How To Play Gin Rummy For Dummies

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How to Play Gin Rummy- The Beginner’s Guide! You and your opponent should receive 10 cards each. The remaining 32 cards will be placed in between the two players. Check your cards and organize them. If you already have a complete set or run then put the cards together. Be the first to knock. Try to put together two matched melds plus four or fewer unmatched low cards. There's often not enough time to make three melds. Form triangles in your hand. A card triangle (for example 4 of hearts, 4 of spades and 5 of hearts) gives you the best possibility to form. The players take turns playing out one card from their hands clockwise around the table. You must play a card in whichever suit is played first (or led) if you can, which is called following suit. The four cards played constitute a unit of play called a trick. The Goal of Gin Rummy. The object of a gin rummy game is to strategically work with your hand of cards to create sets and runs while at the same time eliminating as many 'deadwood' cards (cards that are not in a set or run) as possible. The key to the game is understanding what a set, run, and deadwood cards are in gin rummy.

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Gin Rummy Rules for Dummies

This particular post helps in the below way:

  1. About Gin Rummy
  2. How to play Gin Rummy & Rules
  3. Where to play Gin rummy & how to download on mobile.

About Gin Rummy & Origin

We know about four 2-player rummy card games to have been recorded in history – Gin rummy, Pinochle (Bezique), Cribbage, and Piquet.

However, Gin, the newest among all, managed to gain popularity across the globe.

Believed to have been invented by Elwood T. Baker in 1909, this is one of the popular 2-player card games to be played today.

The beauty of the game is that although the gin rummy game rules can be understood in a matter of minutes, mastering it can take you forever.

This game is a gambler’s delight because it’s simple yet utterly unpredictable –

you could be winning one moment and even before you realize someone else emerges a winner the next moment.

According to a popular belief, Gin rummy had originated from a 2-player game called Conquian or Coon-can.

How To Play Gin Rummy For Dummies

It consists of the following 10 cards in each of the 4 suits: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, J, Q, K.

Gin Rummy Rules & How to Play

Gin rummy is a simple rummy card game played between 2 players in which the goal is to meld all the cards into runs or sets before the other player.

Gin and Gin rummy are different in that you lay your cards open in gin whereas they must be hidden in Gin rummy.

Let’s, now, see how to play the game itself broadly under these 3 steps:

Step 1. Deal the Cards

  • It usually is best played between 2 players. However, if there are more players,
  • you can divide into two teams with each player from one team contesting a player from the opposite team.
  • And, in the end, the scores of all the players from each team can be summed up to check which team gets to win.
  • A regular deck of 52 cards is used but without any Joker cards.
  • Also, the Ace card holds 1 point unlike in other rummy games while the face cards J, Q, and K hold 10 points each.
  • To decide who deals with the card, place the pile of cards face down and each player needs to pick one card.
  • The one with the lower value becomes the dealer. Subsequently, the losing player in each game becomes the dealer in the next.
  • 10 cards each are dealt with by both the players and the remaining cards are put aside face-down (except the first card) forming the stockpile.
  • Players pick a card from this pile and discard one from the cards in hand – the stockpile and discarded cards should be placed apart.

image source: wikipedia

Step 2. Get Playing

  • Firstly, start with taking a good look at all the 10 cards in your hand and arrange them into possible sets or runs, if any.
  • What is a Set? – 3 or 4 cards of the same rank (can be any suit)
    Ex. 8/8/8 of any suit (OR) K/K/K of any suit
  • What is a Run? – 3 or more cards of the same suit in sequential order.
    Ex. 7/8/9 clubs (OR) 10/J/Q of hearts
    Note that Ace is a low-value card in gin rummy. Hence, you can meld it as A/2/3 but not as Q/K/A.
  • Next, the non-dealer can either pick or discard the face-up card at the start of the game and the draw-and-discard continues.
  • Once you pick a card, see how you can fit it in to form runs or sets. If it doesn’t go well or seems useless,
  • you are better off discarding it than accumulating deadwood points.
  • Be sure to hide your card(s) well from your opponent or it might send them a hint that would help in strategizing their next move.
  • When there are only 2 cards left in the stockpile and the game has still not ended,
  • the game is ended with zero points to each player. A fresh game is begun.

