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You can earn money by taking steps to become healthier, such as tracking steps, sleeping, logging meals, opting into challenges, completing surveys, tweeting, and more. Achievement connects with apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit, Strava, MyFitnessPal, and Garmin. Earn $10 for every 10,000 points. The money won can be withdrawn by Paytm. Skill4Win Source: Google Images. Allows players a platform to play games for cash. It has the most popular pocket billiard game 8 balls. The real cash element adds so much more fun as well as the competitiveness into the game. Earn money by playing games.

Looking to earn Paytm cash while playing games? Then this post is RIGHT for you. This is the complete list of the 22 best Paytm cash earning games that you will love for sure.

In this article, I’m going to take you to some interesting games which will help you in earning a good amount of money while playing the best Paytm earning games.

So, what all you require to earn Paytm cash?

The answer is just an Android smartphone, Paytm app, and an Internet connection. That’s all required for these Paytm cash games.


The biggest plus point is all these best Paytm earning games are 100% legitimate and you can play and earn cash without even a second thought.

If you are looking to earn money online, here’s the genuine guide on how to make money from home.

Best Paytm Cash Earning Games

22 Best Paytm Earning Games

The games mentioned in this list are really interesting that you can even play with kids or elders in your home. All in all, these Paytm cash games are a total package wherewith fun you can earn. 😀

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at all these best Paytm cash earning games. Free spins sign up bonus casino bonus.

1. Rummy Circle

With users from across the globe, Rummy Circle is a trending rummy game where you can earn up to Rs. 500 as a referral bonus.

The best thing about this gaming app is “Deal of the Day” where you can earn good numbers of gaming points and these points will get converted into real cash.

Rummy governing body The Rummy Federation (TRF) had certified Rummy Circle for providing fair rummy games online.

You will get Rs. 2000 as a sign-up bonus that you can use for playing and earning a lot of money by using game tricks.

2. Ludo by Paytm First Games

During this pandemic due to the COVID-19, Ludo has become a trending game in every household, where multiple players can play online.

The popularity of Paytm Cash Games in India goes back to time immemorial, that makes it one of the best game to earn Paytm cash.

When you sign up for this game, you’ll also get a signup bonus of Rs. 50 from Paytm. This app is 100% safe as Paytm is the developer of this game.

The best thing is that you can play games of your choice once you downloaded this app.

Referral Code to Get Rs. 50: adipvr789

3. MPL – Mobile Premier League

MPL is one of the largest gaming apps in India. It has 50+ best Paytm cash earning games that you’ll find interesting and will help you to earn a decent amount of Paytm Cash.

MPL is the official sponsor of Royal Challengers Bangalore makes it one of the most favorite app for cricket lovers.

Not only this, MPL hosts several tournaments to entertain their gamers and help them to earn a good amount of cash. You can redeem the earning generated from this into Paytm, UPI, Amazon Pay, and direct bank withdrawal.

Referral Code: N5TF2PTM

4. Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme is an RNG Certified Dice by iTech Labs. This ludo comes up with a new format where you can play a thrilling 10 minutes game.

You can play with random players or invite your friends/family to play with you. The 10-minute play runs with a clock where the timer runs out after 10 minutes. The winner will be the player who has the highest score.

The best thing is that timer will excite you to score highest and at the same time, you will not feel bored from long playtime.

Features of Ludo Supreme includes:

  1. 24/7 Tournaments
  2. 10-minute Ludo
  3. Faster Instant Payout

5. Qrumble Box

Qrumble Box is a quizzing game that can be played between 2 friends. The game is simple where you need to challenge friends for a quiz and play with them to earn Paytm cash.

With this game, you can earn Rs. 10 per referral. Download the .apk file of 7 MB and start playing while gaining some insights from this trivia game.

Also, you can select your favorite topic among Bollywood, Cricket and so more. This not only makes your game interesting but also one of the best game to earn Paytm cash.

6. Carrom Clash

To all the carrom lovers out there, this could be one of the best Paytm cash earning games app with a solid user-friendly interface for superior playing experience and real Paytm cash money.

