How To Make Money In Slot Machine

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How to make MONEY playing SLOTS!#Slots #Gambling #RealReelThis is the REAL REEL a new vlog series I will be doing on my LADY LUCK HQ Channel. The REAL REEL v.

“Hey there, Tex. You want some free money?”

If anyone ever says this to you, run away. There’s no such thing as free money and there’s always a catch when someone tells you that there is.

Look at the payout chart on a slot machine to determine how jackpots are paid. On many slot machines, the 5-coin bet pays out a higher percentage on the top fixed jackpot. For instance, a 1-coin bet might pay $200, a 2-coin bet might pay $400, a 3-coin bet. Slot Machines are the Bread-and-Butter of Casinos. Slot Machines are the biggest money makers in casinos and that is why there is so much prime real estate dedicated to them. An estimated 70% of gaming revenue comes from slot machines — not blackjack, not pai gow poker, not roulette, not craps, but slot machines.

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  2. Manage your bankroll. To built up a gaming strategy, the slot player must first of all decide on the.

If there’s anything to be gleaned from movies about gambling, it’s that casinos are evil and they want to leave you with nothing…NOTHING.

But wait. What if movies aren’t like real life? And what if your main interest lies in playing the slots?

Here’s some good news, there are right ways to play pokies and come out on top. If you’re careful and calculated, you can avoid the typical pitfalls of casino life using some slot machine tricks.

Let’s go over some of the best practices when hitting the slots. Here are some dos and don’ts for making the most of your trip to the casino.

Grab a pack of cheap cigarettes and put your ugliest suit on, it’s time to gamble.

Your Invitation to the Best Online Pokies in Australia

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Wait, Money Does Grow on Trees?

That thing at the beginning about running away when someone offers you free money?

Well here’s one case where it may actually work out in your favour. Let’s talk about the first thing you should do when trying to take advantage of the slots, use no-deposit bonus codes.

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, then you’ve seen what can only be described as casino heaven. The Vegas strip is a veritable pig pen of casino activity, and with so much competition between establishments, the different casinos need ways to get people into their building instead of someone else’s.

That’s where no-deposit bonus codes come in. These are essentially free money vouchers. The casinos use them to bring people in the doors, where they know that will power will eventually fade away along with the free money. So evil, right?

But if you’re smart and careful, you can take this free money and use it to make more money using some of the tricks we’ll outline here.

A Couple Slot Machine Tricks

Sure, most folks just waltz on to the casino floor and just start losing money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you get to know the way that casinos work, then you’ll be at an advantage.

Or at least an advantage over the other gamblers. Free fruit warp game. The casino always has the advantage. Remember, you’re in their house.

Loose Slots

Yep, there is such thing as a “loose” slot machine. This is an old-school term that basically means that a slot is more likely to pay out.

In the age of digital slot machines, the actual mechanics of the machine don’t cause it to pay out more, but machines today have random number generators (RNG’s) that do pay out at different rates.

Casinos always keep the machines that have higher payout rates away from the ends of the aisles and away from doorways. This is to keep gamblers from winning big on a machine and immediately taking their business elsewhere.

So always make sure to get into the thick of it before you settle down at a machine.

Bet Max

What? Bet the max amount? Isn’t that the quickest way to bankruptcy?

Yes and no. Machines nowadays have multiple bet lines so when you bet the max you can take advantage of multiple lines. The odds of you winning don’t increase, but the amount you win will greatly increase when you do win if you bet max.

Different machines have different volatility levels. Machines with high volatility are quicker to run you out of town, but the winnings will be way better. Low volatility machines pay out less money at a higher frequency. Keep this in mind.

Play Classic Over Video

Those big flashy video slots with all the fun graphics and loud music? They aren’t just there to entertain you. They’re there to take your money.

The video slots are there to draw people in, and it works. But the casino’s cost of running and maintaining video slots is much higher and they take up tons of space compared to the other machines, so the payout is almost always lower.

Stick to the boring old slots. There’s less to look at but you might just leave them with heavier pockets.

Random or Progressive?

Temptation is the name of the game at the casino, and progressive slots are really tempting.

A progressive slot machine is one that pools all the money from everyone that’s played it since its last jackpot. There are also multi-slot progressive jackpots that pool a few different machines to tempt people with enormous payouts.

Keep It Random, Y’All

Random slots obviously look a bit less enticing, as they have a fixed jackpot. They do, however, pay out those jackpots more frequently. Pick your poison, but often good things come to those who wait.

Pay Tables

Take a look at the pay tables of different machines to compare. A pay table shows the payout for each combination of symbols/amount bet.

Pay tables can be an indicator of a machine’s volatility, and doing a little comparison rather than just sitting down randomly at a machine can help you in the long run. It’s better to take your time and find the right machine that your research tells you is more likely to pay out.

