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Posted : admin On 10.03.2021

So last summer I wanted to shake up my classroom management.

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Club Kudos Dundee Reviews

Over the last ten years I have tried it all

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  • And was even briefly introduced to collaborative problem-solving.

All of these have worked to some extent for me. This is especially true with whole brain teaching. This fit my teaching style pretty well.

But with time I began to change a few things and adapt my strategies. I still love the rules of Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) but do need a bit more flexibility to target specific areas of need for my class. I also love the reinforcement of desired or expected behaviour without the focus on the negative. WBT uses cues to reinforce positive expected behaviour for the whole class instead of focusing on the negative. It also has the element of a game and a team which I also really liked.

Collaborative problem solving for me had and has some pitfalls. Full disclosure, I have not had time to read the books here; but hear they are wonderful and well worth the read…I have 3 kids under 7 reading a book is a difficult task at the moment but it is on my ever-growing to-do list. However, in the research I have done it has a lot of merit. I like the idea of having proactive discussions with students about barriers to their success. Best slot machine to win.

So since nothing fit, I put together one that would.

So the KUDOS CLUB was born

This behaviour management program has your whole class working together to earn points for the group all while avoiding giving their points away to Count Snaagit.

When the full their points board (silver oval in the middle) they unlock an achievement.

Praise Club Christmas Cd Box Set

Those achievements are prizes that are meaningful to your students.

Points are earned when students work together to show the target behaviours.

Want to learn more about the KUDOS CLUB.

Click here to learn More

Kudos Club Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

Kudos Club

Praise Club Christmas

Can’t wait…you can just get it now. Head on over to my TPT store to get started with the KUDOS CLUB right away!