accounts is likely to arouse suspicion).

So, first things first, make sure that you have the permission of the other person, and tell them what you’re doing. If they’re not fully onboard with it, then leave it well alone.

Getting the cooperation of friends and family

Having explained the concept to the friend or family member, if they’re still prepared to listen to you, you’re going to need to agree with them how this is going to work.

They’re unlikely to let you make money using accounts in their name if there isn’t something in it for them. Get ready to give them some cash.

It seems that people have tried two methods to compensate the other party:

  • Offer them a percentage of your profits
  • Offer them a fixed monthly payment

From the feedback of those doing it, the latter option is the clear favourite. Giving them a percentage of the profits makes the arrangement more complicated. You’ll constantly have to calculate the amount due, and they may have suspicions you’re not being entirely honest / accurate anyway.

With a monthly fee, things are clearer.

Setting up and operating a multiple matched betting accounts

Keep in mind that the bookmakers are always on the lookout for irregular activity. So anything that doesn’t fit with the profile of a normal punter will raise suspicions. If the bookmaker realises what you’re doing, they will close your gnoming account, and may also gub your own one too!

The feedback, from those using multiple accounts, is that you’ll want to consider a number of important safeguards:

1. Use different addresses and bank accounts

Whilst there are plenty of stories of people having opened up accounts at bookmakers in the name of their wives, not all bookies are open to that sort of thing. Ideally, you don’t want to open up too many accounts under one address. If a bookie sees that you’ve opened 5 accounts at one address for you, your sister, your mum, dad, and gran – they’re probably going to look into that.

But don’t just make up addresses, they need to be where the person actually lives! You may be asked for proof of address.

You also need to use different email addresses.

Equally, you want to be using different bank accounts. There’s more on that below.

2. Use different IP addresses

An IP address shows a bookmaker where you’re accessing the internet from. Again, too much activity coming from one IP address may result in your accounts being flagged.

The chat amongst matched betters is that you want to use a different device and connection for each set of accounts. Many of them have got cheap phones (on a SIM only plan – do NOT connect it to WIFI or it will use the same IP address as anything else using that WiFi connection) to avoid it looking like there are multiple people using the same IP address and device

If that seems a bit much, you could always try getting a decent VPN, which will hide your real IP address when you use the internet.

3. Vary behavior between accounts

Here, the advice seems to be to try logging into accounts at different times and varying user behaviour slightly. If you’re doing identical bets across all accounts at much the same times then that could raise some questions.

Laying bets at the exchange, for multiple bookmaker accounts

The betting exchanges, where you place your lay bets, don’t care if you’re matched betting. They’re also not the ones giving you any bonuses where you make your profits.

So, even if you’re running accounts at the bookies in a dozen different names, you can just use a single account at the exchanges. There’s no problem with that, but bear in mind that you might need to increase the size of your cash float in order to have enough capacity for your lay bets.

Bank accounts for multiple matched betting accounts

Transferring into a betting account from a bank account that doesn’t match the user’s name is suspicious, and in many bookies might not even be possible. So you need to make those transfers in from account in that person’s name

The banking situation is, for us, the greyest area out there. Some people recommend that you set up a new account in the person’s name (obviously with their permission) and you have control over it, and the debit card is in your possession. Not a single bank out there would consent to, or recommend, this arrangement – but people clearly do it. This arrangement has clear risks for both the person whose name is being used, and the person setting up the account.

So many new bank cards that you’re going to need a new wallet

Having control of that account also makes it possible for you to get your profits out of it too. Otherwise, if you don’t control the account, you’re relying on the other person to constantly make transfers out to you and in to bookmakers. If that person is on board with the whole idea then that may not be a problem, but it’s going to slow the whole process down a little. It may also take quite a bit of explaining over why various payments need to be made.

Note that it might also take some explaining to them if you’re making very big profits in relation to the amount you’re paying them!

Tax implications of matched betting on behalf of others

Whilst winnings from bookmakers are tax free, we’re not in any position to tell you what the tax situation is where you’re matched betting on behalf of other people. We’ve seen nothing authoritative that clears this up.

Is there an argument to say that you’re providing a taxable service on behalf of others? Do they need to pay tax on the money that you might be paying them for this arrangement? These are all things that you’re going to have to consider for yourself – and for full disclosure you may want to mention this risk to the person you’re doing it on behalf of.

Conclusion: Matched Betting using other accounts – is it worth it?

Match Betting In The Us Presidential

We mentioned right at the start, this isn’t something we’ve got into ourselves. The whole thing is fraught with issues – which we’ve covered above.

