How Much Did I Win On My Horse Bet

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Is your horse a consistent performer?

A quick look at the horses form line will indicate what type of performer it is. Royal spins free online games. If it wins and then falls or comes well down the field then this is a clear sign that the horse isn't a consistent runner. Some horses can drift in between winning and losing badly and this isn’t the type of horse that you want for a show bet.

Let's take a look at some example form lines.

Take Hoorah Henry with the following results in his previous ten races.


Hoorah Henry might have four victories but his six poor performances are worrying if you are looking for him to finish in a place. Now, compare that to another horse called Mustang Sally.


Although Mustang Sally hasn't recorded a win, this horse has never placed lower than fifth and only finished twice outside of the top three. While Hoorah Henry may be a more successful horse in terms of titles, race wins, and prize money, it's Mustang Sally that represents a better proposition for betting.

Place and Show bets explained.

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If you want a little more leeway than just finishing first then you may want to consider a place or show bet.
A Place bet wins if your horse runs first or second in the race. So the first 2 finishers in the race are the Place horses. On a place bet you collect if your horse finishes 1st or 2nd.
A Show bet gives you an even better chance of collecting than a place bet, as a show bet wins if your horse finishes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the race.
Now generally a horse pays less to place than to win and less to show than to place. This is almost always the case, but is not always the case. That's because someone could place an extremely large place or show bet on a runner and by this change the odds.

How Much Did I Win On My Horse Bet Racing

Across the Board Bets
For a beginner, this is probably your best way to go. Walk up to the window and tell the teller that you want $2 across the board on the #4 horse. You just bet $2 to Win, Place and Show on #4. This way if #4 Wins you collect all 3 bets. If he places you collect the Place and Show bet. If he Shows then you still get a little something back.
An across the board bet just means that you want to bet the horse to Win, Place and Show. You could say '$2 to Win, Place and Show on #4' but you will sound a lot more savvy if you tell the teller $2 across the board on #4 instead. You won't look like as much of an amateur either.
How to read the results board

How Much Did I Win On My Horse Bet Show

Horse Below is a typical horse race result, I'll break down how to read it for you.
10th race - Gulfstream Park 04/03/2011
7Dialed In7.804.804.00
2To Honor and Serve4.20

How Much Do You Win If You Bet A Horse To Show

Ok, in this example the #7 horse Dialed In finished 1st. He pays $7.80 to win for every $2 you bet. $4.80 to place and $4.00 to show.

How Much Did I Win On My Horse Betting

#5 Shackleford finished 2nd. You can win on a Place and Show bet on him. If you were lucky enough to bet to Place on #5 then you get $36.60 for every $2 you bet to place. If you bet to show then you get $15.20 for every $2 you wagered. (this was obviously a longshot)

How Much Did I Win On My Horse Bet Win

#2 To Honor and Serve was the show horse. If you bet $2 to show on #2 then you get back $4.20. By Kerry Zangara