Fucanglong Dragon

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Chinese Dragons

Dragons in China are not the fire-breathing, evil monsters that they are portrayed elsewhere in the world. May be a different word should have been used to distinguish the Chinese version of these mythological creatures. The Chinese dragon is imperious, powerful but good-natured. People need to seek the favor of dragons and keep them on their side. It is a strong ‘yang’ animal (male; sun; light). As such it associated with the number nine (as 3 is yang, 3x3 is extremely yang) and so Nine Dragons jiǔ lóng are extremely propitious. Kowloon, part of Hong Kong means ‘nine dragons’ in Cantonese. There is an impressive imperial Nine Dragon Wall of glazed tiles at both the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City at Beijing.

Fucanglong is the Chinese underworld dragon which guard buried treasures, both natural and man-made. Volcanoes are said to be created when they burst out of the ground to report to heaven. Fucanglong is also known to possess a magic pearl which is his most treasured possession.

According to an ancient classification the dragon is considered the chief of all scaled creatures, while birds are represented by the phoenix; animals by the unicorn and all shelled creatures by the tortoise. It is second only to humans in the hierarchy of animals.It has a sinuous body covered in scales, with four legs and two horns. It is said to be a composite of nine different creatures: camel's head; deer's horns; rabbit's eyes; cow's ears; snake's neck; frog's belly; carp's scales; hawk's claws and tiger's palm. There are traditionally 81 (9x9) scales running along its spine. Its face has whiskers and a beard.

Dragons were well established in the Chinese mind as far back as the Shang dynasty. There are hints that the original inspiration for a dragon may be the alligator of Southern China. Dragons are lords of nature, commanding the mountains, sky, sea and land. Dragons belong to various categories: heaven dragons ( tianlong) ruling the sky; spirit dragons ( shenlong) ruling the rain; earth dragons ( dilong) ruling springs and streams, and treasure dragons ( fucanglong) which guard buried riches. The blue-green dragon ( qinglong) represents east and spring and is one of the four divisions of the traditional month. The river forming a long stretch of China's north-eastern border is the hēi lóng jiāng ‘Black Dragon River’ which in turn gives its name to the whole province. Buddhists brought with them into China a rather different view of dragons more akin to the Europeans, Buddhist dragons are more cantankerous and prone to malice.

The Blue Dragon festival takes place on the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month each year. This was the day Lóng tái tóu when the dragons by tradition stirred from their winter slumber.

A representation of a tān lóng ‘greedy dragon’ was often put at the entrance to the administrator's house (the yamen) so that the administrator and all the supplicants were encouraged to keep honest by this savage and hungry representation of a dragon.

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A survey of Chinese literature

As books were first printed in China it is not surprising that China has a long history of literature.There are a handful of classic literature that everyone has read - or seen as they have all had several TV versions prodcued.Our new, short survey looks at the development of the Classics and the novels that make up Chinese literature.

Hidden Dragons

Feng shui favors sites with a ‘hidden dragon’, which is found where the form of the surrounding hills look like a huge protecting dragon. Ideally this should be to the east of the location as with Nanjing. The film title Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon comes from a place of hidden strength, and a most auspicious Feng Shui location.

Types Of Chinese Dragons

Cáng lóng wò hǔ
There are often people around with great power and skill

Chinese Dragons are mostly associated with water, with the power to bring drought or floods, and so they control the lives of all those who cultivate the fields. Legend has it that a son of the Emperor Hongwu chose the site for the city of Beijing as the Ming capital after he had managed to tame two dragons who controlled the city's water supply. The belief in dragons has remained strong, at the start of the 20th century 82% of people believed they existed and Yuan Shikai in 1912 sought to legitimize his usurpation of power by the appearance of a dragon - he sent teams of people to go and look for one.

Book: Chinese Thought

A great survey of all the main strands of Chinese thought: Confucius, Daoism, Legalism, Mohism. Even though written by a Cambridge professor it is very accessible and easy to follow. Explore the Chinese beliefs in the ancestors and the central place of the family in all things.

