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About the Game

Joker Diceis a slot machine with a jester in the role of main character playing dices in the quest for lucrative outcomes. The basic gamematrix is of 25 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. As the dice is spun and rolled there are different combinations that come about. All that a player needs to do is to find the right symbols in winning combinations. That will lead to payouts. For those who are new to slots, they will surely find it an easy title to figure out. It is an engaging game to wager on for a novice as well as experienced players.

The classic design is one of the trademarks of the several slots offered by this developer. This particular title has a simple layout and graphics. There is a pleasant soundtrack in the background.

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How to Begin?

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When you wish to play Joker Dicefor real money, here are some steps to follow:

  • Find a portal among casinos online where this title is available;
  • When you open up the title, it will load instantly on your web browser;
  • The buttons to place a bet on the lines can be found at the bottom of the screen along with instructions;
  • Once you decide how much you wish to bet per line, you can place the bet as per the minimum amount of 0.1 to a maximum bet amount of 5 credits per line;
  • If you choose the max bet option, this will apply to all the paylines; you can also use the auto spin feature to run a fixed number of times;
  • Joker and different coloured cubes are the special symbols that entail lucrative wins.

Bonus Rounds and More

There are several ways that a gambler can win at Joker Dicecasino slot online such as:

  • A playerhas to decide on the amount of bet to place per line. This game is based on 5 paylines, offering simple options, but numerous win combinations are possible;
  • RTP is 94% which makes it of medium variance; hence, players can expect moderate to high wins;
  • When the spin option is taken up, 3 or more similar dice symbols need to be found which should start from the left of the first reel;
  • 2 special symbols also appear in the lines, and these lead to payouts as well;
  • Joker is a hero in this game and the wild; it can replace other symbols and complete a winning line. If jokers are found on a payline, up to 5 in the number, the maximum jackpots are paid out;
  • Red and yellow dices add up to 9; if three or more of these signs are found then bonusgame is activated. This leads to freespins that can be up to 10 in number, as per 3, 4, 5 of these icons seen on the lines.

Final Notes

The rules of this gambling machine are classic and easy to follow. Those who are new to slots of MrSlotty can opt to try them at any of the licensed casinosites where this developer’s software is found. It is possible to play Joker Diceslot machine online out of cost in a trial mode. This makes it easy and convenient to spin the reels and discover the different features for fun before a player decides to wager real money on the lines.

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  • Craps Analysis
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One of the most frequently asked questions I get, and certainly the most frequent about craps, is whether dice setting is for real. Publicly until now I said I never saw enough evidence either way and had no position. Privately I was more skeptical. However in May 2004 Stanford Wong, whom I have enormous respect for, attended a 4-day seminar on dice setting and as a result reversed his position and gave what I think could be said is an endorsement. Shortly afterward I saw him at a social function and asked him about it. He obviously did believe that some people can influence the dice but that is was very difficult and something few have mastered.

Wong's comments inspired me to take dice setting more seriously. I had previously been in communication with Frank Scoblete and Larry Edell on the subject, suggesting that I be allowed to observe some top dice setters for myself. Both were agreeable but due to scheduling problems nothing ever came of it. Until recently I also lived within about one mile of dice coach Beau Parker so there was no good reason to keep avoiding the experiment. So after playing phone tag we finally met on July 22 with three other dice setters at the Bellagio.

Before starting Beau explained that dice setters are not able to control every single throw but only influence the dice towards certain numbers. At a 3-4-5x odds table the house edge is only 0.374% so it only takes a slight influence of the dice to overcome that house advantage. However a slight influence could take thousands of rolls to become obvious over the normal randomness of the game. So we both agreed one session was unlikely to prove anything.

As I emphasize on the topic of Internet casino cheating the proper way to make a case for a non-random game is to set up a hypothesis first, then gather data, and then statistically test the data for how well it fits the hypothesis. So I asked Beau what I should be testing for. He said on the come out roll that I should test for winning rolls of 7 and 11, and on all other rolls to test for rolling anything except a 7. Following are the specific results. Each come out roll begins a line.

Parker Experiment Results

Free Spin Dice 2

July 22, 2004BellagioBeau7
July 22, 2004BellagioBeau2
July 22, 2004BellagioBeau6,8,6
July 22, 2004BellagioBeau8,7
July 22, 2004BellagioDebbie11
July 22, 2004BellagioDebbie2
July 22, 2004BellagioDebbie6,10,5,9,3,3,12,5,9,5,8,6
July 22, 2004BellagioDebbie11
July 22, 2004BellagioDebbie10,7
July 22, 2004BellagioPablo7
July 22, 2004BellagioPablo7
July 22, 2004BellagioPablo5,7
July 22, 2004BellagioMichael10,7
July 22, 2004BellagioBeau4,7
July 22, 2004BellagioDebbie6,3,4,7
July 22, 2004BellagioPablo9,2,4,6,8,4,2,10,5,8,5,5,11,8,6,2,8,7
July 22, 2004BellagioMichael11
July 22, 2004BellagioMichael7
July 22, 2004BellagioMichael4,6,7
July 22, 2004WestinBeau6,7
July 22, 2004WestinDebbie8,11,6,6,9,4,10,6,6,7
July 22, 2004WestinMichael6,6
July 22, 2004WestinMichael5,4,5
July 22, 2004WestinMichael4,5,12,4
July 22, 2004WestinMichael9,7
July 22, 2004WestinBeau7
July 22, 2004WestinBeau7
July 22, 2004WestinBeau9,6,5,8,9
July 22, 2004WestinBeau6,11,4,3,7
July 22, 2004WestinDebbie7
July 22, 2004WestinDebbie5,6,3,11,6,6,5
July 22, 2004WestinDebbie12
July 22, 2004WestinDebbie11
July 22, 2004WestinDebbie5,9,8,4,8,11,5
July 22, 2004WestinDebbie7
July 22, 2004WestinDebbie6,7
July 22, 2004WestinMichael10,7

The next table summarizes the results. The sample size is too small to perform any robust tests. However just an eyeball test shows the results are thus far close to expectations in a random game. So clearly more testing needs to be done, and is planned for.

Parker Experiment Summary

Come out rolls37
Come out wins (7 or 11)11
Expected come out wins (7 or 11)8.22
Non-come out rolls79
Non-come out win (non-7)65
Expected non-come out win (non-7)65.83
For more information on dice setting or professional lessons please visit Beau Parker' spin bike routines

Stanford Wong Experiment

In August 2004 debate was raging at Stanford Wong's site about dice setting. The discussion could be found under the member's only Green Chip section on craps. A professional gambler there challenged Wong to a bet. The terms of the bet were whether precision shooters could roll fewer than 79.5 sevens in 500 rolls of the dice. The expected number in a random game would be 83.33. The probability of rolling 79 or fewer sevens in 500 random rolls is 32.66%.

Paddy power free spins no deposit. I was asked to be a monitor for the event, but was out of the country at the time. However I did make an $1800 bet on the over with a well known gambling writer. The dates and locations of the event were kept very quiet, and were not being made available to the public. The shooters were Wong himself and someone known only as 'Little Joe.' According to Wong, the experiment went well and not one roll was called dead nor disputed by the two sides of the bet present at the event. The following table shows the results by shooter.

Wong Experiment Results

ShooterTotal RollsTotal SevensPercent Sevens
Little Joe2222913.06%

Free Spin Classes Online

Congratulations to Wong on winning with five sevens to spare. The probability of rolling 74 or fewer sevens in 500 random rolls is 14.41%.

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