Madden Sim Betting

Posted : admin On 10.03.2021

He has hauled in at least four passes in 12 of his past 14 sims and beat Houston for five catches, 82 yards and 13.2 DKFP in their first sim in Madden 21. The Texans’ secondary struggles against almost every position, but Brady focuses on different receivers in different games.

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  1. Madden 20 Simulation Free NFL Picks: Rams “Under” Wins & Rams Finish Fourth Place In Division Best Line Offered: 5Dimes After finishing 13-3 and making it to the Super Bowl last year, the Rams.
  2. The main problem with this, and why people who have tried it usually end up with unreliable data, is that simulation produces very very wonky results in Madden. For starters, “quick sim” makes both the offense and defense much more efficient in all aspects.

While the National Football League has yet to lose any regular season games due to the coronavirus pandemic, the league’s annual draft and a bunch of some other routinely scheduled events have certainly been altered because of the health scare that is now sweeping the globe. While the world of professional sports as a whole has been put suspended until further notice, you can still get your fill of NFL betting action – by immersing yourself in the now, exponentially exploding world of online simulation sports. Now, while you may have heard of esports competitions, simulation games are different in the fact that esports games are played by humans while simulation games are played solely by the game’s AI (artificial intelligence). Let’s learn some Madden Sim Betting!

How to Bet on Madden Simulation Games?

Golden Sim Madden Betting


If you’re concerned about the validity of simulation sports seeing as how they’re run by sportsbooks, then fear not. Whatever happens in a simulation game is entirely out of the hands of which site or person is conducting the stream. Madden 20 sims are set to 15-minute quarters on the game’s most difficult setting – All-Madden mode. Each team’s roster is updated to ensure that each roster looked the way it did at the end of the 2019 season. That means players like Tom Brady or Philip Rivers will still be suiting up for the Patriots and Chargers and not their new teams, the Bucs and Colts respectively.

Types Of Bets on Madden Simulation Betting

Madden Sim Betting Tips


Just like betting on actual NFL football, you can make straight-up (SU) moneyline wagers, against-the-spread (ATS) wagers or Over/Under total wagers (O/U). There are also wagers to be made on team, player props and halftime odds. Just remember, Madden simulation games generally reflect what we’ve seen out of their actual, real-life counterparts. This means a team that struggles in pass protection will almost certainly struggle in Madden 20 – or, conversely – a team that has a prolific passing attack like New Orleans – will also have a potent passing attack in Madden simulation games.

Madden Sim Betting

The Bottom Line of Madden Betting

Madden Sim Betting Strategy

The bottom line is that there is money to be made by betting on Madden simulation football and many times, you’ll find Madden Betting lines and Madden odds that are far more advantageous than they are in real-life games where oddsmakers are much, much sharper when setting games odds.