Carrom is liked by most people and you can earn significant Paytm Cash while playing tournaments here with global players.

You can download the .apk file directly from the below-mentioned download button.

7. Pay Box

With great Arcade games like Flappy Bird, Subway Surfers, Bubble Up, and more Pay Boz is one of the best Paytm earning games app.

The minimum amount of redemption is Rs. 50 which you can earn daily while playing in your free time.

Also, you need not download any app. Just open the below link in any tab of your browser and sign-up to start playing.

8. Winzy

Winzy is a free trivia, quiz gaming app that can be downloaded directly from Play Store.

With a good amount of Paytm Cash you can also earn discount coupons that you can use for online shopping.

Also, Winzy uses to create regular events such as Flash play, where you can register for wonderful special events and win an amazing prize with minimal effort, which undoubtedly makes it one of the best Paytm earning games.

9. MiniJoy Pro

Mini Joy is a Spin and Win game which is my favorite game where you can need to spin the wheel and earn great offers including Paytm Cash.

You can earn Rs. 200 – 300 per day while playing this game and trying your luck.

After the launch of this app, from 5 to 6 it becomes one of the best Paytm cash earning games.

10. Step Set Go (SSG)

Step Set Go is for Workout peoples or athletics who do lots of physical exercises and play sports.

This app counts steps and gives you reward coins on every set of steps completed that can be redeemed to Paytm Cash and some freebies. This is one of the best Paytm cash earning games for fitness enthusiasts.

Smart fitness watches and bands are common freebies that you can get from this app.

11. Zupee Gold

Zupee is another quiz and trivia gaming app where you can earn by answering simple questions in just 60 seconds.

With more than 500 topics you will definitely find a topic of your interest that will excite you to play for a long time and as a result, you can earn more.

With 4.4 Stars on Google Play Store, make it one of the best Paytm earning games app that is absolutely worth trying.

12. Pocket Money

As the name ‘Pocket Money’ suggests, this Paytm cash games app will allow users to earn pocket money that can be transferred into Paytm wallet.

Tambola is the best game that you can play on this app. Apart from this, you can earn money online by watching videos, installing apps, and visiting several websites.

The revenue model of this Paytm earning app is to generate revenue from advertisers and distribute the earnings to the users.

Referral Code: lAro1C

13. Qureka

Qureka is a live quiz game where a new quiz goes live every hour that will give more chances of earning. You can play 25 Quiz in a day so the opportunity to earn Paytm Cash is high.

Also, for learners, this is a well-known Paytm earning games app where you can go for the GK Quiz, Maths Quiz, and another subject quiz to get yourself prepared for the exams.

Qureka also comes up with Qureka Pro where you need cash to Play Games. At the same time chances of earning is more. You can use the button below to download.

14. Fan Fight

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Fan Fight is a fantasy sports game where you can play any sport which is going Live on your TV.

They allocate team and you can play to earn good amount of Paytm Cash.

You can also create your own team and play with your friends. This app is officially available on the Play Store and App Store.

15. Loco

How To Earn Money On Paytm First Games

Loco is a 2-way Paytm cash earning games app where you can earn from playing and also watching live streaming of games like PUBG, CS, Call of Duty, FIFA, and many more to the list.

After login into this game, you can play both multiplayer battles, and single-player games to earn more Paytm Cash. Arguably this is one of the best game to earn Paytm cash.

16. 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

With 500 million-plus downloads and a top-rated game by Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool gives you Paytm Cash on every successful referral.

You can earn Rs. 15 per referral which will directly get transferred to your Bank Account.

I personally liked this game as I can apply my tricks to get the game win. This keeps me excited to play for longer hours.

17. Qeeda

Qeeda from Gorz Infotech is another well-known Paytm cash games app that allows you to earn Paytm cash while playing.

With so many games loaded in the app, you can choose one that interests you and start generating Paytm cash as you play more.

Not just games, here you can also create messages, jokes, and quotes. The best thing is that you can still earn money while doing these other activities.