Step 3. Knock the Cards

  • Once you’ve finished melding all your cards and have no more unmatched cards,
  • you are said to have reached gin. Draw the 11th card from the stockpile and place it face-down to declare a win, also known as knocking.
  • Knocking will award you 25 points in addition to the total deadwood points of losing players.
  • You can also knock your cards if you feel your opponent is nearing gin, but your total deadwood points must be below 10 to do so.
  • Deadwood cards of the losing player can be added to the winner’s melded cards only, if applicable.
  • This is allowed only when none of the players have reached gin.
  • So, it means one player gets a lot of deadwood cards and the winner can meld them to score more points.
  • To calculate scores, sum up the deadwood points of each player and subtract them from each other to come up with a final score.
  • This is not required if a knock is done. In such a case, the knocker gets the opponent’s deadwood points + 25 bonus score.
  • In case you’ve knocked but the opponent has fewer deadwood points than you,
  • then they get an undercut which is your deadwood points+25 bonus.
  • Continue the game until any one of the two reaches 100 points. If a player hasn’t won a single game,
  • it calls for a shutout and 100 points go straight to the winner.
  • Finally, the player with the higher points becomes the winner!

Playing Gin Rummy on Mobile

What’s more? You can also enjoy a gin rummy game on the move. Download a gin rummy app on your android or iOS phones and play.

Over time, as you keep getting better at the game, you could also come up with your own gin rummy strategy and become an invincible winner!

If interested, you can check out Indian rummy game rules for dummies, which is one variant of card games.


How To Play Gin Rummy For Dummies Windows 10


Free Gin Rummy Card Game

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Get acquainted with the basics and see what makes this gin rummy card game so fun!

Welcome to the Grand Gin Rummy Hotel! I’m Robert, the bellboy here at the hotel, and I’m here to explain how you play Grand Gin Rummy. If you’d rather watch the game rules in action, we have a really great tutorial in the game. You can download it for free in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Let’s start with the basics. Aces always equal 1 and face cards (jacks, queens, and kings) always equal 10 points. All other cards equal the number on the card: 2s are two points, 3s are three points, and so on.

The object of the game is to form groups of cards called “melds”.

They can either form sets of the same number or sequences of consecutive numbers in the same suit.

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How to play gin rummy for dummies windows 10



Each player is dealt 10 cards at the start of a game. Any cards in your hand that are unmatched (not in melds) are called deadwood. You want to have as little deadwood as possible.

The remaining cards in the deck are placed face-down and become the stock pile.

One card is then placed face-up to form the discard pile.

On the first turn, a player can either pick up the face-up card or pass. If the player passes, the dealer can pick it up or pass as well. If the dealer passes, the player can draw from the stock pile. For the remaining turns, you can draw from either the stock pile or the discard pile and at the end of each turn, you must discard one card.

Once you have 10 points or less of deadwood, you can knock to end the round. In Grand Gin Rummy, a green knock button will appear.

The scores are tallied with each player’s hand face-up on the table. Add up your points of deadwood and subtract it from your opponent’s deadwood. Whatever number you get is your score for that round. So, if you have 8 points of deadwood and your opponent has 26 points of deadwood, your score is 26-8=18. You get 18 points!

However, your opponent can lay off cards that match with your melds. For example, if you have a meld of three jacks and your opponent has one jack as deadwood, your opponent can lay off that jack onto your meld and reduce their deadwood count by 10 points. Instead of 18, now you only get 8 points.

If you have more points of deadwood than your opponent after you knock, you get undercut and your opponent gets the points plus 25 bonus points! In Grand Gin Rummy, you also get 15 bonus points just for winning a hand. This makes the game move a little quicker.

If you match 10 out of 11 cards after the draw phase, you've achieved gin and you will receive 25 bonus points.

If all 11 cards form melds prior to knocking, you've achieved big gin. For this, you are awarded 50 bonus points.

If no one knocks or goes gin by the time there are only two cards left in the stock pile, then the hand ends in a tie, and the dealer re-deals.The first player to reach 100 points wins the game.

Now that you know the basics, maybe you want to learn some more advanced tactics! Check out our introduction to offensive combinations.

How To Play Gin Rummy For Dummies Pc

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