How Do You Win A Soccer Game

Posted : admin On 16.02.2021

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Your ability to make an impact with the ball usually depends on what you do when you don’t have the ball. When your teammates are in position focus on making positive forward runs, supporting the play, or keeping balance. Play forward but keep possession. You need to score goals to win games. Whenever possible try to play forward. There’s plenty of skills and action for everyone to enjoy with world-class Big WinTM Soccer, the #1 game in over 100 countries. Do you dream of becoming a team manager and coach? This is your chance to step into the role and train your defenders, midfield players, and strikers to be a top eleven team.

  1. If you bet Argentina -2.5 goals, then to win the bet they must win by 3 goals or more. On the other side, betting Iran +2.5 goals means to win the bet, Iran can win, draw, or lose by 1 or 2 goals.
  2. While in normal soccer bets, if you bet a team to win straight up and the game ties or goes into overtime, you will lose that bet. But in this type of bet, if you take a team to win and it goes into overtime, you won’t lose your bet. You have two betting options in Asian handicap bets, taking the home team to win, or the away team to win.

Going to University in The Sims 4 doesn’t just have to be about studying and doing your homework, your sims need to enjoy themselves as well!

The sims team has added two new after school activities that your sims can enjoy, being an e-sports gamer and joining the soccer team!

These after school activities are only available to sims who are enrolled in school at either the University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute.

How to Join the Soccer Team

Joining the soccer team is just as easy as getting a job in The Sims 4. You can click on find a job in the career panel and scroll down toward the bottom of the options until you find Soccer Team Player.

You can also go on the phone to find these same interactions. You also have the option of going onto campus and clicking on the arena and choosing Join Soccer Team!

Levels of Being a Soccer Player

There are 4 levels of being on the soccer team in University, and each level is going to have different benefits for your sim.


With each level of being on the soccer team, your sim is going to have different tasks to complete before they are able to move on as well as their daily task of juggling the soccer ball, for trainee sims they need to finish these two tasks before moving on:

  • Reach Fitness Level 2
  • Make Friends with 2 Teammates

As a trainee, your sim is the bottom of the totem pole. They are going to need to get to at least level 2 of the fitness skill if they want to get better at soccer. You can do this through swimming, running, lifting weights, playing with the soccer ball, and more.

You also need to make friends with at least two of the people on your team. You will have your teammates in your relationships panel once you go to your first practice.

You can go to the work section of the relationships panel and you’ll see some people and when you hover over them it will say teammate.

How To Win A Soccer Game Wikihow


Bench Warmer

As a bench warmer your sim needs to start studying or discussing soccer strategies as their daily task before they go to the after school activity. This can be done on a computer under the web section.

There are two tasks that your sim needs to complete if they want to move from a bench warmer to a starter and they are:

  • Reach Fitness Level 4
  • Reach Logic Level 3

I really like that you have to gain the logic skill to get better at soccer because you need to be logical and be able to make quick decisions that make sense for your entire team. You can gain the logic skill by playing chess or using a telescope.

You also need to keep developing your fitness skill throughout your soccer team days.


You’re getting better at playing soccer that you now actually get to start the game! Your sim is going to also get the soccer team playbook when they join the team which they can use for a better chance at winning the games.

Your daily task is going to be to study plays in your new soccer playbook, which is nice and easy and doesn’t take long. Your requirements to make it to the final level are:

  • Reach Fitness Level 6
  • Reach Logic Level 5
  • Win a Soccer Game

You’re going to need to win a soccer game, so you should make sure that before your games on Friday and Saturday to study your plays, read your playbook, and work hard.


When you reach the playmaker level of being on the soccer team, you’re now the best! You no longer have to gain any skills or have any requirements, except for your daily task of kicking or juggling!

Soccer Team Schedule

Being a member of the soccer team is going to take up a ton of time in your sim’s schedule. You’ll be going to practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6pm to 9pm.

You’ll also have two games per week from 6pm to 9pm on Friday and Saturday. During games, you may have pop-ups appear where you’ll get to make decisions on how your sim plays.

Soccer Games

There are two soccer games per week on Fridays and Saturdays at 6pm. On Friday the games take place at the Foxbury Institute arena and on Saturday they take place at the University of Britechester arena.

Your sims are able to attend soccer games even if they aren’t a member of the team. They can just click on the stadium at the correct campus when the game is occurring and they will go! It is important to note that the games cost §45 which is an expensive task.

Even sims who aren’t in University can attend! Which could be a cute way to spend a weekend evening with your regular families, especially if your sim is an alumni of either school.

