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Posted : admin On 09.03.2021

Playing pocket King Nine Off suit and King Nine Suited in Texas Hold'em Poker.

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K9 and K9s are not very strong hands. Unless they make a full house, which happens very rarely, any hand they make can be beaten by another hand. When you make a straight it can be beaten by an Ace high straight, and when you make a flush, unless the Ace of your suit is on the board, you can be beaten by an Ace high flush. For these reasons and the chance to lose a great deal of chips with a second best hand, I rarely play either hand in a no limit Texas holdem game, but I do play them some in limit holdem.


Thank you K9 Poker Tour! During the month of March, the K9 Poker Tour was running an 'incentive tour' - satellite freerolls and maybe even a money event or so - for a grand prize - a PS3. I played in and qualified in the second freeroll that was run and then waited out the month for the final. There were 41 runners competing for the prize. Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, K9, Unit, 10641, custom poker chips, military poker chips.

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All of that being said, there are situations where you can play these hands profitably, such as loose / weak games where your opponents call with many poor hands and let you control the action after the flop. I do not suggest playing either hand in most situations against a table full of solid players, especially the non-suited hand, and neither of them anywhere but in late position and the blinds. To play them profitably against solid players requires positional advantage.

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Early Position

I rarely play either K9 or K9s from early position in any type of game. To do so profitably, your post flop play must be extremely good and you must have a good read on your opponents. The best strategy is to wait for a better position to risk your chips.

Middle Position

K9 should be folded from middle position, but K9s can be played in certain situations. If two or three players have already entered the pot and the table is loose / weak, it can show a small profit over time to limp into the pot. You must be prepared to get away from the hand after the flop if you don't improve to at least a flush draw or better.

Late Position

K9 Poker Chip

In most games, you can play both K9 and K9s from late position if the pot has not been raised. K9 is still a marginal hand and your post flop play needs to be fairly good to show a profit. The K9s is much stronger in late position because of the added possibility of a flush. In a loose game with many players already in the pot, I will even play the K9s for a raise, but will fold the K9 most of the time. Just make sure you don't get too involved in the hand if the flop doesn't improve your holding.

Blind Play

I usually play K9s in the blinds, even for a single raise and K9 when there hasn't been a raise. You will be in the worst position for the rest of the hand, so don't hesitate to fold either hand if you feel you are dominated. By folding, you won't be giving up much long-term profit, if any at all, by folding.

K9 Poker Tour is a relatively new Forum (it`s been running since September 2006). It`s also one of the fastest growing forums on the net. We already have over 1500 members and the reason for this is simple. K9 offers the most variety of any online poker tour out there. Whatever level you are looking to play at you will find it at K9 Poker Tour.
We have a Freeroll Tour, a Money Tour, an International Tour, a Ladies Tour and a Heads Up Tour. There`s also our High Rollers Club which has bigger buy-ins and better prizes.
Everyone at K9 is committed to providing you the player with the best online experience we can. If you have an issue with one of our poker rooms we will our best to solve it. If we no longer feel it is in the best interests of our players to use a room, we stop using it.
Here`s a little bit about the K9 Team;
Shaggy - Owner
K 9 PokerShaggy is a golf professional that played on the tour in the early 90's. He has run numerous golf facilities throughout the country, both private and public. He ventured out of the golf career for a short time to work as an AVP of a nationwide bank and found himself still starving for the golf business. Until Poker that is.. Having gone back into the golf business, Shaggy continued to look for that perfect career and then the Poker BOOM happened. Shaggy began to play and play and perfect his game to be able to play with the likes of some of the world's best poker players. He has sat at table with some of the best. Won some and lost more but sat there all the same.
While sitting in Vegas across from one of his poker pals he came across the idea of starting his own poker tour online. After long discussion with his business partner (Desser), they decided to offer K9 Poker Tour.
'We want to offer our members an ethical, trustworthy, customer service friendly site that is a portal to other poker sites similar to ours. K9 Poker Tour will provide excellent customer service for it's entirety and will NOT ever take our members for granted. We will never use a site that we don't trust so not to put our members in harms way. WE WILL BE THE LEADER IN POKER TOURS/FORUMS!'
Shaggy says that the most important parts of running a business is ethics, trust and customer service. 'We have them all.'
Desser - Owner
In Desser's 'real' profession she is in the Health field. Like the 2005 champ Joe Hachem, I am a Doctor of Chiropractic. Desser has been running her own clinics and Wellness Centers since the early 1990s when she graduated from Chiropractic School. 'I grew up playing games and sports with my brother and mostly male cousins. We spent many afternoons playing poker and other card games. Unfortunately I never really played poker again until a few years ago after watching the WSOP on TV.' Like many others who were hit hard by the poker bug during that time she began to search and delve into any and all information that she could find on poker. Desser and her business partner 'Shaggy' live near by each other and met playing golf and in some local bar games and home games. They both could tell we had a similiar passion and intensity about the game.
'When he approached me about starting our own online tour I told him 'i'm all in'. I believe that we are onto something special here at K9 Poker Tour. We have some great internet players and a great staff. I am committed to helping make K9 poker tour one of the best online poker tours on the web today.'
Desser envisions K9 Poker Tour going to levels that other tours have not gone, offering bigger and better things to 'suit' our players, spreading out from just the standard Hold em Tours. Desser is also committed to staying focused on our members, listening to their opinions and suggestions so that K9 Poker Tour becomes and stays their tour of choice.
'See you at the tables.'
5thStBully - K9 Poker Tour / General Manager
5thStBully has been playing online poker for about 5 years. He has built his game through 'high stakes' no limit play money games. 'A bunch of us used to pump chips onto the table for hours on end. When we hit a certain amount of total chips on the table, say 1 million, we would then spread them out equally to every player who contributed, then we would have a HUGE game!' Bully truly believes these high stake games taught him invaluable lessons at the tables. 'Its hard to play thousands of hands and not learn anything. I have never read a poker book or taken a lesson but Ive played against some of the best online players around and even against some pros and I have been able to hold my own against them.'
Why K9 Poker Tour? Just before K9PT was created, Bully was offered Moderator positions with 2 different forums. As he tried to decide whether or not to accept these positions, Shaggy and Desser approached him with their K9PT idea. 'They told me they wanted to build a place where people would feel like part of the family, a place where good players would feel challenged, but most importantly, a place that members would be proud of. Needless to say, my decision was made rather quickly after that.'
Whats it like working for Shaggy and Desser? 'Well, Ive been fired about 8 times so far, well 11 if you count the times some of the members fired me. I have met a lot of great people on the internet in the five years that Ive been playing online, some of which I am blessed to call 'good friends', but Dess and Shags are like my internet Mom and Pops. They scold me, praise me, check on me constantly if I need anything and teach me lifes lessons by consistently setting awesome examples of how good people go through everyday life.'

