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Jennings Sun Chief Nickel Slot Machine Lighted front. Dimensions: 26.75'h x 16'w x 17'd. For shipping quote, please contact Box Brothers Sacramento. Bingo casino online. Jennings Sun Chief One Cent Nevada slot machine became super popular and was one of the first slot machines to built up the hype of slot gambling. It became a huge success and was the centre of attraction for most casinos.

Ode D Jennings rose from being a common man to one of the richest businessmen of his time, and all of this was possible only because of his talent that helped him produce coin-operated machines. He established his own company named, Ode D Jennings & Co. in 1923 and then he just took off from there.
  1. For me at least, its hard to find any make of slot machine that looks as good as the Jennings Standard. Prospector and its console-mounted brother. If you were told you couldn't win I would still play it Constellation ( Nevada Club ) Sun Chief(closed front,ribbed) Governor (light up front) Sun Chief (light up front).
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Ode D Jennings & Co. manufactured several versions of coin-operated gambling slot machines, all of which are now treated as total antiques. One such model was the one cent slot machine name “Jennings Sun Chief Nevada”, which is now a very rare and antique slot machine.

This model was one of the first slot machines to be manufactured by the Jennings company in the 1930s. It featured the classic “one arm bandit” design, which consists of one coin slot, 3 reel slots, one lever to pull and a jackpot box, which pretty much was only for winners.

Jennings Sun Chief One Cent Nevada slot machine became super popular and was one of the first slot machines to built up the hype of slot gambling. It became a huge success and was the centre of attraction for most casinos.

This slot machine works on a pure mechanical framework and features a genuine chrome front, a coin box, lock and key, and beautiful sides built with oak wood that made it look super classy. Moreover, just like most of the Jennings slot machines, this model too had the same gameplay. All you need to do is insert one cent coin into the coin slot, pull the lever and just wait for your luck to roll out.

Jennings sun chief manual
If you are lucky, you might hit the jackpot and win the entire coin box as the jackpot prize. If you are slightly less lucky, you might end up with some other winning combination, in case of which you will get the prize money depending on the combination. However, if you are totally unlucky, then you might win nothing, also losing your precious one cent. In any case, the winning combinations and the corresponding prizes of this slot machine are shown in the image below.

Jennings Sun Chief Slot Machine For Sale

For those who are willing to get their hands on this antique slot machine, it is just not that easy. It is an extremely old machine and hence, it is super rare to find this slot machine model in a working condition. Moreover, even if you did find a working model, there is hardly any chance that it didn’t undergo any refurbishing process.

In any case, it would be a jackpot if you can find a non-refurbished model of this slot machine in mint condition today, however, it can prove to be a pricy gamble. If there is a place where this slot machine model can still be found, then the state of Nevada will be the first place to check, although you will have better chances of finding it on sale on the Internet.

In non-refurbished conditions, the machine will mostly look old and ragged, but will still have its dollar value due to its preserved authenticity. If that’s the case, then the price of this slot machine can go up to $2500 or even more. However, if the machine has been refurbished, then it will lose its original authenticity and the dollar value will also go down significantly. In that case, the price of this slot machine will be in a range of $1200 to $2000, depending on how much refurbishing has been done.

Jennings Sun Chief

Jennings Sun Chief Dollar Slot Machine

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