Talkin’ Bout Practice

Did you know that practice always makes perfect? Well, not perfect in this case because it’ll never be perfect. But there are websites where you can try out some of your strategies, look at pay tables, multipliers, and other game features without losing your hard earned dough.

Check out a practice site to try out different games and learn about the nuances of each slot machine. There is a lot of variance between machines when it comes to free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers, so it will benefit you greatly to familiarize yourself before you do it for real.

Try Math

Listen, these god-forsaken machines were built on math. And if you really want to beat them, you have to fight fire with fire. This requires a lot of time and brainpower, but it is possible to give yourself a chance.

There are loads of math based strategies available online. While they certainly don’t guarantee success, they at least allow you to feel like you’re in control over the game. Get a good pocket-sized calculator, a notepad, and a pen and go get yourself some money.

Know When to Give up on a Machine

This is an easy one. Sometimes you just have to know when to give up if a machine isn’t paying out. It’s not exactly following your gut, but more like letting the results dictate what you do.

You never want to end up like the old person sitting at the same machine for hours on end in their sweats, smoking cigarette after cigarette, dumping all of their excess money into the slots.

And what was stated earlier rings is all too true. The slots will always win in the end.

The easy way to avoid this is to have the willpower to walk away and find another machine. You can do it.

Bounce Around

Not staying too long at one machine is one of the more obvious tips. But if you have the option, bouncing around to different casinos is another good move.

Casinos are all vying for your business, and as mentioned earlier, they will offer you different perks to get you in their clutches. Why exploit the generosity of just one establishment when you can get free spins, chips, and bonuses from two? Or three? Or four? Don’t limit yourself.


Have Limits

No, but do limit yourself though. If you’re not having a good day at the races, pack it in early.

It’s really easy to go down a dark gambling hole, and that’s what the casinos want you to do. But you can always go back, so don’t be discouraged.

Set a limit for yourself on how much money you are willing to spend at this place, and fastidiously stick to it. Yes, the next spin could change your life, but what if it’s actually about 150 spins from now? Be careful out there.

Good Luck

The bottom line in all of this is that this is all luck based. If you are playing the slots and using slot machine tricks expecting to win, you’re doing it wrong! There are lots of so-called “experts” telling you how to play the pokies, but the best advice is to not let the pokies play you.

All that you can do is employ some of these strategies and hope for the best, and you’ll be in a better position than if you just go in blind. Even the most seasoned and strong-willed gambler is at the mercy of the slot machine.

In any case, good luck to all and visit our pokies blog for more articles about all things pokies or look at one of our many gambling guides to gambling in Australia.

No gambler alive that can accurately predict the precise moment a slot machine is going to payout. Anyone telling you different is either sorely misguided or a flat-out liar.

Imagine if you could clearly pick out the exact moment a slot machine is due to pay. The casinos would have the machines loaded up on trailers and headed for a warehouse before you could snap your fingers.

An Objective View for How to Pick a Slot Machine Game

The casino industry is a fine-tuned example of capitalism. Its primary objective is to entertain the masses while relieving them of their hard-earned money.

Don’t slam the door on slot machines, though. You shouldn’t write off slot machines simply because they don’t exist to print money for hungry gamblers.

In fact, if you play smart, you can spend hours being entertained by the flashing lights and shrieking bells and sirens.

How to pick a real money slot machine is one of the most valuable casino lessons you could possibly learn.

But I see a constant stream of casino gamblers milling about the casino floor without any idea what machine to settle on.

Knowing Is Half the Battle

Slot machine odds are, as you likely know, centered on mathematical probability. Therefore, understanding how these odds work will enable you to use them to your advantage. You might even get lucky and turn a profit.

If you have the correct strategy at hand and at least know the basic return to player for a specific slot, you have a higher probability of winning at slots.

I’ve spent months scouring pages of slot machine best practices trying to learn the optimal strategy for how to pick a slot machine. I now feel like I’m well-equipped to offer you the most complete plan for hedging your bets while going for slot machine profits.

Get to Know the Payouts

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s more than surface-level banter. Every casino gambler is all too familiar with what the house edge is. If you’re scratching your head or just need a refresher, let me explain.

The house edge is a mathematical advantage the casinos have over the players. Over a long enough stretch of time, this manifests itself in a guaranteed percentage back to the casino. The casino will always, 100% of the time, beat the player in the long run. After all, the mega-casinos we see today weren’t built by tourists who left as winners.

Don’t give up just yet, though.

There’s still hope.

Despite the odds being against you, you may still find yourself leaving the casino with “house money.”

Meet the return to player (RTP).

The RTP is based on a theoretical rate of statistical payout to the player.