Becoming a Professional Athlete

One really cool thing about the soccer after school activity is that if you get yourself to being a playmaker on the team, you’ll be able to jump right into the Athlete career being a professional athlete.

Your sim will get to skip most of the career, will earn more money per hour, and will get tons of vacation days. Pair this with a biology degree for maximum bonuses since the biology degree goes with athletics nicely.

Final Thoughts

The soccer team is a really hard one, since you have practice or a game 6 days a week. This takes so much time away from your sim’s studies and can be really time consuming. I had a sim with ONE CLASS who managed to get an F, get put on probation and was late for every soccer practice. So… it’s a lot.

Time for devils advocate. No matter how friendly a soccer game may be, the undeniable purpose remains winning. It’s human nature that man is born with a competitive spirit. We compete in school, at work, during soccer and even when we do our gardening. Stop laughing, gardening is very competitive. You spend hours doing the gardening while looking over your shoulder to compare your neighbours garden.

Then soccer without the competitive urge to win is not really soccer, is it? Any sport for that matter without the competitive urge to win, is no sport at all. I know what you’re thinking. But you told us that winning should not be the number one priority in soccer. Did I really? Coaching young kids is different to coaching full fledged professionals. Everyone agree? Although winning is not as important during the infant years of a player, it’s still the driving force. It’s the reason why kids will run around like headless chooks in pursuit of that elusive ball. It’s nature, everyone follows the laws of evolution subconsciously. Survival of the fittest is just another way of saying winning.

Without making reference to kids soccer or full time professionals, the higher the stakes in soccer, the more a team will strive to win. Agree? Even when you play with your mates down at the local university grounds, where hardly anything hinges on the result except pride, the habit of winning is evident. Competition and the urge to win signifies that you are alive. You want to compete and feel the emotion of winning like you’ve just conquered some new country that hasn’t been discovered yet. Turn on the discovery channel and you will be amazed how competition exists in all forms of life, not just sport.

When I was playing as a professional, I always treated “good losers” with suspicion. What is a good loser anyway? By this they imply that they didn’t really care whether we won or lost, it’s all the same to them. If you are competing at a high level and you have these kind of players, get rid of them now! If there is such a person or you are that person, you shouldn’t be playing competitive soccer full stop.

“Hang on there cowboy”, you shout.

“For every winner there is a loser”, you insist.

Surely that’s not your argument is it?

Fair enough, for every winner there is a loser. Young players, kids must learn to accept defeat without carrying on. They don’t have to like it! Never accept the feeling of losing. Be gracious in defeat and take it. But get annoyed, study what went wrong and find ways of winning. Remember its not natural to lose in competition unless you want to end up like the Dinosaurs and other species that have perished. The more annoyed you get when losing, the bigger the chance next time you’ll end up on that winning side.

So how do you win? How do you master the art of winning? Well if you’ve got the time, read every post on this site. But let me give you a quick synopsis. First of all, your coach and your team mates must have the will to win. It’s no use pretending that winning is not important. Too many defeats leads to early discouragement and abandonment of the game altogether. If your scores for weekly games read 6-0, 6-0, 6-2 you should be worried even if you were playing tennis.

So how do you win? Start by learning and understanding your teams strengths and weaknesses. Exploit your strengths and try to conceal your weaknesses. Also study your opponents and the opposing team. Investigate their strengths, handicaps, style and isolate their star players. If necessary, change your tactics and style to combat your opposition. Trying to play skillful soccer against a team like Manchester United will inevitably end in disaster.

If your opponents are physical and are known to be much stronger than you in certain areas of the game, there is no point rushing into a game like an amateur boxer wanting to test his skills against Mike Tyson. Work out tactics that will disrupt your oppositions play. Flood the defence, occupy the midfield and make sure you counter every strength they have with a suitable plan.

However, one should caution against ultra defensive tactics. Even when you are faced with a far superior opponent, you should never give up entirely on winning. If Greece can win the Euro Cup any team has a chance of beating the big guns.

Think of this scenario for a while. Your opponents are concentrating and trying to break down your defensive resistance and even their defenders are joining in on the attacks. But what happens when you quickly absorb this pressure and counter attack. A quick, unexpected counter attack relieves the pressure on your goal but can actually result in a goal against play. If you do not believe me, watch the European Cup in Portugal when Greece won it. That’s all they did!

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What happens when you see a small fighter come up against a taller, stronger fighter? The smaller guy is always on the defensive because he does not want to be killed. But don’t think for one moment that the smaller fighter while protecting himself is not looking for that one hit or miracle punch that will knockout his opponents teeth. So remember when playing superior teams, defend and counter. Be patient and when the time is right, strike with everything you’ve got. You never know, you might go home with some extra teeth.