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The five elements are characteristically known as wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are the basis, and mother form of, all Internal and External kung fu. They also are the key for diagnosis and treatment in Chinese medicine. Knowing these basic five elements, one can immediately recognize each in any style and determine. Kung-fu Ninja Battle 3d: games free run arashi arena avatar assain saga bike boy chicken classic combat dash dragon dummy escape fight go for kids girls heroes io jump kiwi love story miner master night naruto pixel runner rush stick up vs boxing. 903 BREWERS X KUNG FU COLLAB BEER COMIN SOON. 17 views October 28, 2020. 0:54 ⚠️⚠️ NEW DIGITAL MENU POWERED BY @digitalpour IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🚛 CHECK OUT WHAT WE HAVE IN STOCK AND ORDER VIA THE @digitalpour APP!!! #kfvbev #kungfubevrage #spokanebeer #kungfuvapes #digitalpour #509beer #509craftbeer #beerstore.

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The symbol to the right represents Kung Fu. It is a black and white circle (called T'ai Chi Tou, the symbol of T'ai Chi Ch'üan) surrounded by five yellow plum flower petals (Mei Hua, the symbol of Shaolin Ch'üan). Kung Fu Symbol For Fire

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The T'ai Chi symbol represents the union of Yin and Yang, which are the two fundamental principles of nature. Yin-Yang theory is very ancient and Chinese philosofers used it to explain the origin of the universe. At first Yang denoted the sun brightness, while Yin the lack of brightness, i.e. shade.
Subsequently Yang and Yin were considered two natural principles or forces: Yang was the male principle, positive; Yin was the female principle, negative. Moreover Yang represented light, warmth, dryness, hardness, activity.., while Yin represented darkness, cold, moisture, softness, passivity..
According to Chinese mind, all the phenomena of the universe are the resultant of the combination and the interaction of Yin with Yang. Yin cannot exist without Yang and Yang cannot exist without Yin. The two principles are inseparable like the poles of a magnet.

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The union of Yin and Yang is called T'ai Chi, i.e. 'ultimate pole' or 'first principle'. In the T'ai Chi symbol, the black area represents Yin, the white area Yang. The black and white points which are in the two areas indicate that Yin and Yang are not absolute, but there is always some Yin in Yang and vice versa.
The circumference symbolizes the ciclic evolution of nature; the armony between the opposites is shown by the equality of the measures of the two areas of different colors.
The bright side is to the right, the dark side is to the left, because the sun rises in the East. In this case T'ai Chi Tou symbolizes the world. The S-shaped subdivision between the fields causes the perimeters of Yin and Yang to be the same as the perimeter of the whole circumference.

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The graphic representation of T'ai Chi has also become the symbol of martial arts in general and of Tai Chi Ch'üan in particular. All Kung Fu movements are circular as the diagram lines. During the execution of techiniques and fights there is a continual alternation of Yin and Yang. For example the forward foot is Yang, the backword foot is Yin, but when we take a step forward Yang becomes Yin and vice versa.
The foot sustaining the most of the body weigth is Yang, the other is Yin; as soon as the weigth moves from one foot to the other, Yang becomes Yin and vice versa.
When we are tight we are Yang, when we relax we become Yin.
The visible parts of our body are Yang, the invisible ones are Yin. For example, during a fight the opponent sees my rigth fist (which is Yang, because it is visible) and parries, but he does not see my left fist (Yin), that hits him. But as soon as the left fist reaches the target it becomes Yang, while the rigth fist changes into Yin.

The five yellow petals of the plum flower (Mei Hua) represent Shaolin. But they also represent the five elements (wu hsing), originated by the interaction of Yin and Yang. The elements are symbolized by wood, fire, earth, metal and water. For a deeper discussion consult the Bibliography.