Aside from the legal and tax uncertainties, a significant issue is having to explain the idea, and the risks involved to someone else. On top of that, you need their help – or permission – to manage the cash payments and receipts. Unless the person trusts you a lot, they’re likely to be a little suspicious of the whole idea. Most instances where we’ve heard of people operating multiple accounts is where they’re doing it on behalf of a spouse.

Trust between you both is paramount. These sort of arrangements can end in tears, with suspicion or jealousy causing a fall-out. If the other party becomes difficult and decides to complain to the bank or bookmaker then it is going to cause you a lot of trouble and your own accounts will most certainly get gubbed. At worst, you might even end up in court.

Jackpot party casino facebook. Whether you get involved in this is, ultimately, something for discussion between you and the other person. For many, like us, it’s not something we’ll be rushing into soon. But, plenty of people are – and perhaps it’s that which explains some of the seemingly unbelievable matched betting profits you hear people reporting.

Whatever you choose, good luck!


Golf has always been a popular game with scores of fans around the world but the rise of golf betting has taken interest in the sport to a new level. PGA Tour, lower-level tour and international golf events run nearly every weekend of the year now and that brings plenty of golf betting opportunities along with them.

If you’re a passive golf fan, you can bet on a tournament winner from time to time and call it a day. If you’re a more passionate golfer (and fan) you can consider a wide range of PGA golf bets every week from the top 10 finishers to the score of your favorite golfer vs. another golfer, to live “next shot” bets and more.

You can also get out the crystal ball for the four Majors and pick your winners well in advance (at very good prices) thanks to a vast futures odds market for the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and Open Championship.

With major technological advances in golf coverage and the volume of golf events increasing exponentially, live golf betting has also taken off. Golf bettors have taken notice with hundreds of thousands more spent on golf bets each year compared to the last.

Top golf betting sites online

Where to bet on golf online in the US

In years past, betting on golf required a trip to LasVegas or taking your chances with an offshore sportsbook. That’s no longer the case. In May 2018, the US Supreme Court weighed in on a case involving the legality of sports betting.

In a nutshell, the justices decided that it was a matter for the individual states to decide. Several states have picked up the ball and ran with it, and they now have a thriving sports betting industry as a result.

Golf bettors in legalized states will find that they have plenty of legal sportsbook options. Even better, they can bet on the PGA and smaller tours when and where they would like via sports betting apps or legal and regulated online sportsbooks. Here is a partial list of where you can bet on golf legally online in the US:

  • NJ sports betting: Golf betting is thriving in New Jersey and it’s only going to get more prominent in the coming years. For those looking to attend and bet on a signature golf event in person in 2021, theUS Open takes place from June 17-20, 2021 at Torrey Pines, CA.
  • PA sports betting: Pennsylvania entered the sports betting fray only a few months after New Jersey in 2018. There are several places for PA bettors to bet on golf online or via a sportsbook app. As always, it’s a good idea to find the best deal when opening up a new account. There aren’t any PGATour events scheduled for PA in 2021, but neighboring states New Jersey and Maryland will see The Northern Trust and BMW Championship respectively, in August.
  • Indiana sports betting: Indiana sports betting took some time to go live, but it was time well spent. The retail side of things opened in September 2019, and online and mobile options launched the following month. The PGA Tour isn’t touching down in Indiana in 2021, but some options aren’t too far away for live golf. In July, the John Deere Classic will be in Silvis, IL and Barbasol Championship in Nicholasville, KY.
  • WV sports betting: West Virginia was one of the first states to act on legalizing sports betting in 2018. The retail side got up and running without a hitch, but there were some hiccups with online and mobile sports betting options. That’s all sorted out now. As mentioned, West Virginia is a regular stop on the PGA circuit.
  • Iowa sports betting: The retail side of sports betting is up and running in the Hawkeye State. Because online and mobile are being unveiled in stages, bettors will need to visit a retail sportsbook to complete their registration in person.
  • Colorado sports betting: Colorado has legal sports betting as of May, 2020. There are no scheduled PGA tournaments happening in the Centennial state this year.
  • NewHampshire sports betting: New Hampshire legalized sports betting as of July 2019 and DraftKings launched in December.

How to bet golf futures

The most significant events on the PGA golf calendar naturally attract the most interest. On the PGA Tour, these four tournaments are, of course, the Majors. These events have a select line-up of the most prominent names to the field plus who has played well lately or placed well in past events.

