Is Gambling Legal In Virginia

Posted : admin On 09.03.2021

Except as otherwise provided in this article, any person who illegally gambles or engages in interstate gambling as defined in § 18.2-325 shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor. If an association or pool of persons illegally gamble, each person therein shall be guilty of illegal gambling.


However, if any person makes, places, or receives any bet or wager of money or other thing of value on a horse race in the Commonwealth, whether the race is inside or outside the limits of the Commonwealth at any place or through any means other than (i) at a racetrack licensed by the Virginia Racing Commission pursuant to Chapter 29 (§ 59.1-364 et seq.) of Title 59.1 or (ii) at a satellite facility or through advance deposit account wagering, as those terms are defined in § 59.1-365, licensed by the Virginia Racing Commission pursuant to Chapter 29 (§ 59.1-364 et seq.) of Title 59.1, such person shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. For the purposes of this paragraph, venue shall be in any county or city in which any act was performed in furtherance of any course of conduct constituting illegal gambling.

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Virginia Casino Law

Virginia gambling law falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It’s far from being as liberal as the laws enjoyed by residents of Nevada, but it’s also not as restrictive as what can be found in Hawaii or Utah. The state has maintained a balancing act for decades, although the overall gambling industry has slowly grown over the years. However, gambling in Virginia isn’t completely non-existent. The largest part is played by race betting. Until 2015, a renowned horse racetrack, the Colonial Downs, offered live racing to enthusiasts. However, some issues and endless debates made the venue to close-up shop for an indefinite amount of time. The Virginia Legal Gambling Age is 18, which makes them one of the easiest legal gambling states to enjoy. Since they only require you to be 18, their online gambling market is one of the largest available. Casino gambling: This legislation allows casino gaming regulated by the Virginia Lottery Board. This only applies in eligible localities that met criteria: the Cities of Portsmouth, Richmond.