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Jul 11, 2017

Hello! In this guide will be about the new Peggasi Oppressor to GTA Online, added in the recent Gunrunning update. I hope you enjoy the guide!

The Pegassi Oppressor Mk II is a Weaponized Motorcycle featured in GTA Online, added to the game as part of the 1.44 After Hours update on August 14, 2018. The design of the Oppressor Mk II is based on a BMW hover bike concept, hover bike. Time needed: 5 minutes. To sum up how to get MK2 weapons in GTA V. Purchase a bunker, mobile operations center (MOC), and the necessary weapon modification upgrade for the MOC. In this video I take a look at the Oppressor Mk2 a weaponized hover motorcycle added as part of the Afterhours DLC in GTA Online!If you enjoyed this video ma. Oppressor MK II is not released yet in GTA Online. New free slots 2019 app. It will be part of After Hours dlc update. We compared the MK 2 version of Oppressor with the original one.

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About the Oppressor

Quick Information

These two images show How much the bike costs, information about the bike, the looks of the bike and the stats of it.


  • Normal Buy it now Price : $3,524,500
  • Trade Price : $2,650,000

Gta Oppressor Mk2 Speed

It is much easier and cheaper to get it, especially when you complete two missions, you get $874500 off the original price, I suggest doing just that!

Description of the Oppressor

There are two kinds of people in the point of one percent. There's the balding stock of analyst with pituitary issues, staring out of the window of his comfortable private on the approach into LSIA. And there's the guy mooning him as he screams past on a rocket-powered hyperbike with extendable wings and a front-mounted machine gun. The only question is, which side of the glass do you want to be on?


For this section of the controls, I will be just talking about the controls for PC.
  • Extendable wings: Press X to extend them.
  • Boost: Press E
  • Shoot with the guns or rockets: Press spacebar or use right click

For flying in the air, you need a bit of practise, it will be difficult for your first time using this bike. Personally for me and most people, you have a numpad on the right of your keyboard. For me, I use a Challanger gaming keyboard prime, which has all I need to easily play games on the PC.
I made a youtube video of myself showcasing it and playing around with it a bit, it Is low quality and I apoligise about that, but I just use OBS and have a FPS of around 35. Other than that its just a 6 Minute video of me driving, flying and gliding around.
Gta Oppressor Mk2For upgrading this bike, you will need a MOC centre and the Weapon & Vehicle Workshop upgrade that goes for $955,000 but is worth it if you are going to buy the new vehicles (APC, Dune Fav (Buggy), Half-Truck, Oppressor (Rocket Bike) and Weaponized Tampa.
You don't have to spend too much upgrading and customizing it but one upgrade you need to get ASAP is the rocket upgrade, which replaces the front miniguns with 20 rockets with homing abilities, this can make you a terror in the sky. The upgrade costs $195,000 but you have to unlock it via the research lab on your bunker computer. There are 45 current total research upgrades you can get, costing $225,000 if you fast track each upgrade from the start, to the end. Costing you a large $10,125,000 if you fast track all the upgrades. The upgrades are completly random.

The Main Uses and How You Can Use Them

The main uses would be Utility, Defence, Support and Attack in my opinion.
Utility as a tool, a fast way to get around while dodging enemies on the ground.
Defence in defending an area, you have the high ground and can dodge incoming attacks eg: homing missiles, RPG's your main attacker might rifles and miniguns.
Support would be used to help your CEO, friends, MC or VIP push through a crowd of enemies, it has large stomping power of having 20 rockets maximum, you run out you can instantly call another one via MC interaction menu.
Attack the beast called the Oppressor is difficult to take down and will need multiple people to easily take one out of the skies for good. You can tank enemy aircraft with 20 rockets and troops on the ground.

Why You Should Buy It?

  • The opressor can be devistating to fight against if you are skilled at using it, only things that can take it down could be (Jets, another oppressor, good players, players who can aim decentally, or explosive round heavy sniper rifles).

  • It can be used as a Utility tool. With this you can quickly fly around the map, dodging enemies on the ground, it can be easy to do resupply missions and certain selling missions for MC Businesses where you carry supplies, same goes for the reusupplying missions for the Bunker, Crate Cargo for the CEO and even helping you in contact missions! Yes, you can call this beast into contact missions, the AI will not like you for it!

  • If you use this correctly, it can make back the money you spent on it, now this will take time but like with the last reason of why you should buy it. You can get around the map very quickly, fly up Mt. Chilliad with a breeze, go flying over Alamo Sea with not much trying (Watch out, if you crash into the water, you have to pay a big fee to get it back).

Just how much fun it is, you can do multiple stunts on this amazing bike!

The Pro's & Con's of Having This!


Gta Oppressor Mk2 Free

  • The ability to fly/glide over buildings and get to the other side of the map quickly!
  • Being able to dodge ground enemies wanting to kill you.
  • Being able to get away from fights that other players or you start.
  • Helping easily in missions, making you swim in money.
  • You can have alot of fun with this!
  • Stunt montages!
  • Being able to call it instantly and fix it / replace it if your in a MC!


  • Large costs.
  • If you destroy it, you have to pay $20,000 to get it back, yes. $20,000.
  • Players might attack and kill you for no reason, due to them thinking you might being agressive.
  • Players won't really trust you if your on one of these.
  • The chance it will be highly nerfed in the future.
  • Players getting angry at you if you keep killing them.
  • Large amount of hate you would get for killing, dominating and destroying peoples cargo.

Q&A About the Oppressor!

  • Q. How much money does it cost if I destroy it?
  • A. It costs a staggering $20,000.

  • Q. Is it worth the money?
  • A. Yes, it is right now. It it does have a sale I suggest buying it.

  • Q. How do I take these down? They keep killing me.
  • A. My way is to constantly shoot at the bike or the diver, it will eventually start breaking down, if you see the driver crash get there ASAP to kill them and destroy the bike. Watch out if they are in a Motorcycle Gang as they can spawn it almost instantly.

  • Q. I keep shooting at it but I miss!
  • A. I then suggest getting some members to help defend you if your in a rival MC or CEO, especially if your delivering cargo. One explosion to the bike and it will go down, It might be easy to kill the driver and the bike if you have a Hydra, an Oppressor yourself or a lucky shot with an RPG or ann explosive weapon, (This includes explosive round sniper rifles).

  • Q. People keep killing me for no reason!
  • A. They might be suspicious if your on an Oppressor, they might just think your an agressive player or wanting to be wary.

  • Q. These are difficult to fly, how can I get better at using them?
  • A. They are fairly difficult to get used to, but you just need more practice, you will eventually get better, I suggest making yourself try harder to do more tasks at using it and don't heavily rely on it all the time, it will go down eventually.

  • Q. Why is it difficult to take down?
  • A. Due to it being able to fly, drive and stop almost instantly, it can also move almost in any direction mid-flight which the driver will use to their advantage.

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