Majors draw the most attention when it comes to golf betting and, thanks to golf futuresodds, you can weigh in on the winner of the events before they even take place.

For example say the Masters, one of the four Majors, is still a few months away. Let’s say you like the way one golfer has been playing thus far but he hasn’t captured a lot of attention. As a result, he might have some long odds to win the Masters. You can place a bet on him to win at these long odds and cash-in a nice payday if he wins.

It’s similar to how NFL bettors will place bets on the winner of the Super Bowl for the coming year. That’s another very active futures market and one which provides a chance at an excellent return if your hunches prove correct.

Check the live odds below for the latest odds on the next PGA tournament. Click on any odds to go directly to the sportsbook and start the process of making your bet.

Bet on golf majors in 2021

As mentioned, golf’s four Majors attract the most betting and viewing interest. These events are rich in history, stacked with the world’s best golfers and played on the most breathtaking golfcourses on the planet. What are these signature events and when do they take place? How can you bet on all aspects of them? Let’s take a look.

Bet on the Masters

Still the most popular of all golf’s events, the Masters is a massive highlight for sports bettors. It is typically the first Major on the calendar.

The 2021 Masters will return back to its usual spot in the Spring after last year’s tournament being postponed to November, and new champion Dustin Johnson is expected back to defend his green jacket.

2021 Masters Dates

  • April 8-11, 2021
  • Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA
  • Purse Size: $11,500,000
  • Defending Champion: Dustin Johnson

In 2020 Johnson blitzed his way to his first green jacket with a record -20 under par performance. In 2019, Tiger Woods completed a comeback for the ages in winning the Masters, the fifth time he has won this prestigious event in his legendary career. He’s second on the all-time list for Masters’ wins, behind only Jack Nicklaus and his six victories.

Bet on the PGA Championship

In 2020 the PGA was the first Major on the PGA rescheduled due to the Coronavirus lockdown earlier in the year. 23-year-old Collin Morikawa dazzled with a final round 64 and a tee shot on 16 at TPC Harding Park that will be remembered for decades.


Dustin Johnson and Paul Casey tied for second while Tiger Woods tied for 37th. Here is the current schedule for the 2021 PGA Championship.

2021 PGA Championship Dates & Location

  • May 20-23, 2021
  • The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, South Carolina,
  • Purse size: $11,000,000
  • Defending Champion: Collin Morikawa

PGA Odds to Win

If you want to make a futures bet on the 2021 PGA Championship, check our full page for updated odds.

Bet on US Open 2021

While the Masters is held in high esteem, the PGA’s US Open can also stake its claim as the biggest event of the year for golfers.

The 2020 US Open fit that billing to a tee with a difficult course (Winged Foot in Mamaroneck, NY) navigated under par by only the best. In this case it was Bryson DeChambeau, who was the only player to finish under par at -6 despite, confoundingly, not hitting many fairways—usually considered essential at a US Open.

DeChambeau’s dazzling display earned him $2,250,000. If all goes according to plan, the 2021 US Open will return to its typical dates in mid-June.

US Open 2021 Dates & Location

  • June. 17-20, 2021
  • Torrey Pines, South Course, San Diego, CA
  • Purse size: $12,500,000
  • Defending Champion: Bryson Dechambeau

US Open Odds to Win 2021

If you want to bet on a player to win the 2021 US Open, odds on key players will be posted at DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook & BetMGM Sportsbook at the beginning of the 2021 PGA season.

Bet on the Open Championship

Held across the pond in the UK, the Open Championship has a history that can match up with any of the other majors. Sadly, due to Covid-19, the Open Championship was postponed for 2020, but returns in 2021.

2021 Open Championship Dates & Location

  • July 15-18, 2021
  • Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Sandwich, Kent, ENG
  • Purse size: $10,750,000
  • Defending Champion: ShaneLowry

If the US Open is the toughest to win, then the event that’s also known as the British Open isn’t far behind. Ireland native Lowry celebrated the biggest win of his career in his home country, as last year’s edition in Portrush, Northern Ireland. Harry Vardon holds the record with six victories at this event, the last of which came in 1914.

How to bet on golf

If you’re comfortable betting on football or basketball, betting on golf can take some adjustment. At first glance, the different kinds of bets can seem like foreign concepts. The best place to start is with the golf betting basics and work your way up. A clear understanding of the main concepts and types of golf bets will help position you to make smarter bets as you go.

In golf, you bet on the performance of an individual, unlike the major team sports. Like team sports, though, you’ll still be doing research on past performance and current trends before making your bets.

