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A small slip-up in common courtesy might just have been 84-year-old Gloria C. Mackenzie's lucky ticket. At least one bystander says Mackenzie cut in line May 18 while waiting to purchase a Powerball lottery ticket, the same ticket that would win her $590 million, the largest undivided lottery jackpot in history. Unfortunately, MacKenzie has now filed a suit alleging that her son and his financial advisor mismanaged her winnings since she won the Powerball jackpot in 2013. Before winning the massive Powerball jackpot, Gloria MacKenzie from Zephyrhills, Florida, lived a modest life. She lived in a modest, grey duplex that she was renting at the time.

I Mrs Gloria C. Mackenzie gladly appreciate your response to my email in respect to my donation of$2,500,000 USD to you and your amazing family.I really did not expect a response from you especially due to the rapid scam on the internet and news of people loosing their money and homes to fraudsters over the internet with false promises and letters of lottery winnings.I was surprise to check GOOGLE and'I' saw my link there that people are using toscam other claiming to be me,i was so angry but nothing to do than i have to come up with this ideal that who ever i send email will have to reply me with this code (112G) or the mail you get is fake. I am aware of all these evil deeds in the society in this present age but back in our youthful days it was totally different as our major fear was war. But considering my age and strength i cannot personally go around traveling hours to your home and the homes of other 4 beneficiaries like yourself who have already benefit from my donation, for that reason alone that's why I'm contacting you via email personally to avoid any sort of misconduct.I know this is highly shocking,for you to have received my email and i know you must be skeptic about how i found your email,but know that my son Scott help me get your email from an email directory that is directly connected to GOOGLE.Considering how evil and selfish people are these days i don't trust handing over this transaction to anyone at this earliest stage except my pay-out bank, which will be contacting you later, only after i am satisfied that you can be trusted. TheDEUTSCHE BANK AGwhich is a well trusted bank inENGLAND are the bank currently handling my investment and distribution of my financial donations to Charity Homes, Communities, Schools, Hospitals and wonderful beneficiaries like yourself.
I could have applied the assistance of my son Scott Mackenzie but since our newly found wealth he has become a little bit irresponsible and not trust worthy in financial terms that is why i have taken upon myself in contacting you personally via this medium, which i sincerely apologies for. I am not very enlightened with the internet but the little i know is checking my emails and replying to my messages. I have chosen you as one of my beneficiary and I'm contacting you directly because i will need you to provide me with your.
Contact/resident Address:
so i can forward it to the U.S Welfare Service and the Charity Assembly for clarification before i can forward it to my pay-out bank to notify them.
After i go through your profile and information's which i will receive a check-up result from the U.S welfare service/Charity Assembly because i will be sending to them your details that you will be sending to me. if I'm convinced that you could be trusted, honest and responsible enough to at least help and assist the needy within your locality from the$2,500,000 USDi have donated to you which you will be receiving from my pay-out bank sooner (DEUTSCHE BANK AG) after full clarification of your profile.
Since i wasn't able to contact you in a more formal and more realistic way i had to ensure that the media took a full video coverage of my financial donations to charity organizations and other families like yourself just to prove that my intentions are honest and only focused at making your life and that of your loved ones more comfortable. You will find some of my interviews and my financial donations to the needy on the U.S ABC News, but i have also provided you some We blinks to view:

I decided to donate to the needy, less privileged and charity projects all over the world, and make at least 7 families happy. At this point in time of life at this age 84 years i have little or no more fantasies but my major concern is ensuring that i put my Powerball Lottery Prize of $590,500,000.00 into good use by ensuring that i am able to make at least 7 unknown families happy and be able to bring that fantasies into manifestation, making their fantasies become reality.
I also want to launch a scholarship fund, and will donate to charities, particularly those supporting adoption.ever since I won the Powerball jackpot,I have been investing ahead of the future for my kids & grand children, as i just bought some houses in Germany, Australia also in London a beautiful warm island and very sunny during summer. All this investment are been control and monitored by my pay-out bank here in London which is theDEUTSCHE BANK AG United Kingdomis basically an holiday resort country perfect for vacation far from the United States media and publicity of our new wealth.
However because i am currently on vacation here inUK , I had to deposit your Cheque with theDEUTSCHE BANK AG.I choose theDEUTSCHE BANK AGto make the transfer of my donation amount to you because they have the full capacity to make such transfer go through successful without delays and mainly because they are currently advising and handling my funds and housing investments.
I find it really amazing receiving appreciation gift and emails, already today i have received 2 appreciation letters from Katie the daughter of Mrs Dorothy Perkins who is only 9 years old, such appreciations really makes me feel alive and gives me a reason to do more. This kind of emails i receive from beneficiaries gives me so much joy and i am really happy for you being one of my beneficiaries. Though sometimes its difficult to make beneficiaries believe they have really won, for example Mrs Dorothy Perkins told us that she received her own funds, though she was a little scared and afraid as a result of different scams going on in the internet today, but she made up her mind, she trusted us and she followed theDEUTSCHE BANK AGinstructions, which facilitated to the safe transfer of the funds which i donated to her family.
I hope you will be able to use the money wisely and judiciously over there in your Area. I also will employ you to do what you can to alleviate the level of poverty in your region and also try to enhance the standard of living of as many people as you can because that is my major objective of donating this money to you.
Your Sincerely ,
Gloria c mackenzie foundation

More money, more problems.

The 90-year-old winner of $509.5 million Powerball jackpot is now suing her son, claiming that he and his financial adviser have mismanaged the money.

Former teacher Gloria Mackenzie, of Tallahassee, Florida, was 84 years old when she won the lottery in 2013 — the largest jackpot in history at the time.


She walked arm-in-arm with her son Scott Mackenzie shortly after the big win to claim a lump sum payout of approximately $270 million before taxes.

Gloria had split the money with her son because he helped her purchase the ticket, court documents stated.

Now, a pending lawsuit alleges that Scott and his financial adviser Harry Madden, owner of Madden Advisory Services in Jacksonville, have mismanaged the winnings, causing Gloria to suffer more than $10 million in damages.

“The money was earning between .02% and 0.08%. Then Gloria was charged $2 million in fees,” Gloria’s attorney Greg Anderson told CNBC.

Scott had allegedly hired Madden to manage the winnings after hearing the financial adviser’s show over the radio, and Madden had no previous experience in managing that amount of money, the suit alleges.

Scott’s lawyers have reportedly filed a motion to dismiss the suit and claimed in the filing that none of the accounts lost money and that Gloria had requested the money be invested conservatively.

Scott’s attorney Lee Wedekind III said in a statement, “Although he strongly disagrees with the allegations that have been made, he will respect his family’s privacy by reserving any further comments until the case has been concluded.” Ultimate fire link slot machine download.

Madden Advisory Services did not respond to’s request for comment.


Gloria C Mackenzie Foundation

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Gloria Mackenzie Maine

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