Dragon Kings

The seas are ruled by dragon kings (Long Wang ), one for each of the traditional four seas that surround China. If a dragon king takes to the air it brings a great storm and rain - a typhoon (taifeng in Chinese). Death by drowning was considered a sacrifice to the dragon king and this is tied to the origin of the Dragon Boat festival which at a later date came to commemorate the drowning of Qu Yuan. Originally people pleaded with the dragons to bring rain for a good harvest at this mid-summer festival. A drought was just as ruinous as a flood. The Dragon King, ruler of water, traditionally lies out in the sun to dry his scales on the sixth day of the sixth luner month.

In ancient times lightning was considered to be ‘dragon fire’. An eclipse of the moon or sun was believed to be caused by a dragon eating the celestial body. The Moon rose between the horns of the Spring Dragon; as the moon is often represented as a pearl, the common depiction of two dragons chasing and holding pearls (as in the Dragon Dance) is related to the moon and thunder. Others say the pearl represents knowledge or the sun.

A lower category of dragon are the ‘Hornless dragons chī also known as ‘mountain demons’. They are depicted as small dragons without horns: 螭吻 ‘Chī wěn’ considered by some to be the Chinese chimera and sometimes termed 辟邪 bì xié. An early form of the dragon is the Kuí dragon that is shown more like a snake with one leg or no legs typically decorating Shang dynasty bronzes. The kui is considered an emblem to remind people to refrain from greed.

Fossils of animals were known as ‘dragon's bones and teeth’. Traditional medicines are often named after parts of the dragon to advertise their potency. The Dragon Dance takes place at Chinese New Year and also at marriage ceremonies. Carvings of dragons and chiwen are some of the mythological beasts placed at the ends of the roof ridges of buildings. On the very top of the roof ridge they acted as lightning conductors.

Proverbial Dragons

Qiáng lóng nán yā dì tóu shé
Even a dragon finds it difficult to conquer a snake in its lair
Knowledge of local area and people gives them a distinct advantage even against a strong enemy
Yī lóng shēng jiǔ zhǒng, zhǒng zhǒng bù tóng
The dragon has nine sons, each different from the others
Lóng fēi fèng wǔ
A dragon's flight and a phoenix's dance - very powerful and invigorating.
Lóng zhēng hǔ dòu
Bitter fight between a dragon and tiger. An evenly matched big fight

Dragons are one of the twelve animals of the astrological year, people born in a dragon year are born leaders and lucky as a dragon year is considered the luckiest astrological year. For more on dragon symbolism please refer to our .

The dragon as emblem of the Emperor

The symbol of the Emperor has been a dragon since the Han dynasty. The Emperor ruled China from the Dragon Throne at the Imperial capital (Beijing, Nanjing and other cities over the centuries). The throne faced south and was considered the very center of the civilized world. The number of claws of the dragon's feet is important. They are often portrayed on ceramics, silk and carvings. The five clawed dragon is reserved for the Emperor and his sons; anyone else found with a depiction of a five clawed dragon could be executed. Princes of the third and fourth rank were allowed four clawed dragons, three claws or less were reserved for the officials at court.

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Dà fā léi tíng
Fly into a furious rage

The Qilin is a mythical creature just like the Dragon and Phoenix.The Chinese name is 骐麟 qílín which is sometimes written as ‘kilin’ or ‘kylin’. The character ‘Qi’ is a type of horse and so has the horse radical while the ‘Lin’ character is a complex character made with 23 individual strokes.

A stone qilin often guards a tomb, sometimes as one of the creatures along a Sacred Way. The best known example is on the Spirit Way to the Ming tombs in Beijing.

Although described as the ‘Chinese Unicorn’ the creature is different to the Western Unicorn, it normally has two horns but may have one or three and a deer's body but often the sculptor has gone to town with their imagination and embellished with fish scales and an ox's tail; it is usually portrayed in white. A qilin is the representative of all animals bearing fur (horses; cows; goats; deer etc.). It is one of the four sacred animals with the dragon, turtle and phoenix. When Zheng He's voyages to Africa brought back a giraffe as a gift to Emperor Yongle, it was thought that it must be some sort of Qilin, the Emperor did not agree but in Japan the giraffe is given the name qilin to this day.

The similarity to the Western unicorn is mainly due to its association with gentleness, virtue and benevolence. One tradition has a qilin bringing a piece a jade to the mother of Confucius to herald his auspicious birth. Its walk is so gentle that its hooves do not crush the grass and it can walk on water. Evil spirits melt away in ots presence. The appearance of a qilin is considered a very auspicious omen; and so it is said to have appeared during the reign of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi). They are solitary animals. It became associated with a talented young son. The Qilin is often used as a symbol in paintings and ceramics with the hidden meaning to wish that a young man will produce sons.

