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Squads in Into The Breach determine the Mechs you can take with you onto the battlefield.

You start with the Rift Walkers squad. Additional squads are unlocked by completing Achievements. Each completed achivement earns 1 coin.

Each squad has a custom paint job. Unlocked mech colors can be applied to other squads.

The Lightning Wispon1 is an object that appears in Sonic Forces. It is a Wispon that is themed after the Ivory Wisp. The Lightning Wispon can be used by Avatar, allowing the character to expel an electric whip to destroy Badniks, as well as gifting them the ability to travel airborne through a current of rings. 1 Description 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Features and abilities 2 Overview 3 In other media. Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Mech Color Unlock cost Rift Walkers: Archive, Inc. A: Combat Mech: Cannon Mech: Artillery Mech: Default starting squad Rusting Hulks: R.S.T. Corporation A: Jet Mech: Rocket Mech: Pulse Mech: 2 Coins Zenith Guard: Pinnacle Robotics A: Laser Mech: Charge Mech: Defense Mech: 3 Coins Blitzkrieg: Detritus Disposal A: Lightning. See also: Unique Off-Hands Off-hand or Focus items are implements intended for spellcasters. They occupy the left-hand 'shield' gear slot on a character, however unlike shields they provide no defenses. Focus items come in two styles, tomes and savage implements. Both types of Focus items provide a set amount of cooldown reduction, but differ in their base energy regeneration. Lightning Squad is a video slot game released by William Hill Gaming. This game has a three dimensional Japanese animation style and a theme based on its own surreal fantasy characters similar to those seen in Anime cartoons. There are four main characters of this unique series: Electrocutee, Voltish, Ramblo, and Boltram.

Random Squads and Custom Squads[editedit source]

Once a second squad is acquired, the option to create a randomized squad or a customized squad opens up.

Lightning Squad Success For All

A Custom Squad allows for the selection of any Mechs that have been unlocked, including multiple of the same class as well as multiple of the same Mech.

A Random Squad is created out of all the unlocked Mechs.

  • The Balanced Roll option selects three unique Mechs from three of the five different classes (Prime, Brute, Ranged, Science, and Cyborg). The balanced squad won't have more than 4 weapons so this prevents the Flame Mech, Rocket Mech, Defense Mech, Gravity Mech, and Nano Mech from appearing together in a balanced squad.
  • The Chaos Roll option has no restrictions on class, weaponry, or Mech combinations so you get a truly random squad.
    • However, if you get duplicate Mechs with the same Passive ability, one of the duplicate Mechs will have the Passive and any power associated with it removed.

Secret Squad[editedit source]

The Secret Squad becomes available after unlocking the 8 named squads. 25 Coins are required to unlock the Secret Squad. This means you have to complete all of the remaining Global and Squad based achievements.

List of squads[editedit source]

NameAffiliationSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Mech ColorUnlock cost
Rift WalkersArchive, Inc. ACombat MechCannon MechArtillery MechDefault starting squad
Rusting HulksR.S.T. Corporation AJet MechRocket MechPulse Mech2 Coins
Zenith GuardPinnacle Robotics ALaser MechCharge MechDefense Mech3 Coins
BlitzkriegDetritus Disposal ALightning MechHook MechBoulder Mech3 Coins
Steel JudokaArchive, Inc. BJudo MechSiege MechGravity Mech5 Coins
Flame BehemothsR.S.T. Corporation BFlame MechMeteor MechSwap Mech5 Coins
Frozen TitansPinnacle Robotics BAegis MechMirror MechIce Mech6 Coins
Hazardous MechsDetritus Disposal BLeap MechUnstable MechNano Mech6 Coins
Secret SquadSecretTechno-BeetleTechno-HornetTechno-Scarab25 Coins
Custom Squadn/aAnyAnyAnyCustomunlock a 2nd Squad
Random Squadn/aRandomRandomRandomRandomunlock a 2nd Squad

Trivia[editedit source]

  • Each Squad has their own achievements to unlock, including the Random Squad and Custom Squad.
  • An early build of the game didn't include the achievement requirements to unlock squads.
  • The Rift Walkers were originally named the Rough Riders.
  • An older version of the squad loadout which hadn't yet included achievements.

  • A look at the beta squads and the unlock requirements to open them.

See Also[editedit source]

Rift Walkers · Rusting Hulks · Zenith Guard · Blitzkrieg · Steel Judoka · Flame Behemoths · Frozen Titans · Hazardous Mechs
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In order to progress through Stonewood, players must complete Quests. These include both storyline progression quests and quests to help acquaint the player with the mechanics of the game.

List of Stonewood Quests[editedit source]

Quest NameQuest DescriptionQuest Reward
  • Establish Your Storm Shield
  • Defend Your Storm Shield
  • Blub
  • 100x V-Bucks
  • 2x CommonSurvivors
  • 1x UncommonBASE Kyle
  • Squad Slot: Scouting Party (1/7)
  • Complete 1Fight the Storm mission
  • 200x Medium Bullets
  • 1x Uncommon Automatic Sniper Rifle
  • 1x UncommonWall Darts Schematic
  • Pickaxe Upgrade: Weakpoint Vision
  • Complete 1Ride the Lightning mission
  • 1x HandmadeHealing Pad Schematic
  • 1x HandmadeRuler Sword Schematic
  • Level Up: Heavy Melee Attack
  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 2
  • 100x V-Bucks
  • 1x Uncommon Explorer Lead Survivor
  • Squad Slot: Scouting Party[Lead]
  • Save 3 Survivors in successful missions
  • Complete 1 mission in a 3+ zone
  • 1000x Hero XP
  • Level Up: Heroes