Most popular types of golf bets

Let’s take a look at the basic types of golf bets you can place:

  • ToWin: For this bet, you’re merely choosing the golfer who you think will win the event. You’ll find odds for all golfers in the field with odds ranging from favorites to longshots.
  • Versus The Field: These bets can help to open up your rooting interest. Typically, these bets are offered as one of the favorites for the tournament versus the field. If you take the field (or a small field) of golfers vs. one particular player, and someone in your group wins, you have a winner.
  • FinishingPosition: These bets revolve around which golfers will finish high in the tournament. Generally, you can place bets on a golfer to finish in the Top Five, Top 10 or Top 20.
  • Head to Head: These types of bets are similar to what you see in the major team sports. Sportsbooks will pair up two golfers entered in the tournament and you can bet on which one you think will outperform the other.
  • Group Betting: Similar to head-to-head bets, these bet surround a group of four golfers. Your job is to determine which of the four will post the best score.
  • 2/3 Balls: These are head-to-head bets for a pair or group of 3. You pick which of the group you think will post the lowest score. Bettors can also select a tie if they believe that’s the most likely outcome.
  • Each Way: An each-way bet is a wager on a golfer to win or place in the event, such as in the top five.
  • First Round Leader: On the PGA Tour, tournaments span four rounds. For these bets, you’re simply choosing who you think the leader will be after Round One.
  • Nationality: Sportsbooks will post odds for you to choose the best performing golfer by nationality, such as the top-performing American player or top UK finisher.

While there are distinct differences between betting on teams and individual sports, there is also some crossover. In fact, you’ll find that solid research skills translate well as you expand your horizons into different areas of sports betting.

If you have a knack for breaking down contests or events in another niche, there’s a chance you’ll catch on quickly as you look to branch out into new areas.

Live golf betting

One of the most significant developments in the sports betting world over the past few years has been live betting. Also known as “in play” betting, these are bets you can place as the action unfolds in real-time.

As a golf tournament plays out, you can react to what’s going on by placing some live bets. This market moves fast, so odds and opportunities will vary. Options include a head-to-head matchup of two golfers, or how many strokes it may take a golfer to complete an upcoming hole.

You can enjoy live betting online or via the mobile app of your choice. Since golf tournaments typically begin on a Thursday and go through Sunday, there could be a lot of unforeseen developments along the way.

In-play betting via a mobile app allows you to bet as the event happens, no matter where you are in one of the legalized states.

Golf prop betting

Prop betting is another way to get some skin in the game. It is different from worrying about which golfer is going to win or place. In short, prop bets are side wagers on events that may or may not happen during a tournament.

Offerings will vary by sportsbook and event, but you’ll find many similarities with the more experience you get. For example, you may see prop bets on the following:

  • Will there be a playoff round?
  • Top-performing American golfer
  • Will combined birdies on hole four be over or under nine?

Prop bets can open up a new world of possibilities outside of your standard win and place bets. Be sure to check out the menu of offerings for upcoming tournaments at your sportsbook of choice.

How to bet on other PGA events and tours

While the majors get the most attention, that’s not all there is to see when it comes to betting on golf. The tour calendar is full of events that run from September through August.

The action intensifies in the spring and summer months with numerous events that are smaller than the Majors but attract plenty of interest.

For each of these events — and all of the others on the PGA Tour — you’ll find a full range of betting markets. You should note that most golf betting action will come on PGA Tour events. You may find action on lower-level tours such as the Senior and European circuits as well.

Bet on the LPGA

The LPGA, or Ladies Professional Golf Association, runs a full calendar of events as well. While prize pools are slightly smaller than on the men’s side of the equation, the competition is just as fierce.

You should note that LPGA events don’t attract as much betting interest as the PGA Tour does so you may have limited options. However, you can find some good value opportunities in a sport that doesn’t receive as much attention from oddsmakers.

Bet on Match Play Golf & Ryder Cup

For another wrinkle in golf betting, select match-play events occur throughout the year. In these events, you’ll find head-to-head opportunities, so a change-up in your approach is necessary.

In stroke-play events, the general goal is to find the winners and those who will play well. For match play, it’s all about the matchups. Which golfer in a pair will outperform the other?

Quite simply, it’s like betting on the winner of an NBA game. You’ll have a favorite and underdog for each matchup, and moneyline odds to go along with that.

The Ryder Cup is perhaps the most popular match-play event in the world. Teams from Europe and the US go head-to-head every two years, with the venue changing each time.

Fantasy golf

The daily fantasy sports(DFS) industry has come a long way since the early days. The various innovations contribute to its explosive growth.