Clube Poker K9

PlaidBanana - K9 Game Room / General Manager
Plaid Banana first started playing online games in the MMORPG area (Mass Multi Player Online Role Playing Game) 'I know, I’m the nerdy D&D guy.' I discovered online casinos and loved playing Blackjack, Video Poker and Slots for about 2 years. About a year ago I discovered Online Poker and like most Texas Hold’em was my game. After that I joined a few forums and have been hooked ever since. This is also where I met Shaggy and Bully along with a handful of K9 players 'before K9 was even thought of'.
Plaid Banana is a jokester. 'I usually have some sort of joke or wise crack to add to almost any conversation. Sometimes unwanted, but all in good fun.' Plaid Banana loves to play golf 'I’m no Shaggy though. LOL! I still like to squash balls with my friends in a low stake skins game. I just can’t seem to find the time to do it much.'

K9 Poker Club

I jumped at the opportunity to become the General Manager of K9 Game Room. I was more than happy to join up and become an official part of the team. 'I hope to make K9 Game Room as fun and successful as K9 Poker Tour.'
SCOTT DRADER - Canada Representative
Drader started playing online poker in January of 2002 mainly just for fun during the long Canadian winters. Drader played on pogo, no money just points, and ended up with 10,000,000 points over a 6 month period. 'I started playing real money poker when a older guy I met invited me to a forum. That is where I met Shaggy and Bully. Those two are the greatest online friends anyone could ever have.'
Drader took over the freeroll leader board at that forum only 2 weeks after he joined and never looked back. 'When Shaggy asked me to join K9 in July I jumped at the oppertunity because i knew it would be special.'
Drader said he wanted to be where some of the best online poker players in the world would be playing. 'I knew that would be K9 after Shaggy and Bully talked with me. It is growing into the best online forum/family on the net and I am so proud to be apart of this great forum.'
DangerMouse - U.K. Representative
DangerMouse has been playing online poker since April 2006. He honed his skills on the play money tables and in freerolls 'I`ve played cards all my life, just not poker. Late Night Poker was the show that got me interested in the game but I was never able to keep a regular home game going. Then I read Poker Nation and Big Deal last year and my interest was re-kindled. I bought a couple of strategy books and played in a Live tournament and I was hooked. I got online in April and I haven`t looked back since! This is my 'Rookie' season and some basic card sense, and the books I`ve read got me off to a good start.' DangerMouse says that joining K9 has given him the chance to compete against some great players and improve my game no-end.
Why K9 Poker Tour? 'I was a Moderator at another tour that closed down without warning about the time K9 started. I`ve no regrets about that though, from the beginning the staff and members of K9 made me feel welcome and part of the family. I loved the friendliness and the competition and the fact they cared about their members. So when Shaggy asked me if I`d like to join the team I jumped at the chance. I`m sure K9 is going to keep getting bigger and better and I`m proud to be a part of it.'