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Golden Touch Blackjack! BEAT BLACKJACK USING SPEED COUNT And The New Optimum Basic Strategy NEW! Now includes the Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution! E-book and Counter Training Software. Visit our Golden Touch Blackjack. Become the casino’s worst nightmare by learning His Golden Touch dice throw and his easy method to count cards. There are also private group lessons available with Dom. Learning from The Dominator with your friend or friends is a great way to create a craps or blackjack.


No shame whatsoever in playing Speed Count. You are not making your living at Blackjack, quite obviously. I play a 'lazy' version of Speed Count, and am quite happy doing so. Unless one is making their livelihood at the game, the method of play should simply meet the level of intellectual investment that you, the player, find most rewarding and enjoyable.

Thanks midwestgb - I do not do this for a living but go twice a month to have good meals, see a free concert, hang out with family - and play blackjack - and, if I can gain a slight advantage by speed counting - might as well do it!

May we all be blessed with that type of luck - to have gambling remain a fun-filled past-time rather than a deadly addiction.

From age 16 to 28 I led a very productive life. I was already too tall to be a jockey, but hustled pool and duckpins, dealt 5 card stud,
ran bets and payoffs for a bookie. Then at 22 ,the draft notice came. I enlisted in USAF for 4 years before opening the mail. My kid brother open his draft notice and he was in the Marines. At least he came out with a trade. Mine Maintenance LOL Actually at Quantonimo and had to dig up mine fields to make sure mines were there and good. Real call for that in civilian life.
At 26, resumed the good life for 2 years , then joined the DARK SIDE. Honked my horn at a cute girl in a mini-skirt. 6 months later,
I had a straight job ( at&t tech ) , was married, and even paying taxes. GRRRRR
Only regret is that I did not read Dick Francis novels earlier. At 6ft and 155-165 , I might have become a hurdle jockey.
Too soon old, too late smart.
Buzz - what an interesting life you led..and now you are a table jockey :)
No, but I am entered in the biggest race of my life. Somehow i have wound up in the starting gate of Shufflemaster Focus group on
new table games. Feel like a goat entered in the Kentucky Derby. LOL

No, but I am entered in the biggest race of my life. Somehow i have wound up in the starting gate of Shufflemaster Focus group on
new table games. Feel like a goat entered in the Kentucky Derby. LOL

I can barely play blackjack let alone attempting to figure out new table games!!!

Golden Touch Blackjack Torrent

I am now gonna try and re-invent the wheel. Action Blackjack is the name. And no insurance or surrender, this is not
SISSY blackjack. LOL
I know this is a old thread but I would like to ask Ace how speed count is working out for him. Are you still using it? What's your stats the last couple of years if you are still using speed count?

I know this is a old thread but I would like to ask Ace how speed count is working out for him. Are you still using it? What's your stats the last couple of years if you are still using speed count?

Over 4 years I am in the positive :)
Thanks for the responce Ace. I'm glad to hear that you are still ahead after four years.

Speed Count.. the easiest way to beat the casino!

Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution Download Free


YES, it's true! Speed Count, as featured in the new book Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution!by Frank Scoblete, is now available in our blackjack training software for the general public.We have many software bundles with Blackjack Counter, Expert and/or Audit that include full versions of Speed Count plus much more.

Speed Count Training DVD.. learn to beat the casino with thisDVD hosted by Frank Scoblete, #1 gaming author in America.Click here for all the details and ordering.

Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution!

New * Revolutionary * Easy.. Announcing a new book that will change the way average players play blackjack.. Golden Touch BlackjackRevolution! by Frank Scoblete featuring the revolutionary and incredibly simple, yet powerful, Speed Count and the matching Optimum Basic Strategy (OBS). In 10 minutes you can learn Speed Count and be able to play blackjack with an edge over the house.

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Blackjack Counter
  • Configurable count mode drills
  • Count system editor
  • Index mode and entries
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  • Blackjack Expert
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  • Use any count system in Blackjack Counter
  • Advanced blackjack game options/settings
  • Speed Count System
  • The full Speed Count system, as published in 'Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution!'
  • OBS action tables (optimal basic strategy), Speed Count Regular and Aggresive, and Speed Count surrender index sets
  • Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution! e-book
  • Read and print the book on your computer!
  • Uses the free Adode Acrobat Reader format.
  • Blackjack Count Master e-Book
  • Step-by-step training guide to master advanced card counting
  • 15 incremental exercises, with pass/fail metrics
  • Uses Blackjack Counter and Expert for fast & easy training
  • High-Low Count System
  • The full High-Low count system, as published in 'Professional Blackjack'
  • More action tables, and every index set for High-Low
  • Step up to the next level of card counting after Speed Count!
  • Blackjack Audit
  • Advanced blackjack simulator
  • Bankroll and risk of ruin calculators and simulation
  • Test any count system or variant you make in BJ Counter

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  • High-Low count system: As you'velearned from our book, Speed Count is the easiest advantage blackjackmethod that gives you a proven edge over the casino. But all thatsimplicity comes at a price.. less potential earning power per hour. So when you're ready to step andlearn a much more advanced system, we've included High-Low andseveral other advanced systems.
  • Blackjack Audit:Blackjack Audit is our advanced blackjack simulator. Good blackjack simulation and risk of ruin calculators are toolsevery professional blackjack player should not be without. You can run simulations with your favorite card countingsystem, including Speed Count, to test different rules, penetration, camouflage strategies, and much more. BlackjackAudit also includes Risk of Ruin and Bankroll assessment calculators and a unique ROR simulator.

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    Golden Touch Blackjack Course

    Golden Touch Blackjack Pdf

    The Speed Count Blackjack Course is still being taught! You will master Speed Count in a hands-on, simulated casino environment with tables and dealers. Learn from the gaming industry's leading experts.

    Golden Touch Blackjack Free