18. KhelPlay Rummy

KhelPlay is another Rummy Game which will give you Paytm cash. You need to bid a certain amount and earn Paytm Cash as up to 4x winning rewards.

This game is among the best Paytm cash earning games and you can play for long hours as your money is 100% safe here.

Withdrawal will take 24-hours and your Paytm Cash will be in your Paytm Account.

19. Pocket League

Similar to MPL, the pocket league is one of the best Paytm cash earning games apps which is loaded with a number of games. You can choose your favorite game and switch to any other game within the app itself.

Upon login for the first time, you will receive Rs. 20 as a sign-up bonus and if you keep playing games within this app, it’ll add more money to your wallet.

Again you need to download the .apk file to start this game which can be downloaded directly from their website.

20. Bulb Smash

Bulb Smash by Big Cash is another Paytm cash games app like MPL where you can play trending games like 8 Ball Pool, Poker, Rummy, Egg Toss, Fantasy Cricket, and many more.

You need to select a game, then join a contest, and start playing in the contest to earn money.

You can earn a good amount of Paytm Cash with Bulb Smash. So, download this app by clicking on the below link or you can download it from Playstore.

21. GameGully

GameGully is one of the best Paytm Cash earning Games where new games are added on the regular basis to motivate players to play more and earn more.

Some of the best and common played games includes:

  1. Gully Runner
  2. Bubble Shooter
  3. Basketball

22. Ludo Circle

Ludo Circle is also a gaming app where you can earn money while playing Ludo. This game is the most common game played during this COVID crisis.

You can use 100% of the sign-up bonus as an entry fee, and earn double by winning the game.

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Download .apk from the below link and start playing.

Which is the Best Game To Earn Paytm Cash?

I hope you’d love this curative list of the best Paytm cash earning games. All the Paytm cash games that are mentioned in this list are not in the order of best to worse.

You can try whichever game you find most interesting and profitable. Also, all these Paytm cash games are 100% legitimate and trusted by millions of users. Though to be on the safer side I’d recommend you to read the terms & conditions of each Paytm cash game before playing.

Now I’d turn it over to you. Comment below and let us know which of these Paytm cash games, you’re going to try first and share your experience with other readers.

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Best Online Earning Paytm App. How To Earn Money From Paytm? You can earn Paytm cash. There are lot of ways to earn money on Paytm. So today we will discuss about Paytm and Make money from Paytm.

How to Earn Money From Paytm?

Nowadays, who doesn’t want to make money, and if money comes when you are staying at home. Then there is nothing better than this. At First Let me tell you that If you search Online then you will find many such apps. with the help of these Apps you can easily earn money sitting at home.

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I like Paytm the most among all these apps. This is because Paytm is a very popular app and whenever it comes to online payments, the image of Paypm is reflected in our minds. So today I thought about why not I tell you how to Earn money on Paytm, even if you stay at home. By the way, You may think what are the ways to earn money on Paytm? which we will Discuss in more detail in today’s article. Therefore, please read this article From beginning to the end. So That you can also earn some good money From Paytm without any investment.

What is Paytm App?

So before you start earning from any app like Paytm, You must have to know about the app well and then the earning Process. Paytm is actually the most popular currency exchange platform. It is mainly used to transfer payments from Wallet to wallet or Bank to Bank. At the same time, you can also do banking with Paytm.

Download : Paytm App

If you want to earn money with Paytm, then there are many ways available in Paytm app. With the help of these you can earn money from paytm. A great way to earn money on Paytm is Cashback, sell Paytm products, Sell Your Products, with affiliate marketing, playing games, By paying bills online, by playing Paytm first games and Use Pormo code etc.

Depending on all these mediums, money can be obtained from PayTM. PayTM is a company that generates trust. So you can work on it. Apart from this, you can easily add all the money received in PayTM to your bank account or PayTM Wallet.

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Features Of Paytm :

As I have already said, Paytm is a very reliable company. That’s why Paytm has so many features, the user loves it so much.