Match Betting In The Us

Included on that list is DFS golf, a game that continues to grow in popularity. The two largest operators, DraftKings and FanDuel, offer games for the weekly PGA tournaments. Here’s how they compare to each other:

As with sports betting, the major events attract the most interest; however, there’s a loyal and devoted player base anytime there’s an event.

Thegoal is to build the highest-scoring lineup from a pool of golfers scheduled to compete, all while staying under the salary cap. Traditionally, the games will span the entire four days but you can also find DFS for single rounds and weekends.

You can find various game types such as tournaments and 50/50s, at different price points with the chance to win real money prizes. For the biggest events, such as the Masters and US Open, prize pools for the major tournaments can be massive.

As an example, DraftKings often runs a $2.5m guaranteed DFS special for The Players with a $1m prize for first. Visit DraftKings DFS to claim your $20 free and play golf DFS in over 40 states

Understanding golf betting odds

As with all other kinds of sports betting, the odds are a significant factor when it comes to golf. There are favorites and longshots to win each tournament. Your job is to find the winners and potential value plays that may win or place. For the 2020 SentryChampionship, for example, these were the starting odds for the fivefavorites:

  • Dustin Johnson: +600
  • Justin Thomas: +700
  • Jon Rahm: +850
  • Xander Schauffele: +1000
  • Bryson DeChambeau: +1100

Oddsmakers deemed Johnson and Thomas as the most likely to take down the Sentry. They have shorter odds than the field as a result. You’ll find odds listed for all of the players in the field each week, ranging from low to high.

For example, odds for golfers at the Sentry start at a low +600 to an eye-popping +50,000. You’ll find a similar listing of odds when you dig into a future event.

It’s a similar story when you’re looking at other kinds of golf bets, such as top 10 or top 20 finishers in a tournament. For head to heads, groups and various prop bets, it’s a little different. Let’s take a look at the odds for a head-to-head matchup at the Sentry using a balls format as an example:

  • Dustin Johnson: -185
  • J.T. Poston: +230
  • Tie: +750

As you can see, Johnson is a pretty big favorite here. To break down this head-to-head matchup, you’d want to approach it like how you would bet on a game:

  • Which golfer is better overall?
  • Who has played the best at recent events?
  • Has either of them had success at the Sentry in the past?

As you gain experience with golf betting, you’ll come to find that the odds aren’t that hard to understand. Also, you’ll get to the point in which you’ll see those potential value opportunities, for example, such as a point spread that seems off in an NFL game.

For more on other “niche” sports you can bet on at US online sportsbooks, check our page here:

Match Betting In The Usa Today

How to live stream Golf online

Match Betting In The Us History

The traditional PGA Tour event stretches over four days, from Thursday to Sunday. It can be challenging to be in front of the TV for that long; however, you have options if you are on the go.

You can find live streams of PGA events online and via mobile. Some of them will come right from the sportsbooks themselves. The advent of live betting and sports wagering, in general, has been a catalyst on this front. We can assume that there will be a lot more to come here.

For your safety, stick to the legal and regulated US sites we recommend. If they offer a stream for an event you’re interested in, you’re good to go. If not, check out for information on how and where you can legally and safely stream tour events.

Match Betting In The Us States

Golf terms

There are hundreds of golf terms, some even the professional sometimes forget. Here are just a few of the basic terms you might hear. There are many sites online offering the full index.

What Is Matched Betting Usa

  • Birdie: When golfers achieve one stroke under par on a particular hole, for example, making a two on a par three hole is a birdie.
  • Par: Players who meet the listed number of strokes for a hole make par.
  • Bogey: If par for a hole is four and the player takes five strokes, this would be a bogey.
  • Double bogey: Making two extra strokes above the listed par is a double bogey, something that can be fatal to a golfer’s card.
  • Ace: Hitting a hole in one is known as an ace.
  • Dogleg: A dogleg is a hole with a direct fairway, but then veering to the right or left.
  • Sand trap: This is a green-side bunker or a fairway full of sand instead of grass.
  • Approach shot: This is the term for a golfer aiming to land the ball on the green. The average measure is between 150 to 180 yards to the target.
  • Follow through: Describes that part of the golfer’s swing that occurs after the club has connected with the ball.
  • Flagstick: The flagstick is the tall pole indicating where the hole is on the green.
  • Heading in: A term used when a player is heading toward the back nine and the clubhouse.
  • Line: This is the line a golfer expects the ball to take as heads toward the hole.