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Bingo Tickets

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Bingo is built by bingo lovers, for bingo lovers. Place your bets and play up to four cards at the same time. Instantly play the classic fun game today for free, no downloads necessary!

Types of bingo tickets. 90 – ball bingo tickets. This is the style of bingo ticket we are used to playing in the UK. It’s a 9 x 3 grid with 5 x numbers and 4 x blank spaces per row with possible numbers 1 – 9 in the first column, 10 – 19 in the second column, 20 – 29 in the third etc. Bingo, a free online casino game. Game Info Challenges. Bingo lets you play up to four bingo cards at once. When a number is called, find a corresponding a balloon on one of your cards to pop it. As you advance, you can unlock new rooms set in exotic locations around the globe. The further you get.

Bingo cards, bingo tickets, bingo books – it doesn’t matter what we call them – they’re all the same thing! They are the numbered cards that we use when playing bingo – we cross off the numbers as they are called to create a ‘line’, ‘four corners’, ‘house’ etc.

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Types of bingo tickets.

90 – ball bingo tickets.

This is the style of bingo ticket we are used to playing in the UK.

It’s a 9 x 3 grid with 5 x numbers and 4 x blank spaces per row with possible numbers 1 – 9 in the first column, 10 – 19 in the second column, 20 – 29 in the third etc. The numbers in each column on one ticket will always read from smallest to largest as you can see on the right.

Tickets are usually sold in strips of 6 which is a common quantity to play in one game. Colours of the tickets vary so that it is obvious which bingo ticket applies to each game.

75 – ball bingo tickets.

These are used in the United States but are very seldom seen in the UK except in home bingo games.

Each ticket is a 5 x 5 grid with each column under one letter of the word ‘B-I-N-G-O’. Column ‘B’ will contain 5 x random numbers between 1 – 15, column ‘I’ will have 16 – 30 etc. with a ‘free space’ in the middle square.

This is the reason that many bingo balls will also have a letter on them. So while playing 75-ball bingo, the shout for – for instance – 33 is actually ‘N – 33’ because this is the column it falls under.

sliders / shutterboards.

The basics of these ‘permanent cards’ are that each number has a slider window which is slid over the number when it is called. They can be purchased in either 90 ball or 75 ball bingo styles and while not used in ‘official’ bingo halls they are ideal for playing at home or for regular village bingo events.

electronic bingo tickets.

These are relatively new to the UK but are certainly being used in many of the larger bingo halls such as Gala. The exact specifications vary slightly depending upon the make of electronic bingo ticket and the bingo hall in which you play, but the general principle is that you touch or type the number called into your machine. It will automatically be assigned to the correct card (of which you can now play several!), though it is still up to the player to call ‘House’ if they win.

Where did bingo tickets originate?

The American toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe began to market his new ‘bingo’ game in the 1930s (see History of Bingo). It soon became apparent that with the limited ticket variations there were often several winners at any one time. So the myth goes that he employed the services of a Columbia University professor by the name of Carl Leffler to create new and unique permutations. He managed to create 6000 different variations – but the whole process sent him insane!!

For many years reusable cards were the norm until modern printing methods enabled the cheap and efficient mass production of paper bingo tickets. This is why we still tend to use the term ‘bingo card’ even though they are paper tickets we are actually playing with.

How many bingo tickets should I play at once?

The simple answer is – “as many as you are happy with”. Obviously the more cards you play in one game the higher your chances of winning (and the higher the cost!), but all bingo players – no matter how proficient – have a limit as to how many they can play at any one time. The best advice is to start with just one or two tickets and gradually increase the number as you play more. If you reach the point where you are missing numbers because you are playing too many – and therefore missing potential wins – then it’s time to back off and get back to a more comfortable amount.

However, if you are playing with the new electronic bingo cards then the only limit will be the one set by the establishment in which you are playing.

Free Online Bingo For Pc

Print your free bingo tickets.

There are many bingo ticket generators out there – we like my free bingo cards because it does just what it says with no signing up or signing in.

We all love the game of online bingo, and the cheaper the tickets, the better. The competitiveness of the industry has pushed operators to go from cheap to completely free games. Now that’s good news for players. It seems now that no matter where you choose to play there is some opportunity to play free bingo. Lucky ladies blackjack. That could be as part of a dedicated site, on sign-up, as a reward for loyalty, or permanently in one no-pay bingo room.

There are a great number of dedicated bingo sites out there that allow you to play for free around the clock. Be aware that while there are plenty of them, none of them are likely to pay out cash prizes when you win. You’ll find dedicated apps on Facebook, in the iTunes store and at many other places online. You’re better off heading to a real cash bingo site and making the most of the freebies they have on offer. Many of these offer cash prizes or at least bonus funds that you can play in cash rooms.