1. Paytm allows you to exchange money without risk.

2. With Paytm, you can link your bank account. So if you take money from anyone with Paytm. So you can transfer it directly to a bank account. You can receive money or you can send money anyone from Paytm.

3. Paytm has launched a platform called Paytm Mall for its user. With the help of this, every Paytm user can make their favorite purchase at Paytm Mall itself. you will get dscount and cheaper rate from the mall. You also get cashback money.

4. Refunds and affiliate marketing can be easily achieved by staying home via Paytm.

5. Money can be earned by playing games on Paytm. You can also have fun by playing games.

How to earn money with paytm 2020

Now let us know how you can earn money using Paytm.

1. You can earn money From Paytm From Chashback :

Paytm cash is mostly made with the help of a cashback, and Paytm is best known for the cashback policy. And in this app, some cashback are available for all transactions. If you make any kind of purchase with this app. You are therefore given a cashback from this application. you can also get Cashback For mobile recharge, Bill Payments, or any onnline transaction.

That’s why if you’re making any purchases, mobile refills or payments. So before that, check out the cashback offers in this app. With the help of a Paytm cashback, you can earn good money, and it can be very helpful.

2. By selling Paytm products From Paytm Mall :

There are many such people in modern times. Those who want to earn money by working as a salesperson. With this, Paytm gives you the opportunity to do this work. With Paytm you can start working as a merchant. When you start this project, you will have to pick up any single Paytm product, and then sell it on social media by increasing its price.

3. Sell Your Products on Paytm Mall To earn money from Paytm

If you are a store owner, and you have goods for any type of store, and you want to make money by selling online. So then Paytm comes first in that. Within few steps in Paytm, you can download any type of product to your store and sell it online. With the help of this you can earn good amount of money.

When you upload your product on Paytm. And the visitor has bought the product. So you get paid. And your products will start selling online. After that the popularity of your product among customers will also begin to increase. so more customer means more income. and believe me this is a good opportunity to earn unlimited money from Paytm.

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Games To Earn Money On Paypal

Therefore, at present most of the reseller work through Paytm. So if you want to start this project you can do it So easily.

4. By Doing Affiliate Marketing

Paytm Send Money To Bank

Many such companies can be found on the Internet. Who pays for his product to be sold by others. That work is called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is currently very popular. That is why Paytm has also started the work of Affiliate Marketing.

Paytm Money Transfer

By starting affiliate marketing, if you buy any Paytm product on your Affiliate Marketing account by making a link to that product and sharing it on social media, then you get a certain commission in it.

While doing Affiliate Marketing with Paytm, change the link for that product on Affiliate Link and share it on social media. The most demanding and trending product. So that the chances of buying that product increase.

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How To Earn Money On Paytm By Playing Games

5. With the Promotion Code

In this way, many Cashback refundable offers are available at Paytm. This may be Automatically applied in limited Amount, and for limited period of time . Mainly it introduces its Promo Code according to Paytm Festival and Event. If the user uses that Promo Code, then he gets a lot of benefits from mobile recharges, payments and other purchases offer.

And if you pay any bill or mobile recharge you use Promo Code. So you get a refund cashback in the Paytm Wallet. By using this method, you can also earn a lot of money from Paytm.

6. Playing the Game

Earn Money through Paytm First games. You know Paytm is used to Transfer . It is Also used, to Buy product . After this, Paytm also offers a gaming feature. With it the user can earn money by playing the game.

Paytm has started a gaming project called Paytm First Games mainly for gaming. With it the user can easily earn money by playing games. In this case, the user should play a simple game. And after winning the game, the user earns money.

Everyone uses Paytm to exchange money, but very few people earn money from Paytm. But today you learn about, How do you earn on Paytm. And that means you can earn money from paytm .

Ways of earn money in Paytm

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to earn money on Paytm. That has always been my endeavor that Readers should be provided with complete information about what is Paytm. So that you can get benefits from my article. And don’t waste your time to find information from another source.

So This is from us today about ,

How to Earn Money From Paytm.

So lets start earning with Paytm. If you have any issue then you can let us know by commenting below.

If you find this post helpful then please share it.

Thank You.