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Former Purdue University men's basketball coach Gene Keady offered his endorsement to Republican Donald Trump on Monday. By: Jordan Fischer Posted at 4:09 PM, May 02, 2016. “Donald Trump is one of the great coaches of this country.” Similar praise was forthcoming from Purdue’s longtime basketball coach, Gene Keady. Donald Trump is a misogynist, racist, xenophobe who is running for President on a platform consisting entirely of hate, ignorance, and fear. His speeches are riddled with absolute lies, aimed at misleading the public about the current state of our Union. Eberhart was the opening speaker at the Trump event Monday. Eberhart was joined by former long-time Purdue University men’s basketball coach Gene Keady, who endorsed Trump on stage. Keady’s support comes a few days after former Indiana University men’s basketball coach Bobby Knight endorsed Trump. Keady said he always admired Knight. Now Donald Trump has those three ingredients to the overflow. Here’s Keady’s endorsement, talking about how Trump reminds him of Knight: I truly believe in and always admired Coach Knight.

(Editor’s note: as we head into the final hours preceding the U.S. Presidential Election, we revisit and republish some of the sports and pop culture stories we ran in 2016 relating to the electoral process)

Speaking in Cleveland today, Donald Trumpcovered a litany of topics, first and foremost his much discussed and hyper analyzed Republican National Convention Acceptance speech from last night. Trump then shifted gears to his notorious feud with Texas Senator Ted Cruz before discussing his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

The Republican nominee then described why he loves the state of Indiana and this included mentioning a cadre of coaches with elite won-loss records.

Gene Keady Donald Trump Tweet

The names mentioned were Bobby Knight, Digger Phelps (ok, not everybody on this list has an elite record), Lou Holtzand “Gene.”

Trump, who didn’t mention any of the schools affiliated with the coaches by name, struggled to locate the name Gene Keady in his memory bank. It was more of a “you know, Gene” or “that Gene guy” kind of, for a lack of a better phrase, shout-out.

Here’s a Tweet from the Executive sports producer at WBAL-TV, Baltimore

Gene Keady was the coach he was searching for.

— Chris Dachille (@WBALDash) July 22, 2016

And a Tweet from an Energy and Environment Reporter at DC Examiner.

Trump says he loves Indiana and then proceeds to name off Bobby Knight, Lou Holtz, Gene Keady and Digger Phelps as why.

— Kyle Feldscher (@Kyle_Feldscher) July 22, 2016

In other words, Trump probably has no actual idea who Gene Keady really is, or what he’s accomplished in the Big Ten, but an advisor probably informed him that the court at Mackey Arena is named after somebody important and he should list that somebody important if he wants to appeal to Purdue Boilermakers everywhere.

The remarks also transparently convey his attempt to appeal to Indiana Hoosiers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans as well. Trump needs to turn Indiana from slightly red to solid red in order to stand any chance in the electoral college map.

Gene Keady Donald Trump

While the Gene Keady mention was just an awkward minor glitch, the Lou Holtz reference was an obvious blatant political mistake.

Holtz, who has a statue erected of him at Notre Dame Stadium, is completely toxic right now due to his bizarre and bigoted anti-immigrant rant on Tuesday at the RNC.

Why Trump would continue to associate his/the GOP brand with Holtz in the wake of the former ND’s expressed xenophobic and intolerant views is beyond the scope of reason. Alluding to Digger probably won’t register as Phelps is too obscure a figure these days.


Referencing Bobby Knight could be risky too, as Knight is notorious for his extremist and fringe worldview.

But hey, there’s a reason we draw parallels between Trump and the President in the 2006 Mike Judge film Idiocracy.

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