How To Play Slot Tournament

Posted : admin On 16.02.2021

Slots Tournament is a Top Social Casino Slot Game! Play slot machines with high pay-outs and build your own Slotberry casino! Our slot tournaments guide covers everything players should know to learn & win. Find the best tournaments to join & what prizes you can win with our experts. Slot tournaments and how to play them to maximum effect i.e ensure you take out a win is the big question. How to Play Online Slots. Gaming friends, where you can play and win together or on your own, as they say the slot tournament choice is yours to make.

Slots tournaments are competitions where players try to rack up the highest scores on their slot machine. They’re given an equal number of credits, a time limit and they spin the reels as fast as.

A number of online casinos have started up some very popular slot tournaments although the quality and ability to run these depends largely on the software the casino licences. US facing casinos that use RTG software have the option, as do casinos licensing Microgaming software and Playtech software launched a slot tournament module plugin in 2011.
Personally, my favourite slot tournaments are those using Microgaming slots (see the casinos panel, right). The tournies are simple to enter, there are regular freerolls and sit 'n' go tournies and plenty of casinos run special tournaments with prizes of up to $100,000.
Several of the slots featured on Slotjunkies feature in online slot tournaments including Thunderstruck 2, Avalon, Tombraider, Immortal Romance, Hitman and my all time Microgaming favourite, the original Thunderstruck slot.
To participate in the freeroll or sit n go slot tournaments, simply visit any of the casinos listed to the right and download the software. Once set up, you will see a 'slot tournaments' icon or link in the casino lobby - click it, select a tournament and enter. Simple as that. Most tournaments are between 5 and 15 minutes and there are several every day, some big weekly ones and regular freeroll tournaments run by individual casinos either for new players or VIPs.
KISS Slot Tournament
Please note that the WMS tournament at Jackpot Party using the KISS slot is now complete, the winners notified and no more Jackpot Party tournaments will be running as the brand has been sold.
More Information
Please refer to the following website for current slot tournament schedules:

How To Play Slot Machine Tournaments

Slot tournaments are a lot of fun to participate in irrespective of the fact that they are held in online casinos or the land based casinos.

How To Play Slot Tournaments

These can be easily known to be the fastest tournaments that are held and one can participate in. There is no skill needed to take part in a slot tournament and the amazing prizes which one can win adds to the fun of it. The online slot tournaments have become a favorite of many people due to the fact that they are easy to enter and simple to play. One knows it before hand the amount of money that they need to spend when they participate in the tournament.


The potential prizes that one can win in an online slot tournament add to the excitement and the thrill to participate in it. Many times it can be seen that the first prize of the online slot tournament can be around $25000 which makes it very attractive and that also in a game where there is not much skill needed. Most of the online slot tournaments that are held need a buy in though there are some which are free. Once one enters the tournament they are given a fixed amount of credits and also a time limit in which they need to play the game.

The credits and the time allotted is same for all the participants making the game very fair for all. Depending on the event the time given to each player can be between 5 and 30 minutes. The aim for each player is to have the maximum number of wins in the time that is given to them by using the credits that were given to them at the beginning of the game.

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In most of the cases when a player enters an online slot tournament, a separate meter is used to keep a track of the wins of all the players which they play using their free credits. The machine freezes when the time finishes or all the credits of the participant finish. The results are then computed on the basis of the wins that the player had and these are compared to that of the other players to know who the winner of the game is. The top players get the prizes after the results of all players are computed and compared by the online casino.

How To Play In A Casino Slot Tournament

How To Play Slot Tournament

How To Play In Casino Slot Tournament

If the player finishes the time and has any credits that were not used, they are lost. Due to this reason one has to be fast while playing in an online slot tournament. The main rules and regulations of the game might vary from one casino to the other and thus, before one participates in any online slot tournament they should carefully go through the rules. There are many online casinos which have online slot tournaments and one can know of these from search engines and also from some dedicated sites which give all information about them and which can be used by all players.