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Posted : admin On 21.02.2021

My company has a lot of open positions! If you are interested, click this link. If you apply to a job, you will be treated as a referral from me. Semlm bru i kena tipu.agent nie i sudh lama join xde ape2 prob.sebelum nie lau mahu cuci berapa pon sekejp sudh acc i.semlm i menang RM4.5k suruh cuci lpas tue trus remove dr tuk scr888 pn sudh xboley guna.mntk tolng nk settle kan mcm mn.bukn skit duit sudh keluar main scr888 nie.bru menang 4.5k sudh lari.

Aku bru ni lame jugaklah berenti mengkude ni. Dh lme x main tibe2 tgok kwn rse nk main bgi la 20 inggit kt member suh bankin guna cimbclick. Main jela game ape tah game singa biru masok free game dpt 5 kalau 4 15 free game. Main2 cuci 60 sebab minimum cuci 50 hehe. Main lagi cuci 80 main lgi cuci 150 pastu boring tukar game bebekalkan 20.

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Pakiza New bingo sites no deposit 2020.


Pakiza has excelled in the retail business through its innovative and revolutionary thinking and most importantly for taking Retail Industry in Madhya Pradesh to another level.

Main Scr888 Guna Mol Pointe

It has not only synchronized the industry but has also given a whole new definition to it. The foundation of this multi brand Pakiza, is based on emotional connect with the consumers. It is a brand name reckoning with quality, affordability and trust since 1975.

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Pakiza Loyalty Club

Becoming a Pakiza Loyalty Club (PLC) Member is very easy. How to earn and Redeem PLC Points.

  • 1.

    Shop for minimum Rs. 1/- and pay Rs. 100/- (PLC member will get 100 points worth Rs. 75/-) just fill PLC application form.

  • 2.

    Get an attractive PLC card and collect points in your account.

  • 3.

    Start scanning PLC card from the first purchase at any cash counter to earn PLC points.

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Main Scr888 Guna Mol Points

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