Phoenix - Fenghuang

As with the dragon the Chinese phoenix has little in common with the mythical bird of Egyptian origin . The Europeans chose to give the Chinese phoenix, Feng huang the same name as a vaguely similar bird; it does not have the legend of fiery rebirth and immortality as with the western phoenix. The history of the ancient Chinese mythological creature goes back at least 4,000 years. Like the Qilin it is considered a creature signifying the just rule of the Emperor. The Chinese name is made up of fèng (wind) and huáng (a homophone with emperor showing the emperor under a canopy). The phoenix appears at auspicious times, and is associated with sun, south, justice, obedience and loyalty. It is a peaceful creature accompanied by small birds. It perches on the admired 梧桐 wútóng ‘Chinese Parasol’ tree (Firmiana simplex) and is associated with the sun and summer.

Art Symbolism revised

We've been through and revised all the information on the main symbols used in Chinese artwork. There are over 170 entries divided between birds, animals, flowers, fruit, nature and miscellaneous. They are often used in combination to provide a complex thought, for example a lotus with a goldfish symbolizes the wish for an abundance of gold.

The phoenix represents the class of all birds. Early (Zhou and Shang) representations make it more like a bird of prey with a curved beak; in later centuries it became to look like a pheasant which is native to China.

Landmarks named after the phoenix include the mountain ‘Fenghuang Shan’ near Dandong, Liaoning with many Daoist temples dotted over it. Fenghuangfu in Anhui is the place credited with its last sighting, where it scratched at the grave of Ming Emperor Hongwu's father, giving him legitimacy to rule.

In later centuries the Empress became associated with the phoenix. As the dragon represents the Emperor, the dragon and phoenix together stand for Emperor and Empress. A picture with a dragon and phoenix symbolizes a married couple and based on this there has been a long association of the phoenix with conjugal sex. Famously the Qing dynastic tomb near Beijing of the Dowager Empress Cixi has the phoenix dominating the dragon, signifying her dominance at the Imperial court.

Proverbial Phoenixes

Fèng máo lín jiǎo
Seeking the unobtainable
Nìng zuò jītóu, bù dāng fèng wěi

Fucanglong Dragon

Better to be leader of a humble organization than the stooge of a grand one

Other mythical creatures

Apart from the dragon, phoenix and qilin there are quite a few other mythical beasts that can be seen as ornaments, motifs and statues. The names are often confused as the sculptures varied in form over the centuries.

Bixi 赑屃 bì xìPi-hsi WG

This a mix of a dragon and the turtle as it has a dragon-like body within a turtle-like shell. A bixi is most commonly seen as the decorative base of a commemorative tablet to the dead. They are also seen at the bases of bridges and archways. A creation legend has the bixi of one of nine disparate sons of the dragon ( Lóng shēng jiǔ zǐ).

Sculptures of the bixi began to be made by the late Han dynasty and continued to the last Qing dynasty. The early forms were more like turtles and over time became more like dragons.

Pixiu 貔貅 pí xiūP'i-hsui WG

A pixiu is a mix of dragon and lion features so could be classed as a chimaera - a sort of flying lion. The female form usually has two horns/antlers while the male form ( tiān lù) has only one. It is considered a talisman that will bring wealth and so is often seen with jade, silver and gold. The creature is sometimes included as one of the defenders on grand buildings and as a tomb guardian.

Xiezhi 獬豸 xiè zhì or Haetae

The creature is endowed with the ability to pick out the guilty from the innocent. A xiezhi is usually portrayed as a one-horned ferocious creature. With its association with justice, statues are often seen outside criminal courts. The most well-known example guards the Forbidden City in Beijing. Often confused with a qilin.

Tame the mighty Fucanglong, the Chinese dragons that guard the treasures of the Underworld. Dragon symbols are wild on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Scattered Dragon Mountain symbols trigger a free game feature, which can be retriggered multiple times. While the free game feature is active, Wild Dragons expand to cover their reels, and prizes are multiplied with each retriggering of the feature, up to 8x.