The most common form of freebie at paid bingo sites is the free trial bingo where you are issued with an offer as a reward for signing up. Welcome packages have become very generous and inventive over the years. At many sites, you can pick up not just bonus cash, but also the opportunity to access free games. Here’s a selection of new player bingo that you may be offered when you sign up to play.

Free Bingo Trial

Offered by many sites across the bingo world, this allows players to access a new player room and play games for free during allotted times. Often these come with fairly modest jackpots, and prizes are often – though not always – paid in bonus funds.

Welcome Bingo Tickets

Rather than having dedicated rooms, some sites tempt players in with bingo tickets. These can be a set amount of tickets to an upcoming jackpot game, or an amount of tickets to be played around the site. You’ll often see these advertised for example as '15 Free Bingo games for new players' or similar. Here we’d suggest players check the terms. Funds may be paid out as bonuses if you win with free tickets and if they relate to an upcoming jackpot game this can be several weeks in the future!

Free Bingo Sessions

While not all sites advertise permanent free bingo games, they will have promotional games. There could be free sessions or days where you can log on and enjoy freebies interspersed with paid games. There may also be fixed times on the schedule to play free games or the chance to play one-off sessions.

While freebies for newcomers are great, we want the fun to continue once we’re playing at a site regularly. You don’t need to worry as the offers don’t end once you’re an established player, in fact at many brands they just get more generous. Whether it’s a loyalty reward or monthly free games for depositing players, there are often big prizes to be won!


Here are some of the offers you might expect to see when you’re regularly depositing at a brand but want some no-cost games offered too.

Dedicated Free Bingo Rooms

If you love to play free bingo online, then you’ll want to look for a site that has dedicated free rooms. These come in various sizes; some free rooms have minimum jackpots, and some are tied to your wagering. These may allow you to access bigger games the more you deposit throughout the month. If you love free games, these are the rooms you want to head into. Do be aware if access is tied to wagering you will have to play in some of the paid rooms at least some of the time. That said, this can be a great way to stretch your balance a little further. Prizes in dedicated free rooms can often be paid in bonus funds, so while you can play them around the site, you may not be able to withdraw what you win.

Big Free Bingo Jackpots

Some bingo sites offer set jackpots to depositing players, and these games can be worth thousands! Whether it’s a special weekly or monthly game, it’s worth checking the bingo schedule to see what’s on offer for free.

Free Prize Games

A small selection of sites use free prize games as a way of tempting players to play throughout the month. While these games have tickets available to buy, you can often collect free ones throughout the month by completing challenges on site. While these games do sometimes have cash jackpots, more often than not it’s tangible prizes that are offered instead. Over the years, cars and foreign holidays have been given away, making these games worth keeping your eye out for.

Overall the chance to play free online bingo is a welcome one to many players. There are some pitfalls to look out for to ensure that you can make the most of your experience. Don't let the Terms and Conditions catch you out.

Bonus Cash

Many sites pay the prizes in bonus cash, and while this isn’t a problem in itself, it’s nice to know either way. Check to see how prizes are paid at your chosen bingo site and if the prizes are bonus funds, see where they can be played. Sometimes you’ll find you can’t play bonus funds in jackpot rooms, and the smaller the selection of rooms, the less the online bingo bonus is going to be worth to you.

Professional Play

Free Bingo Tickets Online

Sites that offer round-the-clock opportunities to play free games sometimes put restrictions about professional play in their terms and conditions. While none are clear about exactly what professional play is, you might find yourself a victim if you are spending a lot of hours in the free bingo rooms.

Payment Details

While many paid bingo sites offer completely free games, it’s possible that you may be asked for a bingo payment method before you can access them. None of these sites will action a deposit unless you specifically request it. Payment details are required to verify your identity and to prevent players holding several accounts to access free games. As long as you’re at a reputable bingo brand your payment information is encrypted and is highly unlike to fall into the wrong hands.

Free Bingo Tickets Online Promo Code

Wagering Requirements

It’s always worth making sure you’re familiar with a site’s wagering requirements, whether you want to play free bingo online or not. Wagering requirements are how many times you have to play through your balance before you are eligible to withdraw. While they are usually tied to deposit bonuses, some sites also tie free bingo winnings into wagering. This means you can only withdraw once you have played your winnings through a fixed number of times. Wagering on free bingo only applies to cash prizes; bonus fund prizes can simply be played in the bingo rooms.

Free Bingo Tickets online, free

So that’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to play free bingo online! Thankfully 99% of sites now don’t require you to do anything but log on, so you can play easily. It’s possible to play games for real cash prizes or bonus funds that will allow you to win cash prizes with no download onto your PC or mobile device.

Each site will have its own offering, and so this is just an overview of the types of games that may be on offer. There can be discrepancies from site to site in just how generous the offering is! While it may be tempting to jump aboard at the first eye-catching bingo site you find, read reviews, check out the promotional pages, and ensure you're getting the very most for your money! The more chances to play free bingo online, the easier on your pocket and isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

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