How To Play Banco Card Game

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  • Also known as Punto Banco, Baccarat is a game where the gamblers play against the dealer. It is relatively easy to play and without the basic knowledge.
  • Baccarat card games come in plenty of varieties. Learn more about baccarat and like how to play and where to play right here.

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The Deck

Banco Card Game Rules

There are literally hundreds of different games featuring cards, and some of the more popular card games like poker have dozens of variants including Caribbean Stud, Three Card,Let it Ride, Pai Gow and the one game that is single-handedly taking the world by storm, Texas Holdem. Most familiar card games are played with the standard 52-card deck, which is divided into the four suits – spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. Each suit consists of thirteen cards ranging from 2 to 10 and the court cards of jack, queen and king, and lastly, the ace. Several card games, including blackjack, use more than a single deck.

The Shuffle

One of the most important aspects of any card game, particularly if there is money involved, is the credibility or integrity of the cards. We have all seen scenes from the old spaghetti westerns where card players, more often than not, poker players, end up going for their guns because of accusations of cheating. But lest not be fooled, cheating is not only the figment of a fertile imagination, there have been more recent allegations of marking the cards and cheating by some of the biggest casinos in the world, particularly in the days when the mafia were the unfettered moguls of the gaming houses in the States.
Cards are quickly arranged in a random order by the shuffle, and generally each player is given the chance to shuffle the cards at least once during the game. There are several different ways of shuffling the cards, and at the casinos, the shuffle is made by the dedicated dealer, who, as the name suggests, also deals the cards. With the advent of the electronic era many of the more modern casinos have introduced automated shuffling machines which alleviate the problem of human interference.

The Cut

Before the cards are dealt, the pack is generally cut by one of the players, or in the case of the casinos and gaming houses, the dealer shuffles, cuts and deals the cards. In more relaxed card games the dealer asks a fellow player to ‘cut the deck’. The deck is presented to the player face down and is cut, or part of the deck is removed and placed alongside. The lower potion is then placed on top of the cut portion of the deck and the deal begins.


The Deal

How To Play Bunco Card Game

In an effort to guarantee a modicum of fairness each player generally takes it in turn to deal the cards, but in the casinos a dedicated dealer is employed by the gaming house to do just that – deal the cards. Cards are dealt according to the specific rules of the game, but are usually dealt face down either one at a time, or in a group. The left over cards are known as the stock or skat, and are normally used as additional cards during the game.
The card games we will be looking at in depth are generally offered in a casino setting, both land-based and online, where money or chips are up for grabs and include Blackjack, Pontoon, Super Fun 21, Poker and its variants, Baccarat, Red dog, Casino Solitaire and Casino War.

New Card games Online

Directions On How To Play Bunco Card Game

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