Scattered Dragon Pearl symbols trigger a free game feature with a Pearl that hides a win value of 3x to 88x the triggering bet. The Pearl’s value is revealed when the feature is completed. If your spins during the feature don’t reach that value, the Fucanglong Feature is triggered. During this feature, the Pearl value increases with every game (up to 888x the triggering bet!), and free games continue until the Pearl value is reached.

Give Fucanglong a try, and see why these dragons are so revered.

How to Play

To play Fucanglong, you’ll need a free Silver Oak Casino account. You can set one up for free in a matter of minutes. All you need is a username and password, plus a few pieces of personal information (we’re talking first name, last name, and a few other bits and pieces). With your account, go ahead and download Silver Oak Casino to your PC. If you’re on a Mac, you can use Instant Play to get in the game through your web browser. Or if you’re on the go, just go to Silver Oak Casino on your smartphone or tablet, then sign in and find the Fucanglong game.

With the game launched, simply place your bet by using the up and down arrows next to the Bet button. To lock in your bet, click the Spin button. This is an All Ways Pay game, so there are no paylines to worry about. When the reels stop, you’ll get paid out for any wins. To find out how much you can win based on the symbols in play, just click the Help icon anytime.

With a little bit of luck, you’ll find yourself with plenty of scatters and wilds. And remember, you can always turn on Autoplay if you just want to sit back and enjoy the adventure.

Controlling the Game

Use the up and down arrows that are located next to the Bet button to raise or lower your bet per spin amount.

Ready to fly? Just hit the Spin button to get the reels moving. They’ll come to a stop almost as quickly as they started.

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For details on which symbols pay out the most, and for details on bonus opportunities, click the Help button during a regular game.

Scatter Symbols: Dragon Mountain Symbol, Dragon Pearl Symbol

Wild: Dragon Symbol are wild on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5

How to get to the Bonus Features

  • Three Dragon Mountains trigger the Dragon Mountain Feature
  • Three Dragon Pearls trigger the Dragon Pearl Feature
  • If you don’t exceed the value of the pearl (3x to 88x triggering bet) in the Dragon Feature, the Fucanglong Feature is activated

How to play the Bonus Features

Dragon Mountain Feature: Three Dragon Mountain symbols trigger 8 free games. If this feature is retriggered, 3 more free games are added with a multiplier to wins (up to a total of 8x). During this feature, Wild Dragons expand to cover their reels.

Dragon Pearl Feature: Three Dragon Pearl symbols trigger 8 free games, along with a hidden Pearl value of 3x to 88x the triggering bet. If you don’t exceed that value during the 8 games of the feature, the Fucanglong feature is triggered.

Fucanglong Feature: During the Fucanglong feature, you keep spinning until you exceed the Pearl value. The value of the Pearl increases 1x to 8x the triggering bet on each extra free game. The Pearl value can rise all the way up to 888x the triggering bet. During this feature, Wild Dragons expand to cover their reels.

Game Rules
The rules of Fucanglong are pretty easy to follow, so you’ll never need to worry about them getting in the way of a good time. Instead of paylines, this slot pays in all directions, offering an incredible 1,024 winning combinations on every spin. Dragon Symbols are wild on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Dragon Mountains and Dragon Pearls are scatter symbols.

History of Fucanglong
The Fucanglong are dragons in Chinese mythology, responsible for guarding the treasures of the Underworld, both natural and man-made. Legend states that volcanos erupt when the Fucanglong report to heaven.


Scatter Symbols: Dragon Mountain Symbol, Dragon Pearl Symbol


Wild Symbol: Dragon Symbol

Fucanglong Dragons

Dragon Mountain Feature: Three Dragon Mountain symbols trigger this free game feature, which applies a multiplier when retriggered of up to 8x. During this feature, Wild Dragons expand to cover their reels.

Dragon Pearl Feature: Three Dragon Pearl symbols trigger a free game feature, along with a hidden Pearl value of 3x to 88x the triggering bet. If you don’t exceed that value during the feature, the Fucanglong feature is triggered.

Types Of Eastern Dragons

Fucanglong Feature: During the Fucanglong feature, you keep spinning until you exceed the Pearl value. The value of the Pearl increases 1x to 8x the triggering bet on each extra free game. The Pearl value can rise all the way up to 888x the triggering bet. During this feature, Wild Dragons expand to cover their reels.

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