For most Las Vegas or online slot machines, you can expect an RTP of 90 to 96%. However, there are outliers — both high and low. Some RTPs are as low as 75%, while on the high end, you can find RTP of 98%.

Clearly, you want to opt for machines at or over 96%.

You may think 2% can’t really have much difference, and, in a short sample, it probably does not. When you extend that same 2% bonus over several thousand spins, you’ll see a significant difference.

Do some research before you start slinging coins into the one arm bandit. If you’re playing online slots, most software companies will have published RTP available.

Your Entertainment Bang for Your Buck

How to make money playing slot machines

Volatility can be another factor in choosing a slot machine. Commonly referred to as variance, volatility is used to calculate how well you may expect to do during your session. Think of it as a guide for what you should be winning or losing per hour.

Slot machines with a higher variance typically offer long dry spells with the sporadic substantial win. On these machines, you may quickly find yourself chasing these huge wins. You need to keep an eye on that bankroll, though, because you’ll be receiving a few of those intermittent wins that normally keep it supplied with the coins.

Of course, when the stars (or cherries) align, you’re in for a giant influx of cash. These colossal wins can be worth the extended drought if you have the bankroll to survive them.

Juxtaposed with the high variance slots are the low volatility games. Payouts on these machines come much more frequently but in smaller sizes. Rest assured, massive wins are still a possibility with these machines. They are merely less frequent and not of the giant proportions of the high volatility machines.

Whether you’re interested in the incremental small wins or want to hit pay dirt with one crashing jackpot is an individual preference. If you’re going to leave the casino with bags full of the casino’s money, you should risk it on the high volatility games. If you’re content to just plug away for hours on end, taking small wins, the low variance games suit your needs.

As you might have guessed, the casinos aren’t handing out pamphlets with the particular volatility of their games. So, you may need to search for reviews from other players or, if you have the funds, do your own research.

Explore the Bonuses Available Online

If you‘re gambling in online casinos, you have a built-in advantage. The casino bonus can be a tremendous tool in the war on the house’s edge. Without exception, the top online casinos offer some form of free cash to incentivize new players.

These offers can help extend your bankroll long enough for the odds to turn in your favor.

Unfortunately, they will eventually dry up. When that time comes, it may be wise to start shopping around again. Be cautious to carefully read all terms and conditions of the bonuses before you settle on one.

When Can Be As Important to Your Success

Now that you have a reliable roadmap for how to pick a slot machine. Let’s talk about another vital factor in your winning.

When you decide to leap can play a role in hitting a huge jackpot or missing the boat entirely.

Because we now know about variance, we can use that to our advantage. Imagine you are on a long session and have been watching the time on a high volatility machine. No jackpots have been hit when suddenly the game erupts in lights and sounds. It takes a minute before you realize that you’ve just hit a huge win.

Since the machine has just paid a substantial pot, it’s not likely that the machine will soon pay out another massive jackpot. If you are going to continue playing, you may want to move to a different machine.

Shy away from games that are unpopular with fellow players. Games that get constant attention will more often have stretches of higher payouts. If you are wasting your time on a stale machine, you will quickly burn through your bankroll.

Amazing Money Machine Slot Machine

Remember, the objective here is to get maximum entertainment for your gambling dollar. If you see an empty section of slots, it’s typically because the games aren’t providing much in the form of entertainment. Usually, they won’t have the exciting features packed into popular games.

You should do as much to find out the RTP of these machines as possible. I have heard stories from friends in the casino industry about the lone slots player hitting it big.

One story comes from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. There was a specific slot machine that had been released with little to no fanfare. While other casino patrons scurried past regularly, none dropping more than a few dollars in, one lady chose to challenge convention.

Can You Make Money On Slot Machines

Perhaps she just preferred to avoid the crowds in other areas. Regardless, she reportedly played the same seemingly mundane slot for 3 consecutive days. For hours she would play morning, noon, and night. After 3 days, she was considerably down but had enjoyed hours of entertainment from the game, the cocktail server, and an occasional passer-by.

On day 4 there she was at 8 am like clockwork.

But today was different.

Lady Luck had shifted, and by noon, she was up over $5,000.

By that night, she had a 5 figure profit.

Shortly after she began winning, she had a bevy of new friends and a lot of company.


If you’re on the hunt for a massive jackpot, you have your work cut out for you. You simply can’t control when a slot machine pays out. You can control how much fun you’re having.

So, focus on that instead.

How Much Money Do Slot Machines Make

Keep in mind that the gambler’s fallacy is just that. Avoid being sucked into thinking you’re somehow due for a giant winning streak. You need to be willing to accept the losses as much as the wins. Then you are ready to pick a slot machine and enjoy its maximum potential.