Retrieve the Data

  • Complete 1 Retrieve the Data mission.
  • 1000x Schematic XP
  • 1x UncommonRanged Weapon Schematic
  • 1x UncommonCeiling Gas Trap Schematic
  • Level Up: Weapon Schematics
  • Level Up: Trap Schematics

Homebase Storm Shield Defense 3

  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 3
  • 100x V-Bucks
  • 1x Upgrade Points
  • Squad Slot: Scouting Party (2/7)
  • Level Up: Upgrades and Gadgets


  • Collect 5 pieces of Research Equipment in a 5+ City, Suburban, or Industrial zone
  • 500x Research Points
  • 1x RarePredator
  • Level Up: Research

Build Off!

  • Complete the Constructor Build Off mission
  • 3x Copper Ore
  • 1x Rotating Gizmo
  • Level Up: Increase Building Upgrade Level (2)

To Boldly Go..

  • Fully explore 1 3+ zone in a successful mission
  • 1000x Hero XP
  • 1x UncommonPathfinder Jess

Enter the Ninja

  • Eliminate 20Husks in successful missions with a Melee Weapon
  • 1000x Hero XP
  • 1x UncommonAssassin Sarah

Rescue the Survivors

  • Complete 1 mission in a 5+ zone
  • 1500x Hero XP
  • 1x RareDefender Post Schematic
  • 1x CommonRifleman Trainee
  • 1x CommonBruiser
  • 1x RareHighlander
  • Level Up: Defenders
  • Mission Defender Slot: 1/3
  • Storm Shield Defender: 1/5

Homebase Storm Shield Defense 4

  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 4
  • 100x V-Bucks
  • Squad Slot: Fire Team Alpha (1/7)

Mandatory Minimalism

  • Search 5 Garbage Cans for lost items in a 9+ City, Suburban or Industrial zone
  • 1x Mini Reward Llama
  • Level Up: Recycling and Collection

Leave Only Footprints

  • Clear 4 husk Encampments in successful missions in a 9+ zone
  • Complete 2 missions in a 9+ zone
  • 1750x Hero XP
  • 1x CommonSniper
  • 1x EpicExtinguisher
  • Level Up: Hero Support Operative

Build Off 2: Reinforcement

  • Build 50 Level 2 Structures in successful missions in a 9+ zone
  • 1750x Hero XP
  • 1x UncommonTank Penny
  • Level Up: Increase Building Upgrade Level (3)

Kicking and Screaming

  • Collect 5 Distress Transmissions in a 9+ City, Suburban, or Industrial zone
  • 2000x Schematic XP
  • 1x UncommonHealing Pad Schematic

Homebase Storm Shield Defense 5

  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 5
  • 100x V-Bucks
  • 1x RareSurvivor
  • Squad Slot: EMT Squad (1/7)

Recruit Training

  • Eliminate 20Husks with Melee Weapons in successful missions in a 15+ zone
  • Eliminate 20Husks with Ranged Weapons in successful missions in a 15+ zone
  • Eliminate 20Husks with Traps in successful missions in a 15+ zone
  • 2000x Hero XP
  • 1x CommonShotgunner
  • 1x EpicBearcat
  • Mission Defender Slot: 2/3

Supply Run

  • Recover 4 Supply Crates in Successful missions in a 15+ zone
  • Complete 2 missions in a 15+ zone
  • 1x EpicMissile Launcher

Horrors from the Mist

  • Collect 5 Mist Monster data in a 15+ zone
  • 1x EpicEqualizer

Up in Arms

  • Collect 7 Machine Parts in a 15+ Industrial zone
  • 1x RareSurvivor
  • Mission Defender Slot: 3/3

Triangulating a Circle

  • Deploy 5 Scanners in a 15+ zone
  • 1x LegendaryDoomhammer

Homebase Storm Shield Defense 6

  • Complete Homebase Storm Shield Defense 6
  • 100x V-Bucks
  • Squad Slot: Corps of Engineering (1/7)

A New Direction

  • Search 5 Boxes in a 15+ City, Suburban or Industrial zone
  • 6000x Survivor XP
  • 1x RareLead Survivor

Van or Astro-van?

  • Complete a Launch the Rocket mission in a 15+ zone
  • 10x People
  • 10x Pure Drop of Rain
  • 1x RarePlayer Jump Pad (Up) Schematic
  • 1x RarePlayer Jump Pad (Directional) Schematic
  • Dirt Bike: Slot 1
  • Storm Shield Defender: 2/5

Changes[editedit source]

3.2 Patch Notes (March 8, 2018)
  • Group Missions now require Storm Shield Defense Quest progression to unlock.

When is cormier vs jones 2.

  • Hoverboards are granted by a new tutorial questline, available after Stonewood Homebase Storm Shield Defense 5 has been completed.

  • Added Tutorial Quest for upgrading a Hero’s rarity.
    • Granted after the Supply Run Quest in Stonewood has been completed.

  • Updated quest titles for the Stonewood Storm Shield Defenses 1 through 10.

Lightning Squad Tutoring


Lightning Squad Star Wars

  • Lok's Book of Monsters
    • The Floating Freaks quest will remain after the Mutant Storm Event ends and will unlock after Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 3